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The smallest breeds of dogs: photo with names, in the world, chihuahua, papillon

The smallest breeds of dogs: photo with names, in the world, chihuahua, papillon

In the world, there are the smallest breeds of dogs that differ from their large counterparts not only in size. It's sometimes hard to believe that a huge watch dog and a small dog in a handbag are one and the same kind.

  • Reasons love for small dogs
  • advantages of small dogs in many
  • prefer children
  • Tiny chihuahua with strong character
  • true aristocrat - Brussels Griffon
  • imposing pet - Pomeranian Spitz
  • Affenpyncher - positive four-legged friend
  • Papylon - dog with features butterflies
  • inflammatory andfearless yorkshire terrier
  • Heart of energy - that fox terrier
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  • Royalized Russian terrier
  • Japanese khin - imperatorcue mascot
  • Maltese - white cloud moving
  • Chinese Crested - glamor babe
  • Toy Poodle - a source of good humor
  • rabbit dachshund - miniature Pekingese
  • Hunter - representative of the Chinese emperors
  • very charm Bichon Frize
  • yielding Australian Silky Terrier Gentleman
  • west highland whiteTerrier
  • Shi-tzu - expensive arrogant pupil

Until recently, great popularity was in dogs of considerable size, since they were direct human assistantsin the performance of any work. For today the greatest interest is shown to small representatives of the dog world. More and more new miniature breeds are appearing, and dogs of large sizes are copied and reduced.

Causes of love for small dogs

The popularity of small dogs arose as a consequence of fashion trends. Cover glossy magazines are often depicted by the beautiful sex, sitting on the hands of a little dog, and celebrities in the interview mention their little four-legged friends. It is postponed in the subconscious of women who begin to perceive the presence of a small dog as part of the image of successful people.

Although such pupils entertain and represent business men. Another reason why a person enters a little dog is the lack of communication. The world of modern people is filled with all sorts of benefits, but the most important thing is missing - living communication with nature. And any pupil, regardless of its size, is part of nature. But not everyone can afford to keep a dog even medium-sized, regardless of whether it allows him a living space.

It's a matter of the fact that people constantly travel somewhere, travel, and it is very difficult to take a big dog constantly. The miniature pupil will be able to make the company both on a trip to the country, and on holiday abroad. Her master will not have to change her habitual way of life.

Photos with the names of the smallest breeds of dogs:
The smallest breeds of dogs: photo with names, in the world, chihuahua, papillon

An important role is played by the practical side. So, a little dog is cheaper to feed, she does not need a lot of space, outdoor walk is not necessary, since she can handle the home with a disposable diaper as a toilet. One can conclude that the maintenance of a dog of large size significantly inferior to the small. But do not forget that the miniature pupils are still living creatures who need the care and care of their owner.

The Benefits of Small Dogs Over Large

  • Lower Weight. From this factor many conditions depend on the pet's condition. A lighter dog should be fed less, and anyone can walk it, regardless of physical condition and age.
  • Less growth affects the appearance of the dog, and also has practical significance.
  • Miniature pet is easier to carry with you. It is easily placed on the hands or in a special carry.
  • A little dog will be able to rescue the host where it is not strong enough. For example, get on a hunt in the hole of a small animal. A miniature dog can save her mistress from such breach of women's rest as rats and mice.
  • Extreme tenderness. It is unlikely that the owner of a large dog will come to mind the idea of ​​nizhitsya with his pet. Little dogs love when they embrace, stroke and hold on their hands. They are very pleased with manifestations of tenderness on the part of the owner.
  • Conduct with small dogs manipulations, relieve stress. These include putting on a pet different items of clothing, buying decorated collars and accessories. In the west, miniature pupils are being put in even for medical purposes to fight depression and stressful situations.
  • Fearlessness. Among the representatives of large breeds of dogs are also enough heroes, but small dogs have one advantage - this is the lack of fear of height. With them you can even jump with a parachute.
  • Longer life span. Dogs of small size, live a few years longer than their large relatives. The average duration of their lives is 15 years, but there are exceptions.
  • Who likes kids

    Often some seemingly obvious things are very misleading. So with the idea of ​​who most often prefers to start dogs of small sizes. For some reason, it seems to everyone that this is the prerogative of spoiled glamorous fair sex actors. Psychologists have come to a completely different thought.

    They believe that small dogs prefer self-confident people who do not need the protection of a large four-legged friend. On the contrary, they have enough spiritual strength to surround the attention and care for such a cute essence.

    The following is a rating of the world's most popular dog breeds.
    The smallest breeds of dogs: photo with names, in the world, chihuahua, papillon

    Tiny Chihuahua With Strong Character

    This breed is named the smallest in the world. The growth of Chihuahuas varies from 15 to 23 centimeters, and the weight reaches 3 kilograms. There are breeding and unusual miniature exclusions.

    Many chuhuahua, despite the small size, are quite aggressive, they protect themselves from people who want to stroke them. When approaching a dog to such a dog, she does not even bark in advance, but bites right away. She will not let anyone except the hostess to her handbag. You can meet the short-haired and long-haired chihuahua with different shades of wool. Due to this, these dogs are even more expressive.

    The true aristocrat - Brussels Griffin

    This breed of dogs is less common. The Brussels Griffin differs in its balanced character. The size of the breed members varies from 22 to 28 centimeters, and weighs about 4.5 kilograms. There are even smaller individuals - weighing up to 2.5 kilograms.

    Such dogs are distinguished by their cheerful temper and are always able to lift the mood to the owner. After an active game, the griffin can lie on his master's hands and fall asleep like a cat. But at any moment, he can wake up and continue his hilarious entertainment. It is necessary from the beginning of the upbringing of the Brussels griffin from an early childhood, that he was obedient, and his aristocratic manners attracted the attention of others. Walking on the leash, the representative of this breed has such a significant appearance, which causes the dog and his owner to be respected.

    Impossible Pupil - Pomeranian Spitz

    This fluffy little bit is capable of enchanting many. At the height of the Pomeranian Spitz reaches 22 centimeters, but because of its upright, growing upright, they look a little larger. The weight of these dogs does not exceed 3.5 kilograms. Such pupils will fit as a four-legged friend to each.

    Representatives of this breed can be both playful and easy to lie on the hands of their owner. Presentable appearance of spitz draws attention of others when walking.

    Pomeranian Spitz are able to adjust to the activity of the hosts. With those who love to walk, they will gladly make the company regardless of weather, and with lovers sitting at home will quietly lie on the couch. In addition, such dogs bark loudly when a stranger arrives on their territory, nor do they trust other people.

    Affenpincher - a positive four-legged friend

    The look of this dog is something like a monkey. In this case, they are as mobile and plastic. Rich in affenpinchers and facial expressions on the muzzle, can cheer anyone who follows them. The standard growth in the representatives of this breed varies from 20 to 28 centimeters. Their weight is 3-4.5 kilograms.

    Affeninchers are distinguished by their cheerfulness and unchanging good mood. They help their masters fight depression and are always able to cheer. Dogs of this breed are absolutely non-aggressive and try to please their owner in everything. Therefore, the affenpincher will be an indispensable friend to a child or a lonely person.

    Papillon - a dog with butterfly features

    Papillons are easy and easy to exist next to a person, filling it with a sense of harmony and fun. These dogs are distinguished by their devotion, sincerity and endless favor to the owner.

    The growth of the representatives of this breed varies in the range from 20 to 28 centimeters, and the weight reaches 2.5-5 kilograms. These little dogs are distinguished by their cheerful temper, benevolence, lack of aggressiveness and loyalty to their masters. Care for papillomas is small, since this breed is distinctly clean. They can be found even in small apartments, as the most important thing for them is the presence and love of the owner.

    Inflamed and fearless Yorkshire terrier

    During the last decade, the representatives of this breed gained enormous popularity. This happened due to their wonderful appearance and funny mood. Such pupils will never make them lose their owner, and their determination and grief will bring many positive emotions.

    Different Yorkshire terriers and their bravery. Their hunting instinct helps these little dog bears without fear to throw at the big dog. Such dogs are not jealous, so they can coexist with other animals. Yorkshire terriers will be a great friend for a child or a lonely person. Their growth varies from 17 to 23 centimeters, and the weight reaches 2-3.5 kilograms.

    The energy chip - that fox terrier

    Foxterriers outwardly attract many, but not everyone wants to create a dog with such a harsh character and hunting instinct. But such people will surely have the same fox terrier. He has all the characteristics of his great relative, but in the weakened version.

    This fox terrier is very mobile and energetic. The growth of these miniature creatures varies from 16 to 25 centimeters, and the weight is 1.5-3.5 kilograms. These dogs are very obedient and easy to learn.

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    Royalized Russian Terrier

    Representatives of this breed are considered very noble. These moving dogs are distinguished by their exquisite manners. At the same time, their majestic calm appearance is combined with the hunting instinct, when they are not against having fun.

    Russians of that terrier love activity and do not always sit in place. They find contact with people of all ages and are distinguished by their playfulness and kindness. These little dogs are brave and can pounce even on the big dog. The standard growth of the breed is 18 to 26 centimeters, and the weight reaches 2.5 kilograms.

    Japanese Hin - Imperial Talisman

    Due to the combination of the unusual appearance and the ideal character, the members of this breed are very popular. The imposing appearance of the Japanese Hin is adjacent to his obedience and devotion. The growth of such a dog varies from 23 to 25 centimeters, and weight - 2-4 kilograms.

    Japanese cheeses are very friendly, but more affiliated with one family member. It is enough to simply find a common language with them, so they will suit the beginner dog breeders too.

    Photos of the world's smallest breeds of dogs:
    The smallest breeds of dogs: photo with names, in the world, chihuahua, papillon

    Maltese - white moving cloud

    The Maltese swamp or maltese catches its attention with its wonderful long white coat. The dog has a funny way and can make the company both for a walk and for resting at home. The representatives of this breed need careful care. Long coat requires combing, and it is often decorated with different elastics and hairpins.

    If there is no time to pay close attention to the pet's hair, it is better not to choose this breed. Maltese growth ranges from 21 to 26 centimeters, and weight reaches 4 kilograms. American breeders reduced the weight of this breed to 1.8-3.2 kilograms.

    Chinese Chubby - glamorous beauty

    The appearance of this dog is unique in that it has only wool on the head, paws and tails, while the rest of the body is naked. Unusual appearance made the Chinese bubble very popular. The character of such a pet is conciliatory and benevolent. They love the owner very much, but they are not unobtrusive.

    Such dogs perfectly get along with children and other pets. The standard growth of the breed is 23-25 ​​centimeters, and the weight varies from 2 to 6 kilograms.

    This poodle is a source of good mood

    These dogs relate to the diminished representatives of the usual poodle. Their growth is from 25 to 28 centimeters, and weight - from 2 to 3 kilograms. This poodle is very easy to be trained and has a fun mood. These dogs will be able to get along with both children and elderly people.

    Sufficient care is required for their curly hair. For this purpose, this poodle is carefully shredded and trimmed.

    Rabbit taxi - miniature hunter

    This kind of taxi was displayed for catching rabbits to easily get into their burrows. Its height is only 12-16 centimeters, and weight - from 2 to 3 kilograms. Subsequently, such dogs were interested in dog breeders.

    Representatives of this breed are active, fun, like children and other dogs.

    Pekingese - Representative of the Chinese Emperors

    Once upon a time this breed belonged to the Chinese emperors, therefore they have some kind of hovering and arrogance. The growth of these dogs reaches 15-25 centimeters, and the weight - 3-5,5 kilograms. They play only when they want to, they do not like when they pull them. It is better not to start the pekingese in the house where there is a small child.

    The charm of Bichon Frize

    This beautiful, energetic dog will be able to get along with people, adults and children. She needs to pay a lot of attention and show her love. Without the manifestation of caring for the host, the pet will begin to hurt. The growth of Bichon Frize varies from 23 to 30 centimeters, and weight is 2.5-5.5 kilograms.

    Comfortable Australian Silky Terrier

    The home decorating look of these dogs is a wonderful wool. Such terriers are non-aggressive and can make friends with all family members and other animals.

    They are well-educated and friendly, they are also energetic. The growth of the representatives of this breed reaches 20-26 centimeters, and weight - from 3,5 to 4,5 kilograms.

    Gentleman West Highland White Terrier

    These dogs combine cleverness, beautiful appearance and zealous character. Their growth reaches 23-30 centimeters, and the weight reaches 10 kilograms.

    West Highland White Terriers are considered to be the most affectionate, but they are very jealous and poorly trained. Such a pet is not suitable for a small child, since he does not like to offend him.

    Shih Tzu - expensive arrogant pupil

    This is one of the most royal and proud breeds of small sizes. They are faithful to their owner, sociable, cheerful and actively demonstrate their love.

    With other animals, they are poorly cohabited, and also allocate only one member of the family. The growth of this dog reaches 28 centimeters.