SHAREit what's this program

Are you not satisfied with the speed of Bluetooth connectivity, with which the transfer of most files between devices turns into a multi-minute hard drive? Are you tired of constantly carrying a USB cord to just drop a couple of files from your computer to your smartphone and vice versa? Are you annoying

limiting the size of the transferred files?

SHAREit what

When faced with these and similar restrictions, I decided to find a solution that would allow you to circumvent the slowness and limitations of the previous options. And such a high-quality solution was the SHAREit program, which allows for a couple of clicks to send huge files at a speed two hundred times faster than the speed of Bluetooth. It's amazing, is not it? Well, about everything in order.


  • 1 What is SHAREit?
  • 2 Which Operating Systems does SHAREit
  • 3 How to Use Sharit
  • 4 To Link a Computer and Smartphone Use the QR Code
    • 4.1 Conclusion

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a program designed for high-speed file transfer between a smartphone, tablet and PC.Significant increase in speed compared to Bluetooth is achieved through the use of Direct Wi-Fi capabilities, which allows you to accelerate the data exchange in dozens of times. The speed of transferring files between devices with Direct Wi-Fi can reach more than 20M / s, and work on conjugation and send-send files is just a few clicks.

With which operating systems is running SHAREit

The program works with Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone. You can download this SHAREit application at the developer's site at: http: //www.ushareit.com/en/.

SHAREit what

Following this link, you can choose your platform, and then download the SHAREit application to your device. After we figure out what SHAREit is and what it's needed for, let's talk about its practical use.

How to use Sharit

It is known that this SHAREit program uses Direct Wi-Fi capabilities in its work, so the devices that will be used to transmit information must be "bundled" with each other.

  • To unite, we need to have our devices connected to one Wi-Fi access point.
  • By running SHAREit on both devices, you need to select "Search for available devices".
  • The program will quickly find other devices connected to this access point, and for direct connection to the required device it will be enough to send a request for the connection to be confirmed.
  • The connection will be installed and you can transfer files between devices at a high speed.

SHAREit what

To connect the computer and the smartphone use the QR code

  • Start the SHAREit program on the PC and select "connect to the phone" and you will see on the computer screen a square with a QR code that you will need to count with the smartphone. To do this, you need to run SHAREit on your mobile device, click on the "Options" button in the program, and then select "Connect to PC".
  • You then need to click "Scan to connect" and consider the QR-code of your smartphone to be a computer screen.
  • A connection will be established between the devices and you will be able to send( receive) files between them.
  • See the detailed instructions on how to use SHAREit on the video:


    The SHAREit program is an easy, convenient and very practical tool for transferring files between different devices using the capabilities of a WiFi connection. With its help you can send huge files at high speed without any problems, greatly facilitating your work. Millions of grateful users, high ratings for SHAREit on the Play Market, and free and affordable - is what makes it indispensable in everyday work. Try to use its functionality, and, no doubt, you will be satisfied. Good luck