American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo

Ostrich is the largest bird in the world. In the past, we mistakenly confused African with American, but in fact they differ significantly from each other. Who is this American ostrich pandas, and what is its advantages over other representatives?

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo

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Features of

  • Characteristics In this bird, three fingers and a beak in length - 12 cm.
  • During the run of the pandas, it raises one wing to maintain equilibrium.
  • Weight is not as great as other siblings, only 50 kg, and height - about 1.5 m in height.
  • The body of the American ostrich is all covered with feathers, and even the neck. Feathers are soft and loose.
  • At the tips of the wings there are sharp claws that they protect from enemies.
  • run slower than others, but are well able to swim. May even cross the rivers with a strong current.
  • Ostrich nut got its name thanks to the sounds it gives out as a cry during breeding.
  • To intimidate an enemy or announce anxiety, they are threateningly raving.
  • Live in savannahs, lowlands or in mountainous areas.
  • Hugs eggs and care about what appeared to be chicks.
  • Not only is the meat and eggs of the ostriches of South American "nationality" valued, but the skin, as well as the shell of eggs.

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo Nand difference - ability to swim


South American ostrich eats not only cereals, but also likes to eat different insects and even small reptiles. But they do not feel the special needs in the water, they can do without it for a long time, compensating for its lack of a forage feed. At home, they offer juicy herbs and root crops: beets, carrots, boiled potatoes. The ostrich pheasants experience a severe need for a large amount of protein, so they are given sour milk, cheese, eggs and fish, but the skilled farmer does not advise on feeding fresh milk.


The peak activity of these ostriches falls mainly on the daytime, but when it is very hot, it is postponed early in the evening. They live in groups of 5 to 30 individuals, perfectly coexist with other animals: cows, deer, sheep. Due to this feature, people often use the panda as guards for their flock. Only one male may be the head of a flock, in some cases two. One male fertilizes no more than seven females. Nanda is very jealously guarding his personal space and for failing to meet the limits can attack not only the stranger, but also his relatives.

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo Like him, females do not care or nest hatching nests, this is what the male

is doing. Burying over the offspring

Despite the fact that the ostrich is a polygamous bird, it does not mind to take care of its offspring.

In early spring, a male begins to take care of her lady with persecution. During this period, an increase in oviposition in the female is observed. For its choice, the nandu prepares the nest in advance - it's a cripple pit, the bottom of which is grass or hay for gentleness and warmth. The ostrich very carefully protects the lonely and nest, frightening everyone with his elongated neck and terrible hiss. All ladies lay eggs in one socket, or they overs their ostriches into the right place. At home it is necessary to carefully observe the purity of the nest, because through the shell eggs can penetrate the bacteria. As soon as the eggs are demolished, females go to the search for other partners. But the male pound nandes hatch eggs for 40 days, not for a minute leaving them. Usually in the nest 20 - 25 eggs, but maybe about 50. Of course, not all successfully develop.

Newborn chicks are small, about 400 m, so the father continues to take care of them. He takes care of the chicks for up to six months, and then they take care of themselves.

Photo Gallery

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo


The value and peculiarities of this type of ostrich make them popular and interesting. Domestic breeding of such birds does not require special knowledge and skills, since even ostriches can be taken care of by the chicks themselves. They are unpretentious in food and will not give the owners extra worries and problems.

American Ostrich Nandu;description, breeding and photo Video

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