Pigeon Flowers: Their description, video and photo review

Probably you will be interested to know that there are Hryvunya - pigeons, who received many approvals from breeders throughout Russia! What is this breed and what's its special feature? We will discuss this in the article below.


  • 1 Overview of the breed
    • 1.1 Origin
    • 1.2 Appearance
    • 1.3 Features of the summer
  • 2 Video "Mushrooms in the household"

Overview of the breed of

Mushroom is a Russian breed of pigeons, very common nowadays and is beloved by many golubovevami because of the beautiful exteriorthe appearance and beautiful way of the summer. The name "Hryvun" is attached to this blue color itself, because of the coloration - a single color throughout the body and contrasting spots in the field of the back and start the back. You can get a complete picture of the Mushrooms by watching the next video, as well as a video at the end of the article.

Origin of

Mushrooms are originally n breeds of pigeons. Their second name is "Permyaki", because these beautiful birds originate from the city of Perm. They were withdrawn at the end of the 19th century, and later - in the beginning of the 20th, an independent Permian Mushroom was established with distinctive marks, exteriors and wonderful abilities of the summer. In Perm breed breeder breeders from Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, Sverdlovsk, Kirov. Now all over Russia and Ukraine you can meet these beauties, but not on the streets, but in private nurseries and farms.

Pigeon Flowers: Their description, video and photo review


Externally, this is a very elegant, neat bird with broad chest, medium sized with its wings and large eyes, slightly convex and shiny. Landing trunk is quite low, legs without an additional feather, wings lie just at the border with the tail. Hinges in the Mushrooms are fluffy, smooth, more rigid than soft. The color of them is the most diverse, but mostly single-colored: red, black, blue, occasionally blue-black, often yellow. If you come across white mushroom, you will notice a black contrasting stain for a couple of centimeters below the occipital part.

Pigeon Flowers: Their description, video and photo review

Features of the summer

The Permyaks fly well, fly in a predominantly circling, changing the frequency of the wings and the length of the hovering. Usually, flying together( a pack of several pigeons), and then some individuals are separated, subduing even more height. Pigeons are less likely to sit down faster, and the longest remain soiled. For this, the breeders assigned to such craftsmen another name - a diamond.

Video "Mushrooms in the household"

Video material allows you to view these beautiful birds near, observe how they look in motion, and also remember their characteristic coloring.