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Yorkshire Hair: photos, dogs, girls, Korean, hygiene, video

Yorkshire Hair: photos, dogs, girls, Korean, hygiene, video

One of the most charming dogs in the world - the Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Terriers. One of the main advantages of these beautiful little ones is beautiful and well-groomed wool, so you should choose a photo of a york cut and show him a grummer.

  • How and where to mow Yorkshire
  • first hairstyle little Yorkshire
  • necessary hygienic Grooming
  • helpful videos on the topic
  • Model the type of wool
  • for boys and girls

How and where to mow Yorkshire

There are several options for organizing hairstyle Pet:

  • specializedzoos
  • attending grooming master at home;
  • call a home specialist;
  • "self-groomer" - on its own

The first three methods are united by the fact that the master in most cases is a certified specialist with relevant experience.

The safest but expensive option is the grooming of an animal in the cabin. When choosing this opportunity, the owner is well aware that the higher cost of the service includes the quality of the procedure and a certain comfort for the pet, and the appropriate level of safety for the animal.

For owners there is a waiting room, the tools of the wizard are necessarily disinfected, and in case of unsatisfactory result there is where to file a complaint. Of course, the wool will not return to its place in the wake of a magic wand, but the salon can return the money in a similar situation and provide some bonuses in the future to keep the customer.
Yorkshire Hair: photos, dogs, girls, Korean, hygiene, video
A few cheaper solutions are the wizard's invitation to the home. Specialists engaged in grooming at the home of the client, in the majority also hold the appropriate skills, experience and certificates, with properly selected tools in proper condition.

Another alternative is visiting a specialist at his home. The conditions will be practically the same, with a few exceptions: waiting for the end of the procedure may not take place in a comfortable room, but, for example, in the corridor. It's uncomfortable, but leave a pet for a couple of hours with an unfamiliar person - not a very attractive opportunity.

The most economical way is to trim your Yorkshire terrier yourself. If there is no need for a model pet grooming, then this option is quite feasible. It is essential to spend one time here - on tools:

  • of different sizes and forms of scissors;
  • machine complete with nozzles;
  • trimmer for muzzle and anal area;
  • Massage Brush;
  • fuminator;
  • comb different format;
  • anti slip pad;
  • guillotine tubes;
  • coil screwdriver.

Scissors are bought in two types. One for the design of the tail, the paws and sides of the dog - with straight and curved long blades. The second type for trimming the hair on the areas near the ears, the fingers on the paws and eyes - small and rounded ends. The nozzles on the machine should not be made of plastic, otherwise the quality of the haircut will decrease and its length will increase. Combs should also not be made of plastic, otherwise wool will be electrified.

The owner should wear clothes made of non-synthetic fabric to avoid static. And it should be remembered that the grooming is carried out on wet wool.

The first hairstyle of a small yorkshire

In fact, the concept of dog care includes not only the care of the hair, but also some other procedures, such as claws trimming, ear treatment, etc.

Begin to educate the baby should be timely:

  • the first equation of the claws infive days old
  • first eyelids about three weeks from birth;
  • first shaving of the wrists in the inguinal area 6-7 weeks after birth;
  • hygienic haircuts, from four months of the
  • half-year yorkshire you can make model haircuts.

Contrary to rumors, yorkshine wool is not spoiled from a haircut to the age of one year, and even vice versa: timely grooming will avoid the problems with swaddling. This is the opinion of the owners of the dogs of these miniature breeds.
Yorkshire Hair: photos, dogs, girls, Korean, hygiene, video
There are a number of recommendations for grooming york. Thus, during the whole process, the owner of the terrier must be outside the office or room where the procedure is conducted. The reason is elementary: the animal should not be distracted by its owner. Groomer is a new character for york, and they are very interesting themselves - that's why a baby needs to get used to, and the owner can prevent this process.

In addition, the Yorkshire Terrier may simply "jerk" on the voice of its owner, and the master risks in this case to inflict injury on the animal with acute tools.

Necessary hygienic haircut

The type of hairstyles for Yorkshire Terriers is three:

  • hygienic;
  • standard;
  • model;

Both the standard and the hygienic type include the hair equation in certain areas: the ears, paws, beard and bangs of the dog. It is necessary to organize a similar procedure once in two to three weeks, depending on how quickly his wool grows. Sometimes hygienic haircuts are separated by a separate category, sometimes included in the standard version.

Hygienic haircuts recommended for york starting from four months. The procedure involves trimming the wrists on the inguinal and anal areas, the paws and the upper third of the ears as a necessary minimum for the comfort of the dog. It is also necessary to trim the collars.

Standard variation includes a bit more procedures. After the processes that have already been completed, the dog needs to be redeemed with a special shampoo, dry the wool, then substitute it on the paws and ears, and also make the border of the beard and bangs. The standard procedure is perfect for those who are going to take part in the exhibition.

Photos of Yorkshire Girls' Dogs:
Yorkshire Hair: photos, dogs, girls, Korean, hygiene, video

Useful video on topic

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = rH901yP26cg

Model by type of wool

As for model haircuts, there are many for Yorkshire terriers. Actually, they are limited only by the imagination of the groomer and the type of wool of a small animal. Those or other models can not be like kids because of their type or its wool.

Classic variety of wool yarns under proper care - brilliant and smooth. In this case, you can safely give the will of fantasy, because any hairstyle will fit and lie.

Also, when choosing to take into account how long, dense and thick wool in the pet. So, a dense and fluffy cover tends to slip into the swaddle and is easily electrified. But on this you can play the stylist, making the pupil a "plush toy".Not all possible types are available for such wool, but round shaped, short and Korean haircuts, as well as "under the puppy", are well suited. It will be more difficult to care for the Korean haircut of Yorka, whose photo can be found below, especially if you leave the length on the body of Yorkshire.

It's easier to care for hard hair. It is best for such dogs to come up with variations with average wool length, and it's best not to cut short, otherwise it will seem bald. If left long wool, it will soon begin to crawl at the ends, and it is unlikely that the pet will produce a neat impression.

For boys and girls

In general, all model hairstyles can be classified into two main types - classical and creative. The first kind does not mean anything harsh or boring. Even within the framework of the usual classics you can add nuances that will play a whole new way.

For example, you can very briefly trim the coat on the body of the dog, while retaining the length of the legs in the form of pants "under the poodle."Or the head can be arranged in the form of a circle, and removing the bangs - for the boy, or leaving a bang with a bow - for the girl. This is a classic approach to haircuts of Yorkshire terriers, and for boys to the classics are resorting more often, and in girls' brains, they fantasize fantastically.

On the basis of the classic hairstyle already described with a bow, you can leave not only his but also a woolen skirt. Or add elements, leaving the length also on the tail. For boys, the skirt is not very suitable, but the length of the alignment on the tail can be left.

A very common grooming for the fine half of york is "a French braid."The animal's body is briefly cut short, sometimes the skirt remains, but most importantly - leave a band of wool along the whole length of the back. This strip ends up in a classic French braid.

Fans of creative haircuts apply their talents mainly to girls who display numerous photos online. Often, haircuts imitate some other breeds of miniature dogs, such as Chinese bubbles.

Yorks can also be clipped in the Korean version, which transforms the little virgin into an anime creature.

As for the simulation of other breeds, you can find boys wiped under a schnauzer. In the general and general approach to the creative for both sexes is approximately the same, only for girls is characterized by long wool.

So choosing an image for the Yorkshire terrier is not a big deal, especially if the wool allows for a similar approach. You can give your pet in the hands of a master or try to "creativeness" on their own, but the approach to the design of the exterior of the animal should be literate. For self-hosted owners, numerous video tutorials and step-by-step instructions with haircutting york with photos are recommended.