Fruit stellate apple. Photos and general information

Fruit stellate apple. Photos and general information

A star-shaped apple has a different name for Kianito or Caimito( Chrysophyllum cainito), representing the Sapotov family. The distribution of fruit is due to Central America and Mexico. The life span of the trees is very high, they can reach a height of 30 meters. The plant likes good

lighting, a large amount of moisture, enriched ground. Planted the plant with seeds, vaccines, airborne debris.

Description of Fruit Star Apple

A tree is a green plant that reaches a height of 30 meters, which is characterized by rapid growth. The trunk is not a long straight, dense bark, bulky sheet cover. Branches of brown. The sheet has an oval, oblong form of bright green on top, and on the back of the golden brown. The maximum length of the sheet reaches 15 centimeters. Flowers are invisible and small.

Fruits are presented in different shapes, their maximum diameter is 10 centimeters. The skin may be pale green, reddish-violet, sometimes almost black. The fruit content has a pleasant sweet taste, a soft and juicy consistency.

Fruit stellate apple. Photos and general information

Fruit of the star apple contains about 8 seeds. When harvesting, the fruits are cut off with the branches on which they are found. This is because the ripe fruit firmly holds on the branches, instead of falling.

Only ripe fruit can be used. By external characteristics it is possible to determine the degree of maturity of the fruit, when the star apple is fully matured, its skin becomes wrinkled, and the fruit is mild. A stiff starter apple can be stored for up to 3 weeks. The name of the fruit is due to seed cells, located in the form of a star.

Distribution and application of

The star apple grows in the Americas, Mexico, Argentina, Panama. For a tree favorable hot climate, it can not withstand low temperatures. The most favorable for plants is loamy and sandy soils. A tree requires a constant influx of large volumes of moisture.

Fruit stellate apple. Photos and general information

The plant breeds in February and March, from one tree it is possible to harvest a crop weighing up to 65 kilograms.

Fruit of the star apple can be used in fresh food, as well as to prepare juices or desserts from them. Skin due to the content of Milk juice has a bitter taste, therefore, before using the fruit, clean the pulp. Bitter skin is not suitable for use in food.