Smokehouse made of stainless steel: its features


  • 1 Characteristics of smoke from stainless steel
  • 2 Why is stainless?
  • 3 How to use such a smoke?

It is probably impossible to make smoked meat with the smell and taste of this wood smoke in a conventional oven. This requires open fire and, necessarily,

hot firewood. You can usually use the "Liquid Smoke" supplement as a substitute, but it will not give you the same taste and aroma as the real smoke from shimmering woodcuts. How to get out of this situation, if you really want a fresh hot smoked beef with this smell of smoke in the apartment? For this purpose there is a special device - a smokehouse. With it you can add any products( vegetables, fat, meat, fish) the unique fragrance of wood hazelnuts - apple, cherry, apricots, etc.

By the method of cooking, smoked meat is divided into hot and cold smoky plants, but in size and design for stationary industrial and portable household. The method of cold smoking takes quite a long time, sometimes more than a day, besides, this installation is more cumbersome, therefore, it uses less demand than a smoke from a stainless steel.

Smokehouse made of stainless steel: its features

Smoked sandstone from

stainless steel In the process of cold smoking, the finished product is only enveloped by deposits of combustion products from the outside, while when hot smoked, the product is completely saturated with aromatic substances, heated and protein is denaturated in the meat, making it easily digestible for digestionsystems. In addition, hot meat is tasty and better perceived by the body.

It is possible to attribute smoke from stainless steel to water-cooled ones, its small weight( only about 12 kg), compactness( 500mm × 300mm × 300mm), ease of use, easy maintenance and design, due to which smoke does not extend throughout the apartment. It is versatile in use both at home on a gas stove, and over a fire or barbecue.

Characteristic smoke from stainless steel

This is a rectangular box made of 3 mm stainless steel, in which there are inside welded corners to install one or two meat grates, reinforced with ribs for greater load carrying capacity. In the lower part of the smoke is a pallet for draining fat, which is surrounded by a cluster of chips of different varieties of wood to add the meat of a certain aroma, and a cover with a spoon and water closures. Steel in the place of heat is used at a minimum thickness of 2 mm, because a more thin wall leads to high temperatures, it deforms and darkens. The bottom is flat and up and up.

Definitely, the thicker the wall, the higher the price of smoke from a stainless steel, as food stainless steel - a rather expensive material, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. But if you buy a device for yourself for many years of use, the best option is a stainless steel smoke with a wall thickness of 3 mm.

Smokehouse made of stainless steel: its features

A pipe is taken to the window or to an extractor

. In addition to the rectangular, there is a smoke in the likeness of a pan or barrel horizontal. Round smoke( in the form of a pan) has the same design, as well as rectangular but smaller dimensions. A round smoke from a water closet is convenient for use in kitchens of a small area, takes less space. Barrel-shaped smoke is mainly used for smoking fish and has larger dimensions than in the round. Smokehouse made of stainless steel: its features Smokehouse made of stainless steel: its features

Household Aloe Smoke

Most designs are provided with supports, so they can be used either at home on a gas or electric stove, as well as in a country house or near a river on a boat. Due to its dimensions, the smoke is placed in the trunk of the car, and at the same time does not take much space, so it's free to take with you on vacation or on a journey.

Why Is It Stainless?

From this material you can make designs of the most different size and technological complexity. Under the stainless steel is meant stainless food steel, and not magnetic industrial, as a rule, brand 12Х18Н10Т.The main advantage of this material - high corrosion resistance, as devices are often used near places with high humidity( forests, reservoirs, country houses).In such conditions, smoke from ferrous metals is rapidly destroyed and comes into disrepair, which entails and loss of taste is cooked. Smoke from stainless steel is devoid of these shortcomings, so the life of such devices is ten times more.

Smokehouse made of stainless steel: its features

Once the cod is laid on the smoke bottom, a fat tray is installed. It is also recommended to wrap the foil for ease of cleaning.

Next, a lattice is placed on which pieces of meat or fish are put. Even though the grid is also made of stainless steel, it is recommended to lubricate it with sunflower oil, so that the meat does not stick to it.

Then the smoke is covered with a lid and the water inlet is filled with water. It is ready for use and it can be put on fire. To remove smoke it is recommended to use a high-temperature hose and remove it on the extractor.

The meat is smoked for about an hour, the fish is cooked for half an hour. Compared with cold-smoked machines, smoke from stainless steel is much more convenient than water-closures, and the time of this procedure is much less than they have earned their popularity among gourmets.

The care of the smoker is very simple and consists only in the cleaning of surfaces from fat and scum. It is also necessary to ensure that the nozzle is not clogged and the ventilation of the camera is sufficient. That's probably all the rules for using this device. All pleasant appetite!