Rodopium for pigeons: what is needed for it, instructions for use

Breeding and keeping pigeons brings them a lot of joy and pleasure. However, even the most careful care will not save the birds from illness. Many infections are used for the treatment of infectious diseases, and Rodoium for pigeons is one of the most effective methods of treatment and prevention of

.It is intended for the treatment, for example, of microplasmosis, which appears in pigeons in the form of cough and secretion of yellow mucus.

Rodopium for pigeons: what is needed for it, instructions for use Rhododium is one of the most effective medicines that protect pigeons from infectious diseases.

Content of the article:

  • 1 "Rodoium" as a medicament
  • 2 Use and storage of "Rhodioma" 45%
  • 3 Method of application
  • 4 Dosage of "Rhodoitem"
  • 5 Contraindications

"Rodoium" as a medical preparation

The main component of the medicine is tiamulin- an effective antibiotic. He is well versed in viral and infectious diseases. At 1 gram of the drug comes to 450 mg of thiamine, auxiliary substances are povidone and lactose mogohydrat.

Due to good water solubility, it is suitable for oral administration, which significantly less injects into birds.

Tiamulin, getting into the tissues of the body through the GI tract, gives rise to an overwhelming increase in the influence of the virus during the day. However, the maximum concentration of antibiotics can be observed in 4 hours after administration.

Usually, the drug is sold in white granules, with a faint odor and a light yellow tint. You can buy granules in packages, or in banks, depending on the need for quantity.

"Rodoium" can be bought as a solution and used for injections.

Use and storage of Rhodioma 45%

Store "Rodoium" in closed package for up to 2 years. The storage location should be dry and dark, the recommended temperature is from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Rodopium for pigeons: what is needed for it, instructions for use To prevent the drug from losing its therapeutic properties, it is necessary to strictly observe the conditions for its storage.

You can not keep animals or food in the vicinity. Since tiamulin is a potent drug, it is inadmissible for its contact with children.

It is necessary to open the packaging and prepare the solution, taking protective measures. It is necessary to use rubber gloves and a respirator, if possible, and safety glasses. Do not breathe the drug during work, so you can not remove the respirator, as well as drink or eat. You can not smoke too.

After work, thoroughly rinse your mouth. Face and hands should be washed with soap.

Ready solution can be used to treat a sick poultry or an entire flock.

Method of application

Ready-to-lay solution is required, according to the instruction, to pour water for birds. To ensure that pigeons take the medicine, it is necessary to remove other sources of water from the premises. Every day you need to cook a new solution and pour it into a drink with clean water. The drinking bowl itself should be washed before filling.

Dosage "Rodoima"

It is only necessary to give birth to Rodoium pigeons after consultation with the veterinarian, who will prescribe the required dose depending on the condition of the birds. In addition to direct treatment, the veterinarian may prescribe the use of "Rodoiuma" as a disease prevention.

The guidance on the drug indicates general dosage and concentration data.

Rodopium for pigeons: what is needed for it, instructions for use The amount of preparation required depends on the weight of the bird and its general condition.

Dosage should be calculated taking into account the weight, size and health of the bird.

To provide a daily dose of antibiotics, birds should be given 0.025% solution for no more than 5 consecutive days. Such a dose consists of a norm of consumption 0, 067 - 0,11 g of "Rhodiothym" per 1 kg of weight. It provides the body with 50 mg of tiamulin.

The correct solution is prepared with 1.1 g of the drug and 2 liters of pure water.


If the instructions and recommendations are followed correctly, there are no complications in the birds. However, there are certain contraindications.

  • It is forbidden to use "Rodoium" in case of disturbance in the pigeons of normal functioning of the liver and kidneys.
  • "Rodoium" can not be used in combination with ionophormic coccidiostatics and aminoglycosides. These are antibiotics such as Narazina or Salinomycin. Otherwise, manifestation of a number of complications, such as anorexia, diarrhea, paresis and other adverse reactions. To avoid this, it is only possible to apply Rodopium 7 days after the end of the week or one week before the start of taking the drug.
  • Individual intolerance or drug sensitivity may also be an obstacle to use.
  • course of treatment should not exceed 5 days. The exact dosage and the time of ending the appointment can be prescribed only by the veterinarian.

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