How to call a cow: a list of names and nicknames by alphabet

Cow is not a simple pet for many of us, but a true family member. This noble and intelligent animal has received in our people a great name - Feeder, because it is milk that gives us vitality and nutrition. Therefore, as soon as a calf or bull is born, besides the question as to how to care for

, many have a question - how to call a cow? !Consider the main nicknames right now.

It is known that in India a cow is a sacred animal. However, far from the last place this animal takes in our culture. From the beginning, the cow is considered to be the main pet in the household. Therefore, each cow is given a name.

If dogs are called to call a loud name so that they can execute teams more quickly, then the nickname for the cow should be pleasant to the ear, tender and affectionate. These animals are very sensitive to love and care. And a significant role in this is played by the name.

How to call a cow: a list of names and nicknames by alphabet

For many, the name of the choice is a bit complicated, because you want to separate your animal and express yourself. And there is a proverb: "As a ship you will call, so he will be swallowed."As for these animals, this proverb is truly true.

Many hosts point out that their cow is fully consistent with the name given to her. For example, "Countess" is proud and graceful, "Buranka" is a dysfunctional, "Free" freedom-loving.


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How to name: at home and in breeding?

There is still no general and uniform rule for naming cows, unlike horses. If the animals are pedigree and born on the farm, then for each person a separate card with an indication of pedigree for 4-5 generations is started. Also, a nickname that must begin with the same letter as the mother's name is mandatory. On the opposite side of a bull, the nickname must begin with a letter that is the name of the father.

How to call a cow: a list of names and nicknames by alphabet

Cages for animals can be thought out, for example, according to the nature of the cow, and spontaneous, related, for example, with birth time. The only thing that experts do not recommend is to give human names by the type of Yul'ka, Mashka, Milka, Zhanna, Anka. Why? There are several versions of this, although many owners do not pay particular attention to these "folk beliefs."

Yes, every human name has its own patron saint, that is, holy. And this, as you already understand, is called blasphemy. In addition, calling the cow Olga or the bull by the Fight, you can be contented with the dissatisfaction of the neighbors, if, for example, they have the same name. Although, as practice shows, such nicknames are the most popular in our villages.

In a household, of course, they call cows more to their taste and desires. The only rule is that the name should be beautiful and easily memorable. Below you will find a detailed list and an approximate classification of the names of cows.

How to call a cow: a list of names and nicknames by alphabet


  • Month of birth of an animal - Aprelka, Decembrina, March, Mike, Oktyabrinka, etc.;
  • At time of day and weather - Night, Snowflake, Star, Wind, Snow, etc.;
  • On the color of the wool - Chernukha, Belka, Ryzhik, Rizhukha, Pistryanka and so on;
  • Names of people - Lada, Mashka, Raya, Borka, Fedka, Romka, etc.
  • Flowers and plants - Rowan, Beryozha, Romashka, Malinka, etc.;
  • Geographical names - Marseille, Dunayka, Ararat;
  • External features - Curly, Trendy, Krasulya, Kid, Malutka, Vukhan, Borodan;
  • Characteristic of the character - Soft, Tender, Dick, Vilna, Igrunov, February, Buina;
  • No particular sign or commonly accepted - Koryvka, Murka, Hostess, Feeder.

List of nicknames

Letter of the alphabet



Augustine, Alpha, Aprilak, Aurora, Agafia, Hell, Azur, Alisa, Aza, Altaika, Alaska, Arkada, Arfa, Arina, Asia, Astra, Assol, Aphrodite.
August, Alpha, Alcid, Amur, April, Arnold, Afonia, Adam.

Butterfly, Belasha, Baranchik, Beryshka, Barbara, Bilyanka, Belavushka, Belka, Bilochka, Berta, Businka, Badiora, Brovka, Brusnitsa, Bagata, Buina, Buranka, Brykukha, Korivka, Bouanka.
Banderas, Basya, Bern, Bobosya, Bodia, Bonaparte, Borja, Borodin, Braviy, Bublyk, Bull, Buyan.

Valentinka, Varvara, Varya, Vanessa, Vasilina, Veselina, Venus, Verba, Party, Veselukha, Vyshnya, Volya, Vlada, Khrtovina.
Venka, Vaska, Wolf, Free, Worms, Vyatyk.

Gazelle, Geranium, Gladka, Gera, Glasha, Gloria, Golubka, Gracia, Thunderstorm, Countess, Grunya, Gryaznul.
Gavryusha, Graf, Hudson, Guy.

Dakota, Dana, Dayga, Dasha, Darenka, Dvoryanka, Decabrina, Deva, Delhi, Jamie, Juliana, Diana, Juliet, Dikush, Dinka, Dorogenk, Dora, Dorofeia, Doneck, Dunayka, Dibrova, Dunk, Serpanok, Dusya, Thumbelina
Diego, Dykun, Wild, Dnipro, Don, Don, Danube, Dyavil.

Single, Eva, Ozhina.
Yeger, Yiddie, Omelyco.

Zhanna, Pearl, Zhuha.
Jorik, Georges.

Zirnitsya, Zabava, Zyrochka, Zorya, Zimonka, Zozulka, Zoyka, Zlata, Zorka, Zosia.
Star, Zeus, Zigzag, Winter.

Yvonna, Rizzinka, Iriska, Toy, Ilyka, Iskra, Yunyuk.
Hnat, Inya, Iris.

Kalina, Drop, Carmelita, Flower, Clara, Button, Coquette, Beladona, Krasulya, Krapushka, Kricha, Kudrya, Krasunya, Doll.
Cedar, Cyprus, Krykitka, Red.

Lavender, Lada, Laguna, Lama, Laska, Lasvka, Laskva, Laura, Lasunya, Lebidka, Lady, Levada, Legenda, Leila, Linda, Lilia, Klapteva, Lyubka, Lyuba, Lyuta, Lucien, Lyalya.
Leopold, Leo, Lyubchik, February.

Madonna, Madame, Mike, Malinka, Malanka, Maliatoko, Malvina, Malva, Malyutka, Mania, Manera, Marigold, Marquise, Bereznia, Matilda, Marfa, Marfusha, Motry, Masha, Mary, Metelytsia, Melody, Milashka, Model, Moldova, Milka, Lightning, Morozka, Cherokoshka, Monika, Motya, Murka, Musa, Murenka, Fly.
Marias, Marquis, Martin, Misha, Mum, Bug.

Awakening, Award, Nick, Nida, Norma, Noyabrina, Nichka, Nravka, Nyush,
Nick, November, Noel.

Octave, Ovation, Olympics, Octavia, Osinca, Olympia, Ophelia.
Bashketnik, October.

Pestushka, Pava, Peganka, Paletra, Parizhanka, Pegashka, Pechyka, Pervokha, Victory, Polina, Polyanka, Girlfriend, Assistant, Pushyna, Novoshnitsa, Pampushka, Bedzhila, Pyatnushka.
Paris, Riaby, Strokathy, Peter, Swanky.

Rainbow, Rare, Reusvushka, Rimma, Chamomile, Rose, Rizhukha, Rybaka.
Rodrigo, Rolf, Romeo.

Welder, Sarah, Sentybrina, Severin, Seraphim, Silva, Serenade, Bold, Sympathy, Tale, Glory, Siren, Snowflake, Slavic, Smetana, Snow.
Senya, Sivka, Spartak.

Mystery, Tina, Quiet, Tradition.
Taurus, Tarzan, Tikhon.

Luck, Humorous, Fun.

Favorite, Fevronya, Fevralina, Feodora, Violet, Feya, Faina, Finka.
Fenya, Homa.

Khvalenka, Khlibna, Hostess.

Flower, Gypsy.
Tsar, Caesar.

Chornushka, Cheryshnya, Chernyavka.



Elite, Ella.

Yuzhanka, Junona.

I am
Janvarka, Amber, Berry, Bright, Jamaica, Yashma.
Zatyaty, Yashka.

Video "Companion Cow"

In this video you will see an example of a strange relationship between the cow and the person who proves that this animal is very smart, able to love and appreciate friendship.

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