Recommendations: how to water draceno, how often to do it

Watering a home flower is an integral part, and in some cases, the most responsible part for taking care of it. Inappropriate irrigation often becomes precisely the reason why indoor plants sometimes get sick and sometimes die. Dracena is a rather unpretentious plant, but the correct

irrigation is the most important ingredient in caring for it. Almost all types of petrified fats do not tolerate excessive soil moisture in the pot, with the exception of Sander, or, as it is called, bamboo of happiness. Tips on how to water the dracena so that it delights you only with its exquisite beauty, collected in this article.


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How often you need to water

The most commonly asked question that can be found on the Internet: and how often to drain dracaena? Remember that this plant came to us from warm countries, and this should be taken into account in home care. This flower many times more easily tolerates soil drying than excessive moisture. Watering a dracen stands at a drying distance of 2-5 cm from the ground layer in a pot. Depending on the temperature of the room in the warm period of time, watering is about 2-3 times a week. Watering drafts in the winter is significantly different from the other time of the year, it must be minimized, optimal will be 1 time in one and a half weeks. Do not forget to remove the dracena away from the heating devices and batteries in the winter, as they incredibly strongly dry the air, which is very damaging to the flower.

Recommendations: how to water draceno, how often to do it

The first sign of water scarcity is the lowered leaves with dry tips, and excess moisture - sluggish, soft, lost its color. To prevent such cases, you need to water the flower properly, find the "golden mean". When watered appropriate, dracaena looks incredible, its leaves give the flower a peculiar volume and thanks to this room, in which the flower is, seems even more green and light. Always keep in mind the rules of watering dracaena, and you will never encounter problems that cause frequent soil moisturizing.

The secret of the proper watering of the

After understanding how often drain the water, it is necessary to find out some secrets of the correct watering. To water it requires a small amount of water at room temperature;Make sure that it is completely leaked through the earthen coma and the remains are poured into the pallet. Be sure to check that there is no stagnation of water, otherwise it can cause the rotting of the roots in the dracaena, which inevitably leads to its death. Since dracaena is important for the high humidity of the air, do not forget regularly( and when the temperature exceeds 24 degrees, you can even spray leaves a few times a day with warm water.

Recommendations: how to water draceno, how often to do it

You can water this plant, however, as with all other flowers, in three different ways,

At the top watering, follow this rule: carefully place the nozzle of the funnel on the pot and slowly water the soil, but make sure that the water jet is boomed.but it is soft and does not wash out the ground. As soon as you notice that the water starts to drain in the pallet - immediately stop the watering from the pallet should be removed after 15-20 minutes. Your leaving there is dangerous because the roots can start rotting. This wayThe irrigation has one minus: the nutrients are washed very quickly from the ground and the plant requires regular feeding.

At the bottom of the watering the water should be poured directly into the drainage tray. This kind of watering is recommended when the earth has dried up excessively and departed from the walls of the container with a flower. Remember that with this method of watering, salt is collected in the soil, which has a detrimental effect on the flower.

Recommendations: how to water draceno, how often to do it

Drainage water by bathing is better when the air temperature does not drop below 25 degrees;In winter, this should not be done, it can adversely affect the plant. The pot is placed in a bath with water and so leave for 25-40 minutes, until full saturation of soil with water. Then the pot should be taken with a bath and make sure that all the extra glass of water. Note that the plant is very fond of taking a warm shower, it perfectly refreshes the flower as a whole, adds the vivacity of leaves, and also removes dust well. After the shower, let it drain excess water, and you can return the plant to a permanent place. But be sure to check that there is no water remaining in the axils of the leaves, otherwise they can begin to rot, and then fall off.

Follow the simple aforementioned rules of watering dracaena, and it will delight your eye with its incredible beauty all year round.

Video "How to properly drain drainage?"

This video gives detailed tips for watering dracena, as well as recommendations for content.