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Leukocynaia - causes, treatment, photo

Nails perform an important function in protecting the tissues of the toes and hands. In this case, the appearance of the nails often reflects the general state of human health. By the condition in which the nails are located, one can judge the presence of various diseases.

Leukoniasia is a white

stain or strip on the nails, which are formed as a result of pathological changes in the nail plate. Under the influence of a number of factors there is a violation of the process of keratization, that is, as a result of some failure of the nail cells do not pass a complete cycle of maturation.

Worth to know! Appearing leukoniiyi on nails can at any age. The degree of severity of symptoms may be different, from the appearance of individual points and stripes, to the emergence of total damage zones.


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prevention The causes of the appearance of

It should be noted thatthe causes of leukoniasis can be very different. Spots on the nail plates may appear, both under the action of exogenous( external) and under the influence of endogenous( internal) factors.

Exogenous Factors

Leukonitis causes, treatment, photo One of the most common causes for leukoniasis is mechanical damage to the nail plate. Almost everyone encountered a situation where after a blow or other mechanical impact on the nail there was a white dot or a strip.

Quite often, the cause of leukoniasis is a careless manicure, which results in damage to the outer and sometimes deep layer of the nail plate. And sometimes leukoniiyu causes such a neurosis as onychotylomania.

The appearance of leukoniasis may also have an effect on the nail factors of the chemical nature. Spots may appear on the nails after contact with household chemicals, fertilizers, paints and other substances. Therefore, it is very important to wear latex gloves during such work, but first make sure that you do not have latex allergies.

Worth to know! Causes of traumatic nature, as a rule, lead to the appearance of spot leukoniasis, rashes appear in the form of stripes. But the total damage to the nail plate as a result of injury never occurs.

Endogenous Factors

The appearance of leukonian can cause a number of internal causes related to human health. White spots may appear as a result:

  • Violation of Exchange Processes.
  • Different diseases of the internal organs, especially leukoniasis, appear in patients with pathologies of the liver, intestines, stomachs.
  • A series of infectious diseases that can affect metabolism.
  • Diseases of the nervous system.
  • Stress factor, depression, border mental states.
  • Under the influence of endogenous factors, not only white stripes and points on the nails, but also total damage to the plate can be formed. At the same time, leukoniasis can appear on the nails and on the arms and legs.

    Fungal infection

    Leukonitis causes, treatment, photo Another cause of leukoniasis is the fungal infection of the nails. In this case, in addition to the appearance of white spots you can observe a lot of other symptoms - thickening of the plate, its deformation( nail growth, the formation of "bird's nail", etc.) and even destruction. However, the absence of other symptoms does not mean that there is no fungal infection. This disease can be manifested in a variety of forms, so eliminating the infection with the fungus is possible only after conducting special tests.

    Alterical Causes of

    The cause of leukoniasis may also be an unbalanced diet. Most often spots appear in the absence of vitamins in the body( especially groups A and E), micro - and macro elements.

    As a rule, in this case, the appearance of leukoniasis is accompanied by other symptoms of hypovitaminosis. The patient may have appetite, cheilitis in the corners of the lips, dry skin( xerosis), high fatigue, frequent colds, etc.

    Clinical picture of

    Symptoms of leukoniasis depend on the type of disease.

  • Limited form of leukoniasis is manifested by the appearance of small-sized spots, while it is found to be affected by 1-2 nails.
  • Precision leukoniasis occurs most often. The main symptom of this form is the appearance of white dots of small size on the nail plates. This form of leukoniasis is most often manifested after a mechanical damage to the nail - a blow, roughness of care, etc.
  • The strip-shaped form of leukoniasis is characterized by the appearance of thin white or pale pink stripes on the nails.
  • The total form of leukoniasis is expressed in the complete change of the nail plate. This form of the disease is more common in young people, adolescents and children. The causes of total leukoniasis can be defeat of the internal organs, various infections. Sometimes such a form of the disease is a consequence of a fungal infection.
  • Diagnostic Methods

    Diagnosis of leukoniasis does not represent a complicated task that can be diagnosed on the basis of external examination. It is much more difficult to determine the cause of nail damage.

    Important! A patient with leukonian should be sent to a full examination to identify the underlying disease. Be sure to take a scam from the nail plate for analysis to determine the fungal infection.

    It is necessary to differentiate the leukonii from:

  • Meij band. Such bluish strips on the nails appear people who have been poisoned with thaw or arsenic.
  • Total onychomycosis, characteristic for patients and HIV infection.
  • Treatment of

    Important! In order for treatment to be effective, it is necessary to correctly identify the cause that led to the development of leukoniasis.
    Only after a complete examination and analysis will it be possible to find a really effective treatment.

    Leukonitis causes, treatment, photo So, in case of point leukoniasis caused by mechanical damage, no specific treatment is necessary, it is enough to only protect the nail from impact and other mechanical influences.

    In addition to the course of treatment aimed at getting rid of the underlying disease, with leukoniasis, as a rule, a course of vitamin therapy is prescribed. It is necessary to pick up a vitamin-mineral complex, which will help to eliminate the deficiency of necessary substances in the body.

    If spot on the nail plate appeared as a result of fungal damage, it is necessary to appoint a specific antitumor therapy, including the use of local and systemic drugs. In this case, the treatment will take several months.

    Treatment of folk medicine methods

    In addition to treatment prescribed by a doctor, you can use the recommendations of folk healers. With leukoniasis can help: Leukonitis causes, treatment, photo

    • baths from a solution of sea salt;
    • rubbing a mixture of warm olive oil with lemon juice in the nail( 5 drops of juice per 100 ml of oil);
    • rubbing a nail in the mixture of the following composition: vitamin A - 5 drops, iodine tincture - 3 drops, 60 ml of oil( olive or almond).

    Prevention of

    Prevention of leukoniasis caused by exogenous methods consists of the following measures:

  • Nail mechanical injuries should be avoided, only gentle procedures should be used for manicure.
  • If necessary, contact with chemicals should protect hands and nails with gloves.
  • In addition, you must try to eat well, take vitamins, and avoid stressful situations. In identifying diseases of the internal organs, you must complete a course of treatment prescribed by your doctor.