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Jack Russell Terrier: reviews, owners, breed, rules, negative

Jack split terrier: reviews, owners, breed, rules, negative

Every year the Jack Russell Terrier breed is becoming more and more popular among the inhabitants of large cities. And even, despite the fact that the true purpose of these dogs is hunting, they happily live in cities and pleasure people with their friendliness.

  • Incredible wisdom and friendliness
  • Jack Russell Terrier as an example of unhurriedness
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  • Rules of care and nutrition Jack resale terriers
  • Negative rocks of the breed

Therefore, each breeder dog Jack Russell Terrier always has some words fordescription of your pet. Consider the reviews of Jack Russell Terriers, all its features and disadvantages.

The incredible brilliance and friendliness of the

This dog has such an advanced intellect that is capable of finding a common language with almost any person. They love children very much and they will always be protected.

Elena( Diana, a year and a half)

Dogs of this breed are very loyal and kind, never betray their masters. At the moments when I'm at home, Diana is haunting me everywhere. Even if I go into another room, when she is sleeping, she immediately goes up and goes.

Veronica( Archie, seven months)

When Archie only appeared in our house, he absolutely did not control his impulses, and gnawed everything that came to him on the way, but literally in a few months, he not only stopped rubbing and chewing things, and even learned different teams. Now, upon the morning, he wakes me up and begs for a walk.

Igor( Tim, six years old)

This is not an ostentatious dog, but a real terrier because he has a high intelligence, activity and is well able to find a common language with people of different character. He is constantly ready for the games and even attracts a child to them. Never shows aggressiveness, even did not make joking attempts to bite or intoxicate.

Marina( Aina, three years old)

When Aine was two years old, my daughter was born with her husband. At first I was worried about how the dog looked at the child, but seeing how she behaved carefully with my daughter, she calmed down. For more than a year now, they are constantly in contact and simply do not imagine life without one.
Jack split terrier: reviews, owners, breed, rules, negative

Jack Russell Terrier, as an example of anxiety

Each dog breed is distinguished by its own individual trait. The Jack Russell Terrier is insensitive. Therefore, the owner of a dog of this breed should always find a deal for him otherwise it threatens a defeated apartment.


Walking with dogs of this breed is necessary so that they just fall from fatigue. Only in this case the furniture will remain the whole, and the dog is satisfied. An ideal friend for walking for children aged 8-12 years, because the energy they have about the same.


I am familiar with some of the owners of Jack Russell Terriers, and they as one argue that if this dog appeared at home, then you can forget about calmness. I totally agree with this!

This dog always jumps, runs, climbs onto the sofa, slows down the host and requires that they play with it. During walks it is best to leave the dog on the leash, otherwise in his gust he can forget about everything and even get under the car.
Jack split terrier: reviews, owners, breed, rules, negative

Dogs of this kind, of course, can live in apartments, but a permanent condition for this is constant walks. They need to run, walk, play the ball and throw a stick, even bike walks are allowed, as the dog is able to run tirelessly for a bike for several kilometers. They are real troublesome.

In order to save our belongings and furniture, we bought a cage for our dog, in which we close it when we leave the house. But the cell must be large enough to contain food and toys.

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Rules of Care and Power Jack Resale Terriers

Because the wool in such dogs is small, it does not require excessive care. With regard to nutrition, it is best to buy the best quality food, since these dogs still do not eat much, but have weak stomachs and poor quality food at once leads to poisoning, which can then be cured only with the help of a veterinarian.

Let's take a few comments about breed Jack Russell Terrier:

Aina is fairly legible in terms of food and if she does not like the smell of the product, then she will not eat it. Using the breeder's recommendations, we feed it only with premium premium food, as attempts to feed it with another food have led to stomach upset. Due to the small size of this breed, they are allowed to take on airplanes, Aina flew with our family at sea.


Because this breed of dogs has very mobile joints, they sleep in such positions that I'm just amazed, and when my pet sleeps on her stomach and, having pulled out her hind legs, he looks like chicken of tobacco. And this is quite normal.


Buying a puppy is best in the spring, especially when planning to spend all summer in the country. In this case, it is imperative to check the quality of the fence, as an interesting Jack Terrier can squeeze into any appropriate sized gaps. These dogs prefer to sleep on their back, while clinging their paws upwards.

Negative Breed Characteristics

Despite the fact that most owners see only pluses in their pupils, there are certain negative points. If, of course, the pursuit of activities for which the breed was taken can be considered a negative factor.

But oddly, according to the feedback, a large number of owners of this breed are not ready for the manifestation of hunting instincts.


This dog simply does not know the notion of "fear" it fights in any fight, regardless of the size of the enemy. Since this hunter breed of dogs, the main instincts they have kept, for example, while walking, Tim is constantly in search of extraction. He considers booty birds and cats as a prey.
Jack split terrier: reviews, owners, breed, rules, negative

Occasionally, when Diana is very happy or worried about something, she begins to write. But she was still a year old, so there is hope that such a reaction will take place. I would not recommend this breed to those people who love the calm and measured rhythm of life, as well as those who do not like to bring up dogs. If you start training immediately after the appearance of a dog in the house, then she will grow up obedient and know the team.


Faced with the negative sides of this breed are the people who, before the purchase of the pet, do not know anything about it. These dogs need constant attention, training and walking. These are absolutely not decorative dogs.

As we see, reviews about Jack Russell Terrier from the owners are quite positive, so you should not even have any doubts about buying.