Plants in the heat

Plants in the heat

What to do if outside the window heat and in the room is also not comfortable. Only the air conditioner is saved, but it only helps people, but what about houseplants?

Cactuses and other plants of the genus succulent in similar conditions also feel uncomfortable. And it is a completely false idea of ​​

to assume that such plants are not terrible for the heat. No, of course, they will not perish, even if they completely deprive the moisture. Just such a cactus will spend all the forces on its moisture, using the internal reserves, which is already here beauty and flowering. So that all the succulents need proper attention, do not leave the soil in arid and periodically feed the plant. But still such plants are resistant to high temperatures, and how are others?

Plants in the heat

Some of the plants in extreme heat can completely disappear. It is believed that the window on the western side is the safest, but here the plant can be unsweetened if the street is hell. Indoor plants in the summertime must necessarily be obscured, regardless of which side the window on which they stand. It's not long enough and the effect of high-temperature sunlight will make it a bad thing to do with the plant.

If possible, remove the flower in the shadow by pulling it out into the street. In the period of heat, special attention is required to plants that bloom. Even tropical origin, some of them, will not help them to reliably carry high temperatures. You can put a flower on the so-called oppression of water. Or simply place a large sand, pebbles, pure moss in a tray and fill it with water.

It is necessary to once again carefully look at their plants and once again clarify or check the conditions for their containment. Remembering and not knowing everything is not always possible, so you can use different sources of information. Fortunately, their number is enormous: there are plenty of directories and flower-growing sites on the Internet.

Plants in the heat

In hot weather, indoor plants require double care. For example, capricious streptocarpus may die if summer is very hot. Plants that do not bloom at all and refer to decorative-deciduous, it is necessary to spray twice a day. It is important to do this and with flowers that require high moisture( chamadorey, for example).If the plants lose additional moisture( spraying), then the leaves will soon become brown, irregular with dry tips.

Dark pots in which the plants are located, it is better to overlay the foil, so the ground will be less heated. It is better to use mineral fertilizers in summer, provided that the dressing is carried out only after two hours of irrigation, it is obligatory!

In the presence of an air conditioner in the room it is necessary to ensure that cold air does not harm the plants, do not need to get it on the flowers.

And again, in the arid summer period, the activity of all kinds of pests is very common. It is an aphid, a shchemist, a spider mite and others. It is necessary to periodically inspect all plants and in case of unpleasant moments to take measures.