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How to spend Valentine's Day

How to spend Valentine

The closer to February 14, the more you want romance and pleasant surprises. The usual gift will not create the atmosphere that you expect from the Day of All Lovers. Therefore, one must make a great effort to ensure that this day is filled with romanticism and warmth. However, what to do if all the ideas of

are exhausted, but to think up new there is neither desire nor mood? Well, then you got to the address. In this article, we will try to help you with ideas on how to spend Valentine's Day.

Ideas for holding Valentine's Day

Looking for treasures

Just giving a nice or practical thing is a trick. Is it a matter to hold a true competition. Agree in advance to keep the gifts in a cozy place and let your other half, following the prompts, find your treasure. At the same time in the cards you can write warm words, recognition in love, and so on. And whoever will soon find his present, he will receive an additional gift.

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Other cities

Sometimes your city is very annoying. This is especially true for small provinces. After all, here everyone knows, at each corner of the familiar, who spoil all the romance. But sometimes at the Day of All Lovers I want to retire. Well, for the loving hearts, everything is possible. On this day you can go to another city where nobody knows you. Probably the best way of solitude. And there you can rent a hotel and arrange a romantic dinner. It will add a holy atmosphere of romantic adventure. It is not necessary to go to Paris or Venice.

Evening of Desires

It can be used as a main gift or an additional one. In any case, it will be original, and will bring a lot of emotions to your other half. This evening, you can make an agreement that will include a list of desires that your other party undertakes to perform during that day, week, or year.

Thematic Evening for Two

In this case, give your imagination the will. It can be anything you want a gangster party, or romantic middle ages with a beautiful lush dress and medieval costume. Decorate the house and prepare a dinner according to the theme of the evening. Think of the scenario and entertainment. Such a holiday will be remembered for a long time.

Everyone loves to dismiss

If you already have romance, or you simply do not like all these caresses, but you still want to have holidays, arrange an evening of funny nonsense. On this day you can play the passers-by or your loved ones together. Think of a script, create a list of innocent mischiefs, and translate them into life. It will be fun and original. The main thing is not to overdo it, since it's already too much to spend on Valentine's Day in the police.

Who does not like balls?

On this day, you can also inflate many balloons, and pre-packed there a chocolate candy and a note with the task. After the operation has been successful, the performer receives his honestly earned candy. If the task did not succeed, then the other begins to fulfill the task, and, accordingly, receives its present.

Most importantly, when creating a romantic atmosphere do not be banal. Imagine, imagine, in the future, to remember these little things with a smile and joy.