Propagation of geranium seeds, cultivation and nuances

Pelargonium( and simply Geranium) is a widely spread indoor plant. Flowers can be double-glazed, semi-vertebrate or plain. This plant not only delights the eye of family members, but also has some beneficial properties. For example, it is able to neutralize the effect of toxins, relieve headaches

and broth from the leaves is recommended to take people with bowel disease and stomach. Along with plantain leaves of geranium are able to stop the blood from healing of the wound and bring out pus. Beneficially acts on hypertonics, helps to get rid of insomnia and disorders of the nervous system. But not only people this plant benefits. Pelargonium cleans the air perfectly, and this, again, plays in the best of our health. As we see, a lot of advantages has to buy landowners and to plant in their house is a houseplant. To learn how to grow geranium seeds for general guidance cultivation, soil preparation and planting, care and transplanting shoots pelargonium I will discuss later in the article.

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  • 2 Preparing the soil and planting
  • 3 Care 4
  • transplant shoots
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General rules

Seat geranium easy, but first we must know its characteristics. The most appropriate species for growing at home is white, red, fragrant and ampelant geranium.

Before starting work, even when buying one should pay attention to the appearance of the seeds and, in fact, the sort you want to purchase. Usually these seeds of geranium are already scarified( cleaned of a solid shell), fully prepared for sowing. However, if you are dealing with seeds of geranium, grown at home, they need to be treated with sandpaper. It is necessary to do this to eliminate the hardened skin layer. So your seedlings will grow fast at the same time.

Propagation of geranium seeds, cultivation and nuances

The main thing to know before you start:

  • seeding time;
  • soil for planting seeds;
  • location of seedlings;
  • Geranium Care;
  • period of its germination;
  • Pelargon picking.

soil preparation and seeding

Knowledgeable breeders will tell you that the seeds for planting geraniums are not specifically set time. However, the most optimal to plant, is between mid-November and mid-April. It is during these five months that it is recommended to do the sowing of the pelargonium. I recommend to carry out this operation in December.

For work, you will need containers with a substrate. Variants of the substrate are several:

  • turf, sand, peat in a ratio of 2: 1: 1;
  • peat, sand - 1: 1;
  • peat, perlite - 1: 1.
  • Propagation of geranium seeds, cultivation and nuances

    Apparently, combinations of soil for planting seed geraniums much, it makes it possible to choose the most suitable for each of us. However, remember that the successful growth of geranium when using the second variant of the soil is possible only with high-quality care.

    Sprout Geranium seeds, having previously prepared it. For this, the seed is treated with epine or zirconium and soaked for exactly three hours in water at room temperature.

    Geranium seeds are located at a distance of 5 cm from each other, so as not to interfere. Then they are sprinkled with a small layer of ground and sprayed with settled water at room temperature. It is important to remember that the soil layer over the seeds should be no more than 0.5 cm. In addition, when growing, the soil should be moist. Cover the planted seeds with glass or polyethylene film.

    The temperature for the growth of the pelargonium is 20 ° C.Place a box of geranium sown in a bright room, without direct sunlight.

    Propagation of geranium seeds, cultivation and nuances

    The total time of plant growth is 45 days, and only a week and a half after sowing the first stairs appear. In two weeks you will see the first letter( then and it is recommended to make a picteri), and blossom of pelargonium in 3-4 months. The rate of seed growth depends on several factors: the varieties of geranium, the time of its storage, and the temperature of the room.


    I have a roomy geranium that is nice to look after. Just follow some simple rules:

    • give the plant enough sunlight. Geranium is not afraid of direct sunlight, but it is not necessary to overdo it, as it will lead to the fading of flowers and leaves and their crash.
    • irrigation of geranium should be not frequent, but qualitative. The signal to the watering will be damp soil. In winter, watering should be moderate, in the summer - more abundant.
    • Pelargon loves warmth, but not heat. In the summer it will be enough 20 ° C, and in winter it will be 15 ° C.
    • requires good drainage in the pot. This is necessary so that the water below does not stagnate and does not lead to decay. For good drainage, you can use clay loam, it must be placed on the bottom of the pot.
    • systematic feedings are required by the plant a couple of times a month. In specialized stores you can find any of their types.
    • regularly removes blooming inflorescences. This is necessary to ensure the continued flowering of geraniums.

    Propagation of geranium seeds, cultivation and nuances

    It is also important to describe the negative states of the pelargonium.

  • Reddened edges of leaves. The reason - the plant is too cold.
  • Yellow Pages. The reason is lack of water.
  • Darkening of sheets. The reason is overflow. Such a plant should be eliminated.
  • Gray Mold. The reason is overflow.
  • Water-pads on sheets. The reason is also overflow.
  • Dropping the bottom sheets. The reason is the lack of light.
  • Asparagus Transplant

    A transplant of geranium germs, or picking, occurs when you see 2 to 4 leaves in the stairs. Planting a plant is required from one "family" in separate pots. It's easy to do. Gently divide the roots of one flower into several independent. It is very important not to miss the moment of picking, and then the roots are interwoven, and it will be difficult to carry out the operation. Pots for sprayed plants in diameter should be no more than 10 cm.

    Propagation of geranium seeds, cultivation and nuances

    Water transplanting geranium is necessary using a funnel with a narrow spout. And on cloudy days add lighting, because its deficit leads to yellowing of letters and their crash. Removing timely such sheets prevents the appearance of these places of fungus and mold.

    The obligatory point here should be the addition of a special substrate. Do not forget that as soon as the geranium begins to dial the letter, over 6-7 sheets of it need to pinch. So you stop the growth of the pelargonium.

    So, we understand how to make seeds of geraniums. As you can see, its reproduction - it's not a complicated thing, but it needs attention to the object. By providing proper care for the pelargonium, you will watch this wonderful plant in your home for a long time. For anyone who does not know how to plant herbal seeds, I recommend reading my article.

    Video "Growing Geranium from Seeds"

    The video shows the process of cultivating varieties of geraniums from seeds and their pickling.