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How can I use a microwave oven?

How can I use a microwave oven? When we buy a microwave oven, we are very attentive to the functions of the model that we are offered for this money. Of course, the more multifunctional one model, the more money you need to pay for it. But when we come back with a new microwave, the

installs it and starts to use it, then over time, many start to realize that for this device they overpay, and quite seriously, because for many, the top of the culinary use of the microwave is the usual heating of cold food from the refrigerator. And there are so many people. After all, in addition to warming up cold food in the microwave oven, you can still do a lot of useful things. Now we will not dwell on the masterpieces of cooking, which still allows you to cook this household appliance, but let's talk about some of its simple possibilities. Many of these features do not know anything at all.

Use microwave not for the intended purpose

In order to refresh a long-forgotten fragrance of milled spices or different kinds of seasonings, it will be enough to heat them in a microwave, doing so at its full capacity. It takes only thirty seconds to keep them.

  • Also, in this way you can restore the freshness of the bread, even if it is a bit overdone. It is simply wrapped in a paper cloth, and also warmed up using full power. It takes a little more time, then one minute.
  • Almond can be cleaned quite easily. To achieve this, place it in already boiling water and then keep it in this water in the microwave, again at full power the same thirty seconds.
  • Walnuts are also easy to clean from the skin if you heat them a bit in water. You also display the power at its maximum and wait for four or five minutes.
  • A ball of white pulp in grapefruit or orange goes well, after warming up these fruits the same 30 seconds at full power.
  • There is a need to quickly dry the peel of the same orange or grapefruit, then lay it on pieces of paper napkins and warm up for two minutes, again, putting the power at maximum. When you heat the pieces of a zest in this way, then do not forget to mix it. When it cools down, it will become quite dry and very fragile. So keep it best in any dishes, preferably tightly closed.
  • Another microwave oven is a very good helmet when squeezing lemon or orange juice. Even if the petiole in these fruits is "serious" in its thickness, it is still possible, you can squeeze almost all the juice( almost what is called "to the drop") from these citrus fruits. For this, the fruits warm up for several minutes in the oven, then allow them to cool down as much as you need, and you can easily squeeze out of these fruits all the juice.
  • You can also dry in microwave ovens and greens, and in addition to it, and vegetables for the winter. In addition, you can dry crackers( as written here) and nuts.
  • If you have a candy honey, you can melt it in just a minute or two, using the same microwave.
  • This household appliance will help you eliminate the odor that is often eaten in the processing boards. They just mine, rub the board with a lemon and again "ignite" in the microwave.

But in this video you will also be shown some ways of unusual use of the microwave oven. We look and take our arms.

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