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Spastic Constipation: Symptoms And Treatments What Is It?

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Spastic constipation is the most common problem associated with delayed fecal masses. It occurs due to an intestinal disorder and as a result of spasms on

in some areas of the large intestine. This problem afflicts a huge number of people all over the world, but not everyone considers it necessary to seek a doctor to cope with the disease. Constipation of the spastic nature, as well as other types of constipation, negatively affects the work of the whole body and the state of health of the patient.


  • 1 Basic symptoms
  • 2 Causes of
  • ailment 3 Diagnosis of
  • disease 4 Applied therapy
  • 5 Popular methods

1 Major symptoms

A spasmodic constipation, the symptoms of which are practically no different from other types of this disease, is a widespread disease nowadays. Patients are worried about the following problems:

  • lack of bowel movements for 48 hours;
  • strong forces in defecation and tension in the abdominal press;
  • has no sense of complete intestinal emptying;
  • damage to the rectum and mass of the rectum and the appearance of blood;
  • nausea;
  • bloating and abdominal dislocation;
  • painful, unpleasant sensations in the abdomen;
  • irritability;
  • loss of appetite;
  • fast fatigue;
  • headaches;
  • bad breath;

All these signs can be present at the same time. If a person suffers from spastic constipation, the symptoms and treatment should be determined by the doctor. In no case is it recommended not to engage in self-medication. First of all you need to understand the causes of constipation.

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Spastic Constipation: Symptoms And Treatments What Is It?

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2 Causes of


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The main cause of spastic constipation is human psycho-emotional problems.

Spastic Constipation: Symptoms And Treatments What Is It?

Most often, the disease occurs after stress, nerve erosion and disorder. In addition, there are other reasons why such a disease may occur:

  • malnutrition, especially food in a dessert;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • snack on the go;
  • disrupted drinking regime;
  • smoking;
  • inflammatory processes in the intestine;
  • suppresses the urge for bowel movements.

There are other reasons for spastic constipation. These can be diseases such as hypothyroidism, pituitary disease, diabetes mellitus, ovarian dysfunction with hormonal disorders or climax.

3 Diagnosis of the disease


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In order to establish the exact diagnosis, the doctor examines and asks the patient. He analyzes the symptoms, finds out the nature of the pain and its localization. The doctor examines the patient by intestinal palpation. When injected, the sigmoid colon in the state of spasm resembles smoking, and the cecum is in a relaxed and expanded state.

Spastic Constipation: Symptoms And Treatments What Is It?

To determine the causes of the disease, various diagnostic methods are used: ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, irrigoscopy, recto-mandibular microscopy and fibro colonoscopy. These studies provide complete information on the state of the intestine.

Constipation is a disease that is a little embarrassed. It is important to remember that only a specialist can correctly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

4 Applied therapy

Where to begin treatment for spastic constipation? This is a rather complicated process, because in the first place it is necessary to restore the work of the human nervous system. This can take a lot of time, so the treatment should be carried out in a comprehensive manner. The main task - to remove the cramps of the intestine, to clean it from the feces and to adjust the work of the whole body.

In the case of intestinal cramps due to stress, the doctor will prescribe sedatives, advise relaxing baths and massage. Also, a specialist will definitely design a gentle diet. Food should not cause irritation of the intestine and should be aimed at eliminating constipation. It is necessary to refuse products that have fixing properties. This is rice, strong black tea, jelly. In the morning on an empty stomach you should drink a glass of warm water. You can add honey and lemon. This will help start the intestines. Food and drinks should be warm, in no case cold or hot. It is necessary to adjust the drinking regime. The day is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.

Spastic Constipation: Symptoms And Treatments What Is It?

To avoid mechanical irritation of the intestine, all the food must be brought to the state of mashed potatoes. It is necessary to exclude products that cause gas formation in the body. Cabbage, legumes, and carbonated drinks can only worsen the condition of the patient.

You can not use spices, onions, garlic, so as not to cause irritation of the intestinal mucosa.

During spastic constipation during the diet it is recommended to use the following products:

  • vegetables boiled or steamed with butter, vegetable or olive oil;
  • porridges, welded on water;
  • boiled meat and fish;
  • vegetable soups without sunbathing;
  • low-fat meat soups;
  • berries and fruit in the form of puree, except for citrus fruits;
  • sour milk products - kefir, yogurt without additives, burger, soft cheese;
  • non-carbonated mineral water, friable green tea, herbal teas and infusions, compote.

Along with this, there will be very useful products with high levels of vitamin B1.It regulates the functioning of the intestine and positively affects the nervous system.

It should be taken in small portions every 3 hours.

As far as medical therapy is concerned, medicines usually prescribe antispasmodics. This is papaverine, butterfly, papazol and dibasole. They relieve pain and contribute to the recovery of the evacuation function.

It is highly unwanted to take laxatives. Due to the fact that they further stimulate intestinal peristalsis, spasms can increase, which will lead to deterioration of the general condition of the patient.

Choose medications for spastic constipation very carefully and only on the advice of a physician.

5 Popular methods

Folk methods of treating spastic constipation can be used in parallel with traditional treatment, but not abusive.

One of the effective ways to solve a problem is to use a mildew or melisice decoction.200 ml of broth should be prepared and cooled to a warm state, and then enter into the cavity of the rectum. This enema has a relaxing effect on the intestine.

A tea mushroom helps with constipation. You can drink up to 8 glasses a day. It has a mild laxative effect and does not irritate the intestine.

Spastic Constipation: Symptoms And Treatments What Is It?

Once a day, preferably before bed, you can drink a glass of kefir with the addition of a tablespoon of vegetable oil. This is a very effective and affordable method.

3 times a day for 15 minutes before eating, you should drink a teaspoon of onion juice. No longer recommended, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

Warm baths with a decoction of soothing herbs and the addition of water to essential oils give a relaxing effect, restore the nervous system and adjust the intestines.

Lightweight massage, stroke, healing gymnastics will also be effective in the prevention and treatment of spastic constipation. Increase in motor activity will only benefit and help you get rid of the disease. A walk before going to bed or a simple charge in the morning will increase the blood flow and improve the overall state of the body.

Departed from a constipation problem, patients notice a surge of strength and feel eyestrain throughout the body.