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Deadpool 2 2018 |Date of release of the film, actors, trailer to the new part of the cinema

In the winter of 2016, the audience met with Wade Wilson( he is the superpower of Deadpool), who told the story of his transformation into a person with a superpower.

Deadpool differs from our well-known superheroes with their comicity and love for dangerous adventures. Immediately after the

release of the first part, fans are puzzled by the question "Do you expect the release to continue or the creators decide to stop only in one movie?".

As the picture instantly became popular, and cash collections surpassed all expectations, the authors decided not to delay the issue with the release of the sequel. Note that "Dedplay 2"( 2018 release) will not be final in the franchise, because the authors of the film claim that they already think the details of the third part.

The premiere of American superhero cinema is scheduled for June 1, 2018.

The leading creators of the

movie series in 2018 are David Litch, known for such works as Born Evolution, John Dvk, Mechanic, and others. He intends to make the sequel even more dynamic and extraordinary, because it is for these qualities that the first part loved the viewer.

The film's scriptwriters are Reth Reyes( "Fierce Games 3", "Deadpool", "Monsters Corporation"), Paul Wernick( "Welcome to Zombindand", "Deadpool") and Drew Goddard( "Buffy - The Vampire Fighter", "Monstro"," Spy ").The chair of the producer section is Simon Keenberg, Ryan Reynolds and Lauren Schuler Donner.

Deadpool 2 2018 |Date of release of the film, actors, trailer to the new part of the cinema

The creators of the future of a fantastic action movie with elements of comedy before the first part of the big screen was intended to work closely with the development of the continuation. Already in 2016, these plans were confirmed by official statements, but then the team of creators included director Tim Miller.

In October 2016, Miller was forced to leave the project due to disagreements with the "Dedplay" star Ryan Reynolds. In his place quickly found another, no less talented director. Shooting of the second part will begin in June 2017.

Actor composition

Actor Character Character description Ryan Reynolds Wade Wilson( Deadpool) Superhero, has an accelerated recovery. Subjected to experimental regenerative mutation TJ Miller Polecat Faithful friend Wilson, owner of the bar, which often gather mercenaries Morena Baccarin Vanessa Bride Wade Wilson Leslie Ahhams Blind Al former blind neighbor Wilson Stefan Kapychych Peter Rasputin( Colosseum) Superhero, a Human X member, a mutant, can convert its body into organic steel Brianna Hildebrand Supersonic Warhead Pupil X-man, a mutant, capable ofoyim body detonate nuclear explosions Josh Brolin Nathan Summers( Cable) soldier who travels in time. Zazi Bitz Nina Thurman( Dominoes) Mutant mercenary, can manipulate the success of Karan Soni Dopinder Taxi driver

Production of film

Deadpool 2 2018 |Date of release of the film, actors, trailer to the new part of the cinema

The beginning of negotiations on the continuation of the first part of the "Deadpool" was held in the summer of 2015.Producer Simon Keenberg said that the authors think out the details of the plot and intend to include a character named Cable, who had previously appeared in the movie "People X: Days of the Past Future".

In 2016, Keenberg said that the script is already practically written and that the team is preparing for the start of filming in 2017.

After changing the director, the creative group did not stop and re-entered the work. It should be noted that in 2016, producers began to search for another director who would take up the creation of the third part of "Dedplay."

The plot of

Deadpool 2 2018 |Date of release of the film, actors, trailer to the new part of the cinema

The second part of the black action-comedy about restless, unscrupulous and fearless Deadpool will continue to tell the new "feats" of the former mercenary, which turned into a mutant.

In the picture we will meet with soldier Cable or Nathan Samers in human appearance. According to the plot, Cable has returned from the future with one goal: to drastically rewrite history. He will try to save Deadpool from errors that could lead to an apocalypse on Earth.

Interesting Facts:

  • The production of the sequel began 3 days before the premiere of the "Adventure" Adventure. On April 6, 2016, Ryan Reynolds signed a contract confirming his participation in the filming of the second part.
  • The creative discrepancies between Rayan Reynolds and Tim Miller's first movie director led to the fact that in 2016 the latter left the project. Along with him, the Dutch musician, as well as composer Dzhanki Aks-El, went. This is he wrote musical tracks to the painting "Deadpool".

Deadpool 2 2018 |Date of release of the film, actors, trailer to the new part of the cinema

  • The role of a mutant named Domino was followed by several actors at once. Among them were Lizzie Kaplan, Kerry Washington, Ruby Rose, Janelle Monet, Yves Houston and Sienna Miller. But after long castings and reflections, the authors of the film stopped at Zaza Bitz. The
  • studio management carefully selected the director to replace Tim Miller. First, Rupert Sanders, Drew Goddard, David Litch and Magnus Martens were nominated. In the end, they signed a contract with David Litch.

Rumors about the extension of the

Deadpool 2 2018 |Date of release of the film, actors, trailer to the new part of the cinema

In November 2016, the creators of the "Dedplay" movie decided to begin preparations for filming its third part. It's too early to talk about any details, in particular about actors and their characters, but the fact that the team does not stop in only one part is undoubtedly pleasing.

The viewer liked watching Deadpool's adventures, because in addition to standard shootout and bloody murders, the film "flavored" with sparkly humor and high-quality satire. I would like to believe that each franchise tape you release will be even better and more interesting than the previous one.

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