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How to mow the onions in vinegar quickly and delicious? Options for salad and shish kebab

How to mow the onion in vinegar quickly and tasty? Options for salad and shish kebab Spring is already taking its place, the weather is getting better, and very soon we will pull, as they say, closer to nature. For many of us, this concept is directly associated with rest and barbecue. In turn, tasty shish kebab as a perfect dish, for many, is simply unthinkable

without the same delicious pickled onion. A properly prepared pickled onion is always perfectly combined with virtually any kind of shish kebab. That's just today we will learn to quickly marinate the onion with the help of vinegar and some other simple components.

Marinated onion. Some simple recipes

The fact that the onion is useful, I think, is not necessary to speak. Why exactly? You can read here. In general, without a bow it's hard to imagine many salads and meat dishes, and not only them. It is present in many recipes, and it is virtually impossible to replace it in these recipes. But today we will not talk about the onion as a component of a recipe( as it is imagined), but about the onion as a completely independent dish. Sure, pickled onions are loved by many, for the sharp taste and for the speed of its preparation.

Marinated onion in brine

Probably the easiest recipe. The onion needs to be thinned cut( you can rings or half-rings) and pour it with some brine. The best cucumber, but it is quite possible brine from tomatoes and other vegetables. The main thing is that the brine is pleasant to you. Plus, this method is that you can easily change the taste of such pickled onions, using for this different versions of the brine. In this case, you will need to leave the onion in brine for the whole night.

We use lemon juice as an

marinade. The same way as the impossibility is simple and quite common. The juice of this citrus crop is an excellent alternative to vinegar in almost any marinade, it can easily replace it. Lemon juice also has a rather serious argument in terms of its use in marinades - it generously shares with us the taste and smell of lemon. It is such a smell will surely be present in the bow, if you fill it with lemon juice, and let, at least a little stand.

In vinegar. Fast and delicious

Probably the easiest and quickest way to graze onions. This is a kind of classical genre called "marinade".This rather simple method is convenient because it allows much faster than others to get a complete marinated onion. To do this, again, cut the thinner bow, the same rings or semicircles. And then just add, in this chopped onion, vinegar. In addition to vinegar, we will also need to put a teaspoon of sugar onion, and then salt, a little sunflower oil, can be ground pepper. The number of these three last components is determined only by your taste. All this mix, and very soon, literally in about 15 minutes, our pickled onion is ready. It remains only to find a "suitable pair" for him, for example, the same barbecue.

And here's the video recipe, where you will be shown one of the options how to zamenise the onion in vinegar. Look, maybe this is the way you like it.

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