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Sterilization of cats at home - average prices in Moscow, pros and cons

Probably many owners have already heard that cats can be sterilized at home. Like any other procedure and operation, it also has its pluses and minuses. Below are the main positive and negative aspects of this operation at home.

Positive aspects of

The most important positive point of a home cat's sterilization can be the lack of stress that a friend gets due to transportation. Moreover, many Kitsa know in advance that if they were put in a carrier, then there would be something bad. If you do not need to go anywhere, your nerves will stay calm. By the way, the release of hormones that appear in the body in a stressful situation, have a negative effect on the effects of anesthesia. More precisely, the animal is much longer away from it. In addition, the owner does not need to go to the veterinary hospital and stand in line, waiting for his beloved to go away from anesthesia and come to himself.

All the necessary medicines, tools and supports will be brought by the vet. The owner will receive detailed instructions on how to care for a cat in the first hours after surgery, what you need to watch especially, etc. In general, the veterinarian will be able to devote much more time than in the clinic. Therefore, sterilization of the house is so convenient.

Sterilization of cats at home is average prices in Moscow, plus and minuses

Negative sides of

Unfortunately, nobody is immune to accident. The most important negative moment in carrying out sterilization at home can be called unforeseen complication. If something goes wrong, the veterinarian will need additional drugs or special devices, and at home, of course, no.


The sterilization of a cat with the departure of a vet does not differ much from that of a clinic in the financial plan. Yes, the veterinarian is invited to the house, the necessary medications, the operation is a price for sterilization. On average, such a procedure will cost the owner 2500-4000 rubles. Why is this difference, then there is a question.

Sterilization of cats at home is average prices in Moscow, plus and minuses

Yes, the price depends on the form of ownership of the clinic. Usually cheaper are state veterinary hospitals. Plus, the remoteness of the vetchlinics from the owner's home. Strangely enough, but it also affects the formation of prices.

Nevertheless, the owner and only the owner decides where it is best to sterilize their pet - visit a veterinary clinic or invite a doctor to yourself.