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American Pit Bull Terrier: photo, dog, looks, different, behavior

American pit bullterrier: photo, dog, looks, different, behavior

The American Pit Bull Terrier, whose photo can be found online, has found a fairly poor reputation due to its origin.
This breed was displayed as a combatant. Because of this, many countries are forbidden to keep these dogs.

  • What looks and what is characteristic of this breed
  • What is the pit bull terrier from the American stats
  • The history of the formation of American pit bull terriers
  • The behavior of American pitbulls and their temperament
  • The relationship of pebbles and people
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  • Really dangerous
  • What to choose nickname for pitbulus
  • How to maintain and care for pit bull terrier
  • How to train
  • pitbulles Lifetime of animals
  • How and where to buy puppies of this breed

look for and what characterized this breed

To start, let's talk about what a dog American Pit Bull Terrier, whose picture you see above. There are no clear standards for this breed, as the International Cynological Federation does not recognize it. Due to this, there are no standards for pit bull terrier. However, in most cases, they reach the sizes from 43 to 49 cm at the withers and weigh up to 28 kg. There are representatives who reach 36 kg in weight. The coloring of this breed can be practically any, except marble. The dog has a short and smooth coat, which adheres tightly to the body.

This breed is characterized by its head. It is at the expense of the head of this dog that she is so popular. In this case, the jaws of this dog are very strong and massive, and in the cheeks there are very developed muscles. The ears of the dog are fairly high. If the host wants, they can be treated. You can not do this and your ears will hang on cartilage. Eyes of dogs are widely spaced apart and can have any color. However, these dogs will never have blue eyes.

What distinguishes the pit bull terrier from the American stadium

Many of them are confused by the ignorance of these two breeds. This is understandable, because the appearance is difficult to distinguish, they are similar in nature. It is worth noting that the Staffordshire Terriers are the descendants of the Pitbulls. Hence the difficulty in determining the breed.

Split breeds occurred at the time when dog battles were banned. This breed was banned from breeding and made it illegal. At this time, the breed was divided into pitbulls and stoffs. After the banning of the battles, it was decided to save the pits as sports and working dogs. The Staffordshire Terrier became a good choice for various shows, as well as a domestic dog.

Differences in the appearance between the pitams and professors are quite small. They look higher and lighter, and the stalae are stronger and wider in the chest. Many are called staffs with pitballs for the show.
American pit bullterrier: photo, dog, looks, different, behavior
However, in terms of character, American terriers are more relaxed. This is evidenced by the fact that the breed is recognized internationally.

The history of the formation of American pit bull terriers

For the first time this breed began to be taken out of the territory of America 300 years ago. The forefathers of the breed were Old English bulldogs, as well as white terriers. Previously, the bulldog was used for the fence of bulls. In appearance, they are similar to the modern pitbull. Through the merger of these breeds, an excellent fighting dog came out. It was for this purpose that this breed was derived, since dog battles at that time were very popular. As a result, the dog combines strength and aggressiveness, as well as speed.

After some time, when the first settlers from the old world headed for America, they brought adult warrior dogs and puppies with them. From this moment in America, dog battles began to gain popularity. At that time, there were no strict selection criteria. The main thing that was drawn to attention is the number of victories in battles. Before breeding only those dogs who had a large number of victories were selected.

Beginning in 1835, dog battles in England were banned, causing a sharp decline in the number of dogs of this breed. However, at the same time in America, this breed began to gain popularity, as there were not yet forbidden dog battles. At this time, the breed gets the name of the American Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier.

Further fighting dogs stopped and in America, which caused a restriction on the breeding of this breed. However, the supporters of these dogs contributed to the dog completely disappeared as a breed. It was a very good breed in many other areas. Now this breed is an excellent companion, as well as a good search dog. In addition, excellent athletes come from them.

It is important to note that it is impossible to teach this breed of aggression, as well as tough it. Otherwise, the dog may become dangerous to humans and others.

Behavior of American Pit Bulls and Their Temperaments

This breed is very fun and active, which makes it a great friend. She is devoted to her master and hears him well. A dog can be characterized as smart and friendly, playful and more durable. However, at the same time, she needs to be accustomed to being a puppy while being in society. At the same time, the dog is very prone to domination, so it's important that she knows who is the main one.

It is important to note that an uneducated and unregistered dog of this breed may be very dangerous. If it does not take anything, the dog will become too hyperactive. It is also important to ensure that the dog does not overlap with other dogs, since it has a predisposition to fights.

The relationship between people and people

The main thing is that the pit bull terrier is suitable for people who are active and self-assured. For example, for an athlete, he will be a very good friend, since the dog loves walks. In addition, the dog needs constant engagement. Such a dog is not suitable for people with disabilities, children, and people who do not feel self-confident, since the pit bull can manifest his character. In this case, a person will not be able to cope with it.

If you plan to have a dog live in the city, you should have a walk with it. Better to be a forest or a large park. The city center for this breed will not be the best choice. At the same time, the dog is placed very well in the person and does not deliver problems in the household.
American pit bullterrier: photo, dog, looks, different, behavior

Particularly clever dog relates to children. She will never harm the baby, so the breed is considered family-friendly. However, with other animals in the house, the dog will not be so friendly. They perceive other puppets as rivals. However, there are exceptions: if a puppy from a young age lived with the same cat, they may well get along well. However, keeping two pit bullteries of the same sex is not highly recommended, as they will constantly conflict.

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Really dangerous

For quite some time in the media there was a perception that the pit bull terrier is a very dangerous dog. Often you could find headlines in articles, which described the aggressiveness of these dogs in relation to people. In view of this, it seems that this breed is bloodthirsty and dangerous.

However, in reality, the pit bull terrier is not as dangerous as it is described. He is no more dangerous than the same German shepherd. This impression was due to the past of this dog. In addition, the poor reputation was promoted by careless masters who breed puppies of this breed as fun and did not deal with them. In this case, if the dog does not engage, then any of the breeds can become aggressive and dangerous to humans.

In fact, it turns out that the pit bull is a friendly and kind dog. They never raised an aggression towards a person, so if properly educated, it will never hurt people. This is evidenced by the fact that pitbulles are used in rehab centers to help recover children and people with disabilities. Dogs help them believe in themselves.

A pit bull terrier can also serve as a lifeguard. For example, in 2012, sweat saved his mistress when she lost consciousness on railroads. The dog pulled his lord from the path to a safer place. However, the pit bull himself got under the train and died. At the cost of his life, the dog saved his mistress. Also, the dog helped to disregard his mistress from alcohol.

Another case where the pit bull rescued a baby happened to be a dog named Aid. He saved a child from swine bees. The boy and his friends were walking on the banks of the river, when the bees flew on them. When friends fled, the child himself could not escape the threat and received quite a lot from the bites of bees. However, the dog was able to pull the baby and carry it to his mother.

What to choose nickname for


In most cases, the nickname is chosen so that the maximum fully reflects the appearance and character of the dog. However, the owner himself can come up with an appropriate nickname. Often, dogs are called by such nicknames: Harley, Jack, Rich, etc. Souk can be called: Jessie, Laika or Laima, Alba or Dune.

How to maintain and care for pit bull terrier

A dog can not live on the street in a booth. Therefore, it should be kept exclusively in the house. This is due to the fact that she is frozen, since she does not have a undercoat. In addition, it is important to monitor the condition of the dog in hot weather.

With an adult pit bull terrier you need to walk at least twice a day. At the same time, it will be best if one of the walks will last no less than an hour.

To feed a dog you need foods with a lot of calories. However, the dog can not be fed exclusively raw meat. It needs to be diluted with vegetables, fruits, fish or dairy products. Also, this breed is suitable for dry food.

It is also necessary to comb a dog at least a couple of times a week. You can use a special rubber gloves for this purpose. Do not forget to trim the claws and clean the ears.

American pit bullterrier: photo, dog, looks, different, behavior

How to train

Pitballs This breed is very smart and well-listened to the person. In this regard, training will not be burdened by a misunderstanding between the dog and the person. During the training, it is important to show the will and achieve teamwork.

Life expectancy of animals

In most cases this breed lives up to 12-15 years. Despite the exterior beauty and health of these dogs, they are prone to a number of diseases: food allergies, hypothyroidism, aortic stenosis and other diseases.

How and where to buy puppies of this breed

On the territory of Russia it is rather easy to buy a puppy pit. It is well spread across the country. It can be found in national clubs, as well as select a puppy through certain organizations. But those who breed dogs better bypass the party, they can quite slip the marriage.