Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home And you know that in the west, the glow for a thin, unusual taste is called "oyster" mushrooms, and they are considered an expensive delicacy. And in Japanese restaurants, glutinous dishes are more expensive than their "national" shiitake mushroom. And the technology of growing gloves in the artificial

environment is invented in fascist Germany, because Hitler was very fond of these mushrooms and wanted to eat them freshly all year round, and not only during their natural autumn growth on the stumps and tree trunks. If you like mushrooms, it's easy to organize grown-ups at home, and this can be done by anyone who wants to, because it's not necessary to have special rooms and to understand in detail the science of mushrooms. In keeping with our instruction, success is guaranteed.


  • About the Efficiency of Mushroom Flow
  • Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Grow Gloves in the Home
    • Step 1.
    • Mycelium Step 2. Preparation of the
    • Substrate Step 3. Mushroom Blocks - What is it?
    • Step 4. Care for
    • Step 5. The first fruiting - how to properly care?
    • Step 5. The second and subsequent fruiting - how to prepare properly?
  • How to grow shoots on stumps?
  • Transplantation Winter
  • Summary

About the Efficiency of Mushroom Flour

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home Gloves( scientific name Plerotus) are delicate and delicate, and in addition to the standard set of vitamins in their composition, they have extremely rare vitamin D2, which is responsible for the stable assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. This vitamin is prescribed as part of the complex for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, children with poor growth. And yet, this substance simply dissolves cholesterol plaques, and therefore the gloves are so valued by the Japanese. And, by the way, they practically do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases without obesity. Plus - the content of iodine in mushrooms is close to such in sea fish. Another huge plus: 100 grams of glow - it's only 38 calories, that is, it is a 100% dietary product.

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Grow Gloves in the Home

There is a certain technology how you can grow these mushrooms at home. It is successfully used by many people, having the opportunity to chew mushrooms and not spend a lot of money on their purchase.

Step 1. Mycelium

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home So, in order to grow the oyster mushrooms at home, it is first necessary to buy landing material - mycelium. This substance can be purchased at any enterprise that deals with large-scale mushroom cultivation. Mycelium can be ordered online. Then the stuff is delivered to you right home.

If you are new to this business, you should not buy mycelium in large volumes. One kilogram will be enough to grow three or four kilograms of mushrooms. The purchased mycelium should be stored at a temperature of 2-3 degrees. Therefore, it is placed in a refrigerator, where vegetables are stored.

Step 2. Preparing the

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home Substrate The second step is to prepare the substrate for mushroom placement. Wheat or barley straw, husk buckwheat and corn swath are considered the best raw material for this. Landing mycelium in sawdust or wood shavings will be less productive. Yes, and the cultivation of mushrooms will be difficult and time-consuming.

Raw material to be taken clean, does not contain mold. To plant, you need ten kilograms of ground material fraction. The prepared substrate undergoes the procedure of decontamination by a thermal method. This not only prevents the appearance of harmful insects, but also moisturizes the raw material. It is lowered into water and boiled for two hours. The soft substrate brews no more than one hour. Then water must be drained and cooled to a temperature of 28 degrees. It should be slightly damp so that the water does not flow when compressed.

Step 3. Mushroom blocks - what is it?

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home Then you need to form mushroom blocks. Polyethylene bags with a capacity of five kilograms are used to grow the oven. Two bags will be enough for that amount of mycelium.

Before dispensing the substrate, the bags are disinfected. First, they are washed with warm water, then placed for two hours in a solution of bleaching lime with one percent concentration.

In prepared bags, stack the raw material for planting and mycelium, alternating layers. Six centimeters of substrate lay a half inch of mycelium. The top layer should be from the landing material. The tightly tied bag is perforated. In filled bags, it is necessary to cut two centimeters in size. The holes are chessed in every fifteen centimeters.

Finished mushroom blocks are placed in a special place where you can grow mushrooms. At this moment, the incubation phase begins. Its duration is two weeks.

At this stage, the gloves require special care. The temperature regime of mushroom blocks should be within the range of 19-23 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is necessary to periodically ventilate the room, preventing the penetration of insects.

Step 4. Care of

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home In the early days, the temperature of the gardening material will increase dramatically. It is very important not to allow it to overheat, because from this, the mycelium can perish. Maximum permissible temperature of raw material is 30 degrees. To reduce it you can use a fan. He is placed in front of the mushroom blocks.

At this stage of development, the mushroom does not require illumination. After five days you can observe how they grow, piercing through their threads planting stock. In ten days, the mushroom will fill the block completely. It will turn into a dense mass of white color with a characteristic mushroom smell.

Step 5. The first fruiting - how to properly care?

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home Fat bearing time is the most interesting stage in the process of growing these mushrooms. If it comes, it means everything is done correctly. But this care for mushrooms is not over.

After the incubation period is over, the mushroom holders need:

  • Decrease the temperature in the room temperature to 12-15 degrees Celsius.
  • With fluorescent lamps providing eight-hour daytime light.
  • Increases air humidity up to 90%.
  • Frequent ventilation - at least four times a day.

Humidity can be increased by spraying the walls and floor of the room. Mucous membranes can not be wet. If they provide all of the above conditions, very soon, through the cuts seem young rudiments of mushrooms. The fetal period of these fungi is not more than two weeks. Gloves hats are actively increasing in the last days. This is just the time when you can harvest. Cutting mushrooms is not desirable. They need to be unscrewed from the substrate.

Step 5. The second and subsequent fruiting - how to prepare properly?

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home Once the first harvest has been taken, the premises should be well ventilated and wait for their re-maturation. It will take about fifteen days. In this case, it is necessary to contain mushroom blocks in the same conditions. From one such landing can be harvested up to four shoals. The first two will be the most expensive. They make up seventy five percent of the total amount of mushrooms.

After harvesting the last, fourth harvest, the mushroom should be replaced. They are used as fertilizer on garden plots.

It is quite easy to grow the glow in an intensive way. Although for many this process seems laborious and overloaded. In this case, you can resort to another option. Buy ready-made mushroom pickings in blocks at enterprises engaged in mushroom growing. In addition, you will receive a detailed instruction on how to grow the glow in the home. You will only need to place the bags in a special place and create the right conditions for them to hold.

How to grow shoots on stumps?

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home This is a longer-lasting way of growing mushrooms on the site. The costs for its implementation will be minimal. True, the harvest will be only seasonal, since it depends directly on weather conditions and climate.

The preparation of stoneconds begins with the winter - from the end of January. Foam should be chosen with a healthy surface, without mold, to keep them in a dry place. Before applying the planting material, the polina is soaked in water for three days, thus creating an increased level of moisture, which is very important for laying mushrooms. The removal of stunts with mycelium into the garden is carried out not earlier than in the month of May, when the threat of recent frosts passes.

Mycelium can be sown in several ways:

  • Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home On hairs do holes depth up to six centimeters and a diameter of about ten millimeters. They fall asleep with mycelium and tightly stick with tape or moss. For such cultivation, micelles are used in beans. If it will be sticks, then they are inserted into a hole and shut up with plasticine.
  • From a polynomial, the disk is cut off of a three-dimensional thickness, on the corner of the stump lay a layer of mycelium and covered with a disk. For the strength of the fixation disk nail nails.
  • You can make a pyramid of stumps. The end of each bullet must be covered with a two-centimeter layer of seedlings.
  • After sowing, the stumps must be placed in the basement. The temperature of their contents should be fifteen degrees. When using the first two methods, the polyester can be laid horizontally on each other, then covered with sack or film.

If the third method is used for the mycelium bookmark - the pyramid from the bells, then they are put upright in two or three rows. The created voids between them and the top fill up with damp sawdust. Then tightly wrap the film to retain moisture.

Transplantation in the garden

Cultivation of mushrooms of the gloves in the home In such a position, the polina located in the basement will be within three months - until May of the month. They require periodic airing and humidification. About their readiness to land in open ground will testify to a dense white surface on the surface.

  • Transplant in the garden in May. The fungus of the mushroom can only be successful in the shaded area. Therefore, stumps can be put under densely oblivious trees.
  • In a dug hole, stack moist leaves, then plant a polina. The depth of their laying should not be more than fifteen centimeters. The stumps are planted at a distance of half a meter from each other.
  • Further care is to periodically moisturize the soil around the stumps. Mushrooms on the stumps will appear at the end of summer and early autumn. If the mushroom season is warm, you can harvest it until the end of November.


With the advent of winter, the polina should be covered with leaves, straw or spruce branches. The mushroom built in this way will yield rich mushroom crops for several years. The most productive will be the second and third year.


Mushroom picking is a very interesting and exciting lesson. Growing the glow in the home - a successful and profitable business. You can even arrange business on this, as restaurants are eager to buy these mushrooms. The main thing is to show interest and patience, and then the result will exceed all your expectations.