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The oldest cat in the world is the top three cat longevity

Long-livers meet everywhere, both among people and in the animal world, and how much the average cat lives, we already know. And what about your favorite whipped whiskers or foxes? Who among the cats is the oldest pets?
Surprisingly, in the

category of long-livers recorded quite a lot of representatives of the cat family. Consequently, the most well-known old cats below are represented by age.

In 2010, 25-year-old Bleki from the UK became the oldest kitty in the world. If the cat's year is translated into human, it will be quite a significant figure - 117!It is believed that one cat's year is equal to 4 human, so each owner can easily calculate the age of their fluffy.
A white cat managed to survive three of his sucklings. Now Bleky lives a full-fledged life( of course, you should take into account the age-old favorite).Surprisingly, the cat feels fine. Of course, she is no longer able to catch mice; in Blake's eyes fell, which lowered her ability to look in the dark, the wool is pretty rosy, but. .. Cats are 117 human years! It is unlikely that people at the same age experienced a loss of hair, a deterioration of vision. Bleky's owner tried to find the reason his beloved lived for so long. He is convinced that the whole matter is in the deep love that the cat receives from all family members.

The oldest cat in the world is the top three cat longevity


In the same year, the Crime Puff from the town of Austin, Texas, USA became the record holder. Her host, Jake Perry, was the owner of another long-lived cat among the cat - Grana's cat, who lived 34 years and 2 months in general, born in 1964, and in 1998, the Cat Granny walked on a rainbow. Unfortunately, there is no credible data and photos of Granpa.
Krasunya Crimea Puff in general has lived 38 years and 3 days! She was born back in 1967, and died in 2005. As long as 2011, it is the oldest jacket in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

But in 2011, the competitor of the Crimean Paff appeared - Lucy's cat from South Wales, which is in the UK.Interesting is the fact that in 1999, after the death of the main mistress of Mary Lewis, Lucy's owner was Bill Thomas, who did not even assume at first how old the cat was. According to Bill himself, he knew that the cat was old enough, but even did not guess that so much!

The oldest cat in the world is the top three cat longevity

Crimea Puff

After the arrival of Lucy in a family house of Thomas, an elderly relative found out that it was the very cat that had been running in Mary's store for more than 40 years. At first, Bill did not even believe in it, but still sought to find old-timers who could confirm the words of a relative. And I found! Several people practically repeated the words about the store, which belonged to Mary in the 70's of the 20th century. To make sure and once again prove himself, Bill took the cats to the vet, who, unfortunately, could not name the exact date of birth of the "pensioner", but confirmed Lucy's venerable age.

Cats are almost 40 years old, but it looks much younger, it also remains active and cheerful, and plays with pleasure with the host's grandson. Lucy still hunts in the garden on mice, periodically patrolling the entrenched area! Unfortunately, due to a very respectable age, the cat has practically lost its hearing. In the middle of 2011, the name of Lucy's cat was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The oldest cat in the world is the top three cat longevity


It's no wonder that the cat has 9 lives, because the above-listed heroes perfectly confirm this fact with their longevity. It seems that these representatives have learned to use all their years to enjoy a beautiful life, stay longer in a loving family and bring happiness to householders. I want to believe that every pet will live long and happy, and most importantly healthy and healthy life.