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Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

Miniature, medium and small German spitz are varieties of German spitz and are part of a small group of this breed. These species have a great external resemblance, similar habits and many similar colors of wool. Distinguish them by height and weight. Consider the standard

features of Spitz Small Group.


  • Each country has its own opinion
  • Square - right, rectangle - deviation
  • Proportional trunk head
  • Small eyes, sharp ears, strong teeth
  • With even back and round tail
  • Free and easy stroke
  • Fluffy business card
  • A multi-colored miracle of small growth
  • Devoted guard and excellent companion
  • Bright sex coloration

Each country has its own opinion

Immediately note the fact that the German miniature and Pomeranian spitz in some kryinah isolated in a separate breed. These include England, America and Canada. In Russia and Germany, oranges are considered a dwarf variety of German Spitz.

With the American Kennel Club standard, see the "Standard Breed of the Pomeranian Spitz".Next, we will describe the structure and characteristics of the classical small( Klejnspits), middle( Mittelshpits) and miniature( tsvergshpits) of German spits, officially adopted FCI and RKF.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

In the description of the standard features of spits of a small group includes the structure:

  • trunk;
  • heads;
  • case;
  • limbs.

We will also talk about the wool, color, size and temperament of these dogs.

Square - right, rectangle - deviation of

Spitz have a solid and solid skeleton without a rude sense of attachment that adds harmony to their shape. The muscles of the dog should be well-trained. Excessive lightness or rudeness of the skeleton, weak muscles or a massive body structure are considered to be deviations from the norm.

In small breed members, the German spitz is a square-shaped body with an index of 100 103, that is, the length of the body is almost equal to the height at the withers. The disadvantages are considered to be short or highly elongated format.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

Proportional trunk head

If you look at the animal's head from above, it will noticeably its wedge-shaped structure: the wide rear part narrows much to the nose. In dogs of a small group of German spitz, a pronounced stop is a transition from a slightly convex forehead to a muzzle. But the occiput hill is barely visible. The head holds a small length and a high posture of muscular neck. The subtle muzzle of the animal is thin, but not sharp, thanks to the neat and round nose of the nose.

The German Miniature Spitz, like a small one, has an elongated face. The ratio of its length to head length is two to four, while in the middle spitsa - two to three. On equal, densely adjacent to the jaws of the lips there are no wrinkles and folds. In dogs with brown color, the nose and lips are brown, the rest are black.

Wounds are weighted or round, in the form of an apple, a head, not overgrown with a fringe, too short or elongated neck with a low supply, bulging shin, too convex forehead, imperceptible foot, rustling nose, sharpened face, partly painted nose or lips.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

Little eyes, sharp ears, tough teeth

A neat Spitz ears have a triangle shape and a high standing position. The distance between them is relatively small. Huge, hanging, far away from each other or rounded at the ends of the ears are considered a defect.

Curly, almond-shaped eyes of the dog have a dark shade and cheerful expression. Their distrust appears when the stranger approaches. The color of the century, as in the case of the nose, depends on the color of the wool. Undesirable, barely noticeable, huge, sunken, drowning or round eyes.

An animal should have a complete set of strong teeth - 42 pieces, but in the small and dwarf breeds the absence of two to three premolars is allowed. All dogs have a scissor bite. Because of the face of the German Dwarf Spitz can have a direct bite. But dumplings and snacks are unacceptable.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

With even back and round tail

A broad, short spine is followed by a straight line of the spine. A sagging back or a convex spine is not allowed. The dog's croup should be slightly beveled, but not straight or low.

An integral part of the spit silhouette is a well-pubescent tail, swirled into a ringlet and tightly adjacent to the back. Tail immediately rises up where the back line ends, not higher or lower. A straight, bald, hanging in the side or bottom of the tail is a serious drawback.

Rounded edges give the dog's breasts broad and relatively spacious. However, they should not make buccal form from the thorax. The abdomen in the spatula is tightened, straight, without excess subcutaneous fat. An oblique abdomen testifies to obesity. It is impossible to admit a strongly retracted abdomen.

Free and easy stroke

Widely positioned straight forward limbs are clearly fitted to the spit torso. The shoulders are removed from the blades by 90 degrees, the heel from the vertical - by 20 degrees. Both the shoulders and the heel should not be distorted. The hind legs are parallel to each other and are covered with fluffy "trousers".They protrude slightly behind the line of saddles. The knees should not be turned inward or outward, and skew joints - to be close.

Rounded paws of a dog resemble cats with their neatness, close to each other with fingers, rough pads and black, strong claws. Sometimes spitz puppies are born with profitable fingers. In this case, they should be removed in the first three to six days after the birth of the baby.

Due to well-developed musculature, the animal can move freely and easily, resiliently from the ground. A dog should not wring or wound.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

Fluffy business card

Spitz - long hair wig. Straight and hard-to-wear wool are tight to each other. The soft undercoat allows the wool to stand vertically. The neck and breasts of the dog are covered with a fluffy "collar".The long wool itself is on the tail. Partition on the back, curling or waves should not be, as well as a short woolen cover.

The skin of the dog strongly tightens her body, without forming a slope or folds.

A multi-colored miracle of a small growth of

Spikes of a small group differ from each other in height at the withers and weights. These parameters can be found in the table:

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

In growth, deviations are allowed not more than two centimeters in any direction, but for a miniature spitz the growth below 18 centimeters is undesirable. The weight of the dog should correspond to its size.

Dogs of this breed have a rich color palette of wool. They can be painted in one color: white, sable( blue), black, cream, brown and red with varying intensity. Also, there is a gamma of two or three colors, - on the basic white color evenly distributed spots of the above-mentioned shades.

The most rare and expensive is the spitz of white color. This is due to the fact that removing a purely white color is extremely difficult.

White dogs on wool should not have a beige plaque, especially in the ears. Brown or black spits are not allowed to stain on the chest of white color. In zona-gray should be "glasses" on the muzzle.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

A loyal guard and excellent companion of

Spitz - energetic, to a degree exciting dogs. Like all guards, they have courage and vigilance, reporting a loud bang on the approach of a stranger. Animals endlessly devoted to their master, catch every word, like to please and can adjust to the rhythm of his life.

To third parties are suspicious, sometimes attacking large dogs. You can find out more about the habits and the nature of this breed in the article "Description of small German spitzs".

Deviations from the standard are the following manifestations of temperament and behavior, such as cowardice, aggressiveness, impulsivity, excessive excitability, loss of coordination of movements, retardation.

Bright sex color

Looking at spitz, you can immediately understand who he is - a boy or a bitch, because this breed is a pronounced sexual type. Impossible boys look courageous, wool is longer and thicker than girls. Also, the bitch is slightly smaller than male.

Small German Spitz, German Dwarf Spitz( photo and video)

Psy should have two developed testicles completely lowered into the scrotum.

If your dog has any deviations, it does not mean that he can not become a good friend and faithful companion. Of course, the dog may not get to the exhibition, but because of this, she will not stop loving and respecting you.

You can tell in the comments about the features of your pet.

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