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What should be the proper nutrition of Siamese kittens

What should be the proper nutrition of Siamese kittens Nutrition of little kittens, which have just been taken away by mother, is a rather complicated and responsible occupation. It is necessary to know that feeding should be complete, nutritious, which has useful and balanced elements, since the entire animal organism only begins to develop, grow, and is not fully adapted to the present living conditions.

A guarantor of health, vigorous behavior and high-quality Siamese kitten life is undoubtedly the right diet. It is important to give the kittens those foods that have beneficial properties and do not apply a monotonous menu. Siamese kittens need a variety of foods, products containing vitamin products. It is also necessary to understand that not all products can be used for your favorite kitten.

What exactly to feed a pet?

Milk of mom-cats is the most nutritious food for kittens. It is necessary to try to replace it, at least in part, with the same nutritious food that contains a large amount of vitamins. If you need to pick up a feed for Siamese kittens, you can go here in the online store Zvirinka.

Faced with the choice of diet for a little kitten, one must know how long it has been since it was separated from the mother. In the case if it is up to two months, it is necessary to feed the baby product replaces cat milk. Such products can be purchased at any specialized pharmacy.

Remember that cow's milk is not suitable for a toddler, because it is very fat in its composition, and just as the kitten's stomach is not yet formed, it is not recommended to use it in the diet. If the child is more than three months old, he can use other products, but taking into account some important rules.

Products that can be used by kittens:

  • cooked, boiled meat products, such as chicken;
  • intestines of animals, namely: heart, lungs, liver;The
  • welded( non-river) fish product has no stones, but only 1 or 2 times a week;
  • lactic acid products, but not fatty;
  • canned meat;
  • egg yolk;
  • dry supplements.

Another Siamese kitten needs fruit and vegetables for proper nutrition. But if the kitten refuses their consumption, they can be added to the boiled meat, mixing to the only pancreas. You need to constantly drink the kitten only with clean water, it should be in such a place that the baby could easily get to her and quench her thirst.

If you want to feed the animal with dry food, it is better to choose a premium class, otherwise you can harm your baby's health.

The frequency of feeding kittens:

  • 2-3 months - six times a day;
  • 4-6 months - reduce the intake of food up to five, then up to four times;
  • starting from 6 months and up to one year - in turn, reduce to three, later to twice a day.

A kidney needs to be eaten six times a day until it is completely tiny( up to three months), slowly down to four times, then up to three and up to two.

It is not allowed to give to Siamese kittens:

  • The important and most important rule is that you do not have to feed your baby with the foods you use yourself. Since your food is absolutely not suitable for the animal, because it contains various additives, spices, fat, salt, sweetness, marinovka.
  • Do not give stones, fish or meat.
  • Pork is generally a very greasy food, and even more so for Siamese kittens, so it is not recommended for them to use it.
  • What to Feed a Baby: Natural or Artificial By-products?

    What should be the proper nutrition of Siamese kittens This question is not the only correct answer, since even veterinarians, manufacturers, cats breeders can not answer this difficult question. If you need to read about canned food for Siamese kittens, go to the link.

    Since dry food is a full-fledged food, it is very fond of animals. Yes, and for a person, they are very convenient, because you do not need to waste time preparing them.

    But not everything is as great as it would be desirable. Dry food is the cause of a large number of different diseases, such as, for example, urolithiasis. What kind of food is better, you can determine only yourself, given the nature of your pet, and of course, their financial capabilities.