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How to remove mold on plastic windows

How to remove mold on plastic windows Mold on plastic windows

Mold is a dangerous enemy! She, firstly, is dangerous to human health, and secondly, it can destroy building materials and whole houses. Many find mold on plastic windows. But how does it appear there? And is it possible to completely mold the

mold on the windows? You can, if you know a few important points.


  • Where is the mold taken?
  • What to do?
    • Surface Preparation
    • Processing
    • Window Setting
    • Creating Optimal Conditions in the

Room Where Does the Mold Take?

Mold on plastic windows - a phenomenon common. But why does it appear there? There are two main reasons:

  • High humidity. Thus, on plastic windows very often condensation is formed, which is connected with the properties of this material. So, if a tree passes moisture and evaporates it, then plastic can not do this. In addition, it is not always the wizard for installing windows to adhere to all rules and technology, which leads to a breach of tightness. As a result, moisture stagnates, which creates almost perfect conditions for the propagation of mold.
  • Poor air circulation. The case is again in plastic, as well as in the tightness of plastic windows. This material can not pass not only moisture but also air. And if its circulation is not enough, then the fungi begin to develop and occupy the territory suitable for life. Sometimes the situation worsens the wide slopes and sills, which prevent the flow and movement of oxygen.

How to remove mold on plastic windows The appearance of the fungus is due to the feature of the material

What to do?

How to destroy the mold in the windows? Immediately it should be noted that simply to clean it is not enough, it will appear again and again. It is necessary to act in a complex, consistent and methodical manner. Let's dwell on every important moment of the struggle in more detail.

Preparing the surface of the

How to remove mold on plastic windows Before finishing, you should prepare the surface

To prepare the surface for processing, the mold should be removed and the degree of its penetration into the material. If the fungus covered most of the plastic and is located in the places of joints, then probably it penetrated the gap and began to multiply in the wall. In this case, you have to disassemble the slopes, otherwise the mold will appear again. If slopes are made of drywall, then it is better to replace them completely, as the porous structure of this material fungus penetrates easily and quickly, which means that it can completely ruin it and move on. Plastic can be cleaned just fine.

A plaque plaque can be removed with a sponge soaked in, for example, detergent, linen, ammonia, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. If the fungus injured concrete, then you will have to remove part of it. For this you can use a hammer or spatula.


Use mold removal agents with a fungicidal( antifungal) effect. You can buy them at any store. The range is wide, but when buying, consider the toxicity of the drug, especially if the treatment is carried out in a living room, leaving no possibility.

Use this tool to follow the instructions provided in the enclosed instruction manual.

How to remove mold on plastic windows Processing process from mold

You can use folk remedies. The above vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine-containing detergents, and also citric acid, boric acid or a mixture of water, copper sulfate and household bleach( 100 ml of chlorine and sulfur on 1 liter of water) will be suitable. You can also dry the affected areas with hot air or irradiate them with a quartz lamp. You need to handle both windows, slopes and materials used. Fungi should not be left anywhere! After processing, dry the surfaces thoroughly and then proceed to the next step.

It is important to take precautionary measures. Conduct processing to avoid poisoning by harmful pairs and obtaining chemical burns should be at an open window and be sure to wear protective goggles, gloves, respirator and costume.

Window Setting

So, you've processed all surfaces that are infected by the fungus. Now you can arrange a window. Main stages:

  • How to remove mold on plastic windows Setting up the window

    First, remove any voids between the wall and the frame. Use high-quality mounting foam for this. After drying it all, cut off the excess with a knife.

  • Ensure waterproofing so that moisture is not supplied from the outside. It is more convenient for these purposes to use rubber-based bases, for example, primer or mastic. Treat the whole space, do not miss any plot! You can also process all slopes and seams with sealant. But it is important to use only qualitative means.
  • Then you can set slopes. Do it neatly and qualitatively, so that there will never be any cracks or free spaces.
  • Creating optimal conditions in the

    room In order to avoid the reappearance of mold, it is important to create conditions in the room in which it simply can not multiply.

    Several rules:

    • Do not cover ventilation grills in the kitchen, it provides additional air circulation.
    • Periodically check the condition of the plastic windows: sealing, the condition of the frames and slopes, the serviceability of the mechanisms. Remove any breakage immediately.
    • Do not place too many indoor plants on the windows. They contribute to increasing moisture, which will create conditions for the reproduction of the fungus. It will be enough one or two flowers.
    • Try not to close the door to the rooms to get air into them.
    • Pay attention to the goodness of the plumbing. If there is leakage, the humidity of the air will be constantly raised. So fix or replace faulty cranes.
    • Frequently ventilate the room. Do this several times a day for 10-20 minutes. In the winter, if you can not leave the room during the airing procedure, you can use the microwaving function( it does not exist in all windows, so if you do not have such options, invite the wizard).You can also use air conditioning or a split system to improve air circulation.
    • Do not dry laundry on batteries or in closed windows.
    • For prevention purposes it is possible once a month to treat potential places of fungal reproduction with fungicidal agents.

    Get rid of your home from mold as soon as possible to protect yourself and your family!
    How to remove mold on plastic windows

    How to remove mold on plastic windows