2017 Year

Topics for the 2016 - 2017 school year at the school |2016-2017 is the year of the Monkey and the Cock

Topics for the 2016 - 2017 school year at the school |2016 2017 Monkey and Peasant One can not underestimate the teacher's planar, called the council.2-3 times a year, teachers are going to meetings and plan how to continue their work on teaching our children more effectively. And very important topics that will be discussed in the academic year 2016-2017.


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Topics for the 2016 - 2017 school year at the school |2016 2017 Monkey and Peasant

Teachers' Teachers

Even as students, we faced a pedagogy. At that day, the lessons were reduced and before we returned home from school. The duration of this important event can reach 4 hours. At the teachers' council, the teachers solve the real problems, try to warn the future, get acquainted with each other closer. The main theme of the conversation is to start a new academic year, to certify the developed plan for the whole year, small household matters. The director informs the teacher team about new changes in the teaching system. Often, teachers use the word given to ask for a salary increase. Not rarely, this serious event ends in a lively discussion on elevated tones, and sometimes with group quarrels.

Such a meeting plan is on a variety of topics and is ready to consider the difficulties in the current situation.

Types of Pedrds

  • for prevention of
  • for the introduction of a new
  • business
  • for advanced training

And by size distinguish several types of meetings.

  • general
  • mini
  • large
  • global
  • general-school

We, being students, knew that some boarders discussed lagging students in different classes. But they did not understand that it was precisely class teachers who flocked to the two. But still the main purpose of the council is to plan the future management of the school process.

Certain topics

Usually the title of the pedrds is dictated from above. But sometimes the topic is determined by the leadership. The name indicates that it will be the main theme of the meeting. This may be the name of a fresh teaching technique, a business problem or a coming historic holiday. And if we take into account that the true minister of education for the development of faith, then the theme of the council may well include anything Orthodox. As an example, the name may be as follows: "The return of the Orthodox traditions of the clergy" or "Bring the true patriots of our state".Depending on the topic, you can take into account that the holiday will be held on May 9.

If the council is going to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, then the name may well be this: "Educate a true warrior."Or to name the council can be as old as: "Results of the academic year", "Graduates - the future of our state", "Plan of conducting the educational process for the year 2016-2017".Because of low wages, teachers are forced to make a fake job. For such a council you can choose the title: "Extra earnings without violating the law".

Topics for the 2016 - 2017 school year at the school |2016 2017 Monkey and Peasant

Impact of

Times With the help of the Internet, you can hold virtually any event, it did not pass this and the council. Since 2005, online meetings are very frequent. With the participation of teachers from all over Russia. During his school they share experience, ways to solve various problems. Such conferences on Skype save a lot of time and money for its participants.

But the main discussion of practically all the teachers currently held is the lack of adequate funding for education. And not only that hope for some kind of allowances, increase of budgets of schools, already has died, so there are also huge redundancies, and that small financing. Having come to enemies for all his life, Prime Minister Medvedev, when he advised teachers to earn a living after classes.

Almost every teacher ends with a decision on the amount of a given task, which should be borne by the parents. Parents will soon be easier to dismiss and build new schools with private educators than to pay for a free state. On what kind of educational subject would not be the council, rarely when his discussion responds to her. Often, all the uplifted performances in the printed plan, are reduced to the window and financial problems in all school areas.

Best of all captured the truth of our leaders Ural dumplings.

The salary of the teacher from 10 500 rubles. Number of schoolchildren in the country over 14,000 Percentage of disordered schools more than 20% Number of teachers in Russia 1350 Current education minister of Russia Vasilieva O.Yu.