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To do sterilization of a cat - all for and against the operation

In the morning to get up at 5.15, and behind the door of the favorite room, trying hard to attract a cat( which is clearly not in the house) with a loud nywink and songs - a familiar situation for all owners of non-sterilized cats. Nature needs its own, and nowhere does it happen. The only output of

is sterilization. But is it harmless in reality? Is there any contraindication that it is possible to carry out such an operation at any age? Listed below are all for and against cats sterilization.

Do sterilization for cat all over and against surgery

Sterilization Prospects

First of all, it should be known that sterilization is a process after which the cat loses the opportunity to continue its genus. Usually surgery is performed under general anesthesia;this fairly gentle procedure does not cause any harm to the animal. Consequently, the following points can be attributed to all the arguments behind:

The sterilized cats will not be so much worn out due to the lack of the possibility of continuing the genus, as it is not sterilized. She will not be distracted by sexual instincts; consequently she will not bother owners with different "meows", which include "the owner, I want a cat!".The absence of such complaints and demands will not torture either the cat itself or the owners of its housing( yes, the cat believes that it is she who is the owner of the apartment, and not those two-legged, who feed and love her);

Cats are walking on their own, because the eyes and the eyes that are not sterilized are forbidden to get offsized in 63-65 days, which is quite difficult to attach, especially if the kitten is unborn. The sterilization procedure once and for all helps to solve the problem with kittens;

Do sterilization for cat all over and against surgery

A cat does not feel the need to walk in a tray for wet things during a lachry, which leads to feckless everywhere and everywhere. And the smell of a cat's urine is quite difficult to withdraw and get rid of it forever;

There is also the opinion that sterilized cats are less aggressive, as if they are less or not at all involved in clashes over the territory. But, this is so only if the cat is a full owner of the territory. If, on the one of her living space, there is another cat( or even more cat), fights for a place in the sun will be inevitable( checked by the experience of many owners of two or more cats);

Sterilized cats do not feel the need to go outdoors, because the likelihood of a friend fled in search of the groom is reduced. Lack of appetite for the continuation of the genus will not push her into the street and will not make him learn to fly. Consequently, injuries will fall from falling from the balconies and windows. Moreover, the sterilized pupil will be even more attached to the owners, but among all the households will choose a pet, and will be given to him;

Perhaps the most significant argument for sterilization is the reduction in the probability of a breast cancer( mastitis or mastopathy), and these cats are less susceptible to various infectious diseases of the excretory system.

Do sterilization for cat all over and against surgery

Arguments against

One of the main arguments of the "opposition" is, first of all, moral and ethical aspects. The procedure of sterilization leads to a change in the metabolism in the body of the beloved. More precisely, it decreases, and hence, in the absence or insufficient attention to her person, the cat may develop obesity( if the animal weighs more than 7-8 kg, it is necessary to start anxiety and choose a diet, preferably with the help of a veterinarian).About the thickest cats you have probably already read.

Many owners are also thinking: Do they have the right to interfere immaterially with Mother Nature, taking part so much in the fate of their loved ones? After all, nobody knows how it feels like a cat after sterilization, what is happening in her head.

There are cases when, 2-3 months after sterilization, the cat just refused to eat and fled home. A little later, the hosts found her insensible body. Yes, in cats there can be depression. Therefore, if the choice still fell for sterilization, you need to do everything that your favorite did not feel frustrated or abandoned.