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Yorkshire Terrier mini: photo, standard, difference, or adult dog, character

Yorkshire terrier mini: photo, standard, difference, or adult dog, character

Dogs of this variety of Yorkshire terriers are characterized by their miniature. They have a fun and playful character. The body and legs of the Yorkshire terriers mini covered with long and straight hair.

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Representatives of this breed do not like to be in a noisy company or among a large number of children, as they react aggressively to excessive noise. Yorkshire mini terriers are very often barking and can attack even dogs of considerable size, since they do not feel their size. A photo of the York Terrier mini does not transmit the boy's boyfriend's temper.

To control the behavior of such a dog it is necessary to educate her from an early age. But in general, Yorks are one of the most friendly pupils and are lively and sociable. Because of these character traits, they can find a common language with owners of any age.

We will take a look at the photo of the Yorkshire Terrier Mini and Standards and the difference between them.

The character of the Yorkshire terrier

If representatives of this breed are properly raised, they will be able to get together in one house with other animals. Also, because of their playful likes, they love children. Some believe that the Yorkshire terriers do not have intelligence, but the idea is incorrect. From their ancestors - terriers, they inherited cheerfulness, strong character, courage and intelligence. These pets are easily adapted to the livelihood of their owners.

Yorkshire terriers - one of the most miniature decorative breeds of dogs. Their standard weight does not exceed 3.2 kilograms. The main feature of the nature of these small creatures is courage. They are very sharp ears, so when approaching an outsider, they immediately notify their owner of it through barking. Many dog ​​breeders like Yorkshire terriers because of their brave temper.

Different representatives of this breed and excellent health. If they are properly cared for, they will live for a very long time. Even in old age, these pupils remain as active and cheerful. Contain Yorkshire Mini Terriers in an apartment or in a private home.

They can be taught from the childhood to the tray as a toilet. This is true for those owners who have no opportunity to walk their pet every day, for example, to creative people. Also, this education is suitable for those who prefer to sleep for too long. Yorkshire Terrier mini is interesting and devoted to her master, so he becomes a true four-legged friend, not just a pet. Such a dog will be a wonderful companion for cheerful, positive and self-confident people.

Description of the appearance of the breed

Yorkshire Terrier mini - this is the result of breeding works with small breeds. The weight of the small representatives of these dogs is in the range from 1.4 to 2.2 kilograms. There are even more miniature york, the weight of which does not reach 1.4 kilograms. Such pupils are very painful and because of this live very little.

The standard weight of an ordinary Yorkshire terrier varies from 2.2 to 3.2 kilograms. Their life expectancy is about 12 years, and health problems are practically not detected. In order for the dog to develop properly, it is necessary to monitor its nutrition and to timely carry the vaccine.

Yorkshire terrier mini: photo, standard, difference, or adult dog, character

The body of the Yorkshire terriers is uniformly covered with smooth hair. The adult pupil has a blue-and-white color of the wool, which is distributed to the parcel.

Not every representative of the breed is standard painted and there are many variations. According to the wool the pet needs careful and proper care. A four-legged friend should swim after 7-10 days. After that the wool neatly cleaves, and it is necessary to do it when it is already dry.

The length of a pet's wool depends on the wishes of its owner. To participate in exhibitions, York should have an attractive appearance. For this coat is put. Use for its winding special devices - papilotku needed for dog ages from 8 to 12 months.

When packing wool on paper, enjoy palm, grape or mink oil. At the same time the wool is divided into small strands. After wrapping, they are wrapped with special paper, folded and tied with rubbers. The entire process of warping wool must be divided into stages. It is necessary to ensure that the pupil does not remove the paper. You need to change them once in 2-4 days, and on the head - every day.

Before taking a Yorkshire terrier mini, such peculiar curlers are removed, and the wool clears thoroughly. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that it is not tangled and not tied to the nodes. If, nevertheless, such a knot is formed, then it must be neatly divided hands, but in no case cut off with scissors. If the pet will not participate in the exhibitions, then it can be fashionably short cut. This will greatly facilitate the care of Yorka's hair, as well as give him a nasty look. The wool in such dogs consists of long hairs, so they do not melt.

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Care and Maintenance of the Yorkshire Terrier Mini

Due to its small size, these pupils are great for keeping even on a small area. If a Yorkshire Terrier mini from a young age is taught to use a tray or a special diaper as a toilet, then the need for daily walking will disappear. It is important to remember that the representatives of this breed are very mobile, like physical activity, so it is not necessary to completely deprive them of walking on the street. During the cold season, the dog needs to be dressed. This will protect it from freezing and falling into the wool of snow.

Due to its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier Mini freely placed in carrying bags, so you can always take it with you on a journey. In this case, it must be remembered that because of the tiny size it is also easy and injure yourself. Care must be taken with pets contained in families with young children. A child can even unknowingly drop a dog or seize it a lot.

Photos of an Adult Dog of the Yorkshire Terrier Mini:
Yorkshire terrier mini: photo, standard, difference, or adult dog, character

Every day, the yoke should be wiped off. This will save them from the development of conjunctivitis. The wool on the muzzle of the Yorkshire Terrier Mini also needs to be combed, as it can get in the eye. They require cleaning and ears of the pet. To ease this procedure, hair in the ears can be trimmed with scissors or a shaver.

To clean the teeth you need to buy a special brush that will help fight toothpaste and bloom. If the tooth stone still appeared, then the pupil should be taken to the veterinary clinic in urgent order. Stones on the teeth may lead to the development of periodontal disease, which will cause an early teething of the dog. If an animal does not walk in the street not every day, then its claws do not run out of their own. In this case, the owner needs to cut them.

The most important thing is to adopt a new four-legged family friend. After the appearance in the house of the Yorkshire terrier mini it needs some adaptation. Immediately the host seems that the newly-born member of the family easily accepts his new home and he is all curious. In fact, this is not true. The pupil sniffs all around not out of curiosity, but because he just does not smell his mom and is experiencing stress. The first time in a new owner's home is a very important period in the life of a small york.

During this time, a person and his pupil establish a relationship. And from the fact that the newly raised owner will treat his four-legged friend during this period, the future will depend on the dog's relationship with the owner. First of all, puppies should be allowed to sniff everything. When adapting, staying in a new place, he will pursue the owner and everywhere to climb, so you should be patient. Never need a pet to swear for it. You can use toys to distract your attention. The adaptation of the Yorkshire Terrier Mini lasts for 4-5 days, and at this time it is not recommended to arrange active entertainment with him.

During this period, the puppies should observe the regime of the day of the new owners, so that he gets used to him. You can not acquaint the pupil with your friends or relatives. And it is better to refrain from this for 2 to 3 months. During this time, the puppy learn to distinguish between their own and others. It's important to talk with york so that he learns to determine the voice of his owner. It is necessary to start studying for own voice from the first days. And this will come out only with a long conversational conversation with a new four-legged friend.

Usually, hosts admit one very significant mistake - they allow a lot of their pet. For example, he is allowed to climb himself on the sofa or play with toys belonging to the child. Such entertainment should be stopped immediately. To do this, it's not necessary to scold a puppy, you need to teach him a special forbidden team. For this you will need patience, but after a couple of days the pupil will learn to understand them, and in about a month - and perform.

The most difficult time in the period of adaptation of a puppy to a new home is the first night. From loneliness, he begins to scream and whine. Therefore, it is best to make him a cozy place in which he will learn to sleep. In the future, such a place will become for the dog the most favorite place.

Yorkshire terrier mini: photo, standard, difference, or adult dog, character
During adaptation it is important to pay attention to the balanced nutrition of the Yorkshire terrier mini. First, he needs to give the food he used when he was near his mother.

One of the varieties of mini york is the baby face. His appearance is characterized by a short muzzle with his eyes twisted out. This concept comes from America, which in translation means a child's face. This form of muzzle makes the Yorkshire Terrier a sweet and childlike one. Baby Face does not relate to breed standards, so the muzzle of this form refers to the wrong one.

Representatives of the varieties of this breed are particularly delicious and when viewed on them there is a lot of positive emotions. Because of their eyes turned out, these yorks often suffer from narrowing of the channels. This causes the development of congenital conjunctivitis. Therefore, careful eye care is very important for them. First of all, it's important to periodically trim the wool around the eye.

From the eyes of the Yorkshire terriers, baby tees can constantly tear, but it does not pose any threat to their health. Every day you need to wipe your eyes with a cotton swab. Another feature associated with the structure of the faces of such pupils is the provocation of the pharyngeal reflex. Because of it, the dogs begin to produce sounds similar to grunts. This particular trait is not harmful and, as a rule, becomes noticeable only during active physical activity, and then disappears. Of the features of the Yorkshire Terriers Mini Baby Face, you can still have snoring. It also does not pose a threat to the health of the pet.

Miniature representatives of this breed will become a true friend and a wonderful pet. They conquer the hearts with their loyalty and optimism. Balanced nutrition and careful care will be the key to a dog's long life. They love to play and give their owners a lot of positive emotions. The friendly character of the Yorkshire Mini Terrier helps him easily establish good relationships not only with people but with other animals as well. The wool of this pet does not cause allergies. York is constantly in need of attention from his master, as well as in everyday outdoor walks, as he loves to be in constant motion.