Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

Ultrasound scanners are rapidly flooding the market today. Successfully applied against several groups of parasites, they gain popularity among consumers and begin to be used harshly against all pests. It is not surprising that an ultrasonic emitter of

from bedbugs today is an extremely important thing.

But whether this scarifier works in real conditions - a separate issue, which few are serious about buying.

The principle of operation of an ultrasonic scanner

Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

First, ultrasonic scavengers were actively and very successfully used in the fight against mosquitoes. The idea behind the development of such repellents was based on scientific evidence that mosquitoes are actively using hearing as a means of communicating and finding a partner for reproduction, and for recognizing the threat and security. Such a signaling system in the animal world is a common thing.

Thus, a mosquito trapped by a predator during a flight produces a squeak that is thinner than, for example, when looking after a female or feeding. Accordingly, other mosquitoes, who hear such an alarming squeak, are rapidly scrolling from a dangerous place.

Some of the sounds issued by the insects are within the ultrasound spectrum and can not be heard by humans. For mosquitoes, they are a normal communication tool.

It's interesting: Similarly, mosquitoes respond to ultrasound, with which the space "hurts" hunts a bat. Because the mice are powered by mosquitoes, its ultrasound screams are also anxiety for these insects.

Accordingly, creating an effective ultrasonic scavenger was a matter for time engineers. The frequency of mosquitoes' disturbance was measured, after which the world saw a device capable of generating sound of the required height.

And this device has really proven to be effective. But only against mosquitoes. The situation with other unpleasant neighbors is quite different.

Why do not the bugs get terrible for ultrasound?

Bugs do not communicate with ultrasonic signals. Bed bugs do not have wings, which they could buzz, like mosquitoes, and other tools for generating sounds they do not have.

Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

For bedding, communication, eating and avoiding dangers is a much more important nuance. It is the smell they cause clear and unambiguous reactions. To the sounds they are rather indifferent. And to ultrasound - including. Science has not yet been verified, but perhaps his bugs are not heard at all. Like, for example, a person does not hear a bounce of a bat.

So, ultrasound against the bugs does not work, and buy an ultrasonic scoop of the bugs - all the same, that's just throwing money to the wind.

Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

Note: Some theorists tried to explain the indifferent attitude of bugs to ultrasound by the fact that these insects are settled mainly in sofa mattresses and under beds. Like, ultrasound is absorbed and strangled by a mattress, and therefore does not reach the bedbugs.

But the latest experiments by American scientists, in which the bugs directly influenced by ultrasound, showed that the presence or absence of ultrasound does not affect the behavior of parasites. Bugs are simply ignored by ultrasound.

Moreover, ultrasound practically does not affect the activity of cockroaches and ants. And all for the same reason - for these people, the sounds of high frequency are not alarm signals.

But the rats and mice are sensitive to powerful ultrasound, but the devices really help get rid of them, a few units.

Review: "In our laboratory, a serious company( I will not call it not to advertise) ordered a test for the maximum amount of ultrasound pest control.

has allocated more money than the state allocates to the maintenance of the laboratory for six months. We bought the rats, bought all the devices that could only be found, tested on a special test site.

As a result, it turned out that out of more than 30 scarers of different brands and manufacturers, only 3 were really effective against rats. These scavengers do not work against bugs. The bulk of the devices - frank bobbin, whose sellers are using the fact that the population can not check its efficiency before buying. .. "

Nevertheless, ultrasound from bedbugs continues to be actively advertised and used by illiterate citizens until parasites begin to really seriously disturb them. And this is the use of manufacturers of many devices, actively promoting them, for example, in online stores.

Ultrasound instruments on the market

Ultrasonic devices from bugs are produced by Russian, Ukrainian, European and Chinese manufacturers. The most famous and popular of these are the following. ..

  • EMR-21 - Bulgarian device, has a plug for direct connection to the socket. According to the statement, the manufacturer scares away almost all insects and rodents, as well as mosquitoes, spiders and polygons. The price is 1350 rubles.

Feedback: "We tried then EMR-21.A couple of nights of bugs did not bother us, and then everything started again. Maybe they got used to the sound. But not the point. I was killed by the fact that after being banged by the carbofos, the largest nest was destroyed exactly under the socket where the appliance was turned on. In short, this is a one-time thing. Real only helped Carbophos. "

  • Typhoon LS-500 is an ultrasonic device made of Russian production bugs. In it, developers even introduced a system of constant change in the frequency of sound so that the parasites did not have time to get used to it. The price of the device - 900 rubles.
  • Eco-Sniper 9B LS-989 - also Russian development, judging by reviews - completely ineffective. Price - 1350 rubles. Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

Review: "Eco-Sniper - The money thrown into the wind. Unfamiliar producers produce unnecessary junk and earn on other people's problems. Bought for children in the hostel. Ordered via the Internet.

We were not warned that according to the instructions it scares everyone - and slayers, mice and rats. As if they are all afraid of the same sounds. There was no result in any way. I had to buy poisons and get tired along with my neighbors. Do not buy these devices, they do not work, but they are expensive. Just throw money away. "

  • UP-116T - positioned as a scraper only for crawling insects. According to the statement of manufacturers, in it the possibility of not only ultrasonic scaring, but also the magnetic resonance effect on the bugs is realized. The effect of the latter does not exceed that of ultrasound. Price means - 1850 rubles.
  • AR-130 Smart-Sensor, Chinese insect ultrasound. Works the same way as most analogues. According to the Chinese tradition is the least - when ordering through the Internet, you can find deals for $ 10.Ultrasound from bugs and scratchers based on it

The average price of an ultrasonic scarifier today is 1200-1300 rubles. For the same money you can buy 20 vials of a proven means of insect parasites "Kat", with the help of which the bugs in the literal sense of the word are destroyed, and with the correct approach - will never return.

Therefore, if insects begin to disturb really strongly, immediately stop all ultrasound experiments and take serious and more effective methods of struggle.

AR-131 Ultrasonic Scanner from Smart Sensor

Destruction of bedbugs by more efficient means