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Follicular keratosis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo

Follicular keratoses are called disturbances in the process of removing keratoconus skin scales. Due to the accelerated keratinization of the upper layer of the epidermis, the scales do not have time to separate, and begin to accumulate at the mouth of the hair follicle. This prevents normal

secretion of sebum and promotes the onset of local inflammation, and it can also lead to the development of folliculitis. As a result, small red or grayish-white nodules are formed on the skin. Because of the characteristic appearance of the skin, hair keratosis is commonly referred to as "goose skin".


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Causes of

Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos disease Until the causes of follicular keratosis were detected. Most often the disease is congenital. And since often cases of follicular keratosis are recorded in one family, the propensity to it is likely to be inherited.

Among the factors that can provoke exacerbation of keratosis, the following can be attributed:

  • cold weather. It was noticed that hair keratosis is exacerbated, as a rule, in the winter, and in the summer the manifestations of the disease weaken;
  • lack of vitamins, especially groups A, C and D;
  • receiving hormonal drugs, including contraceptives;
  • stress and nervous exhaustion.

Clinical picture of

Follicular keratosis, as a rule, begins to manifest from an early age. At the first stage, the symptoms of this disease are dry skin, especially strongly manifested in palms and soles.

As hair keratosis develops, disseminated( widespread) focal lesions appear on which there is the appearance of dense rounded nodules, on the top of which are visible fragments of hairs or horn spit. Such nodules can be distributed throughout the body or located on separate, usually symmetrically located areas.

Important! Most often, follicular keratosis affects hands, hips, buttocks. In children, follicular papules are often formed on the face. Perhaps the appearance of a weakly pronounced itch.

Diagnostic Methods

Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

For diagnosis, patients are screened.

Basis of diagnosis in follicular keratosis - clinical examination. In difficult or doubtful cases, a histological examination may be prescribed.

Histological picture of hair keratosis is expressed in hyperkeratosis of the mouth of the hair follicles, in which there are concentric cones resembling thorns. Nodes in follicular keratosis consist of an enlarged epidermis.

It is necessary to differentiate follicular keratosis from diseases that have similar clinical manifestations, in particular, from Darya's disease and keratoderma.

Treatment for

Follicular keratosis is a more cosmetic problem. Usually, the disease does not cause any unpleasant sensations, therefore, specific treatment of hair keratosis does not require.

To eliminate the cosmetic problem with keratosis use:

  • A mixture of water-soluble vaseline and water in equal parts.
  • Vaseline with 3% salicylic acid.
  • Creams or lotions that contain lactic acid.
  • Gel 6% Salicylic Acid.
  • Cream containing 0.1% tertioin.
  • Need to remember! Creams and ointments containing acids are not intended for children, since they can cause skin irritation in them.

    Laser polishing is now successfully applied to adult hair follicles in hair follicles.

    Additionally, in case of follicular keratosis, high-dose vitamin A or AEVIT is prescribed. It is useful to use salt and starch baths. After the procedure, problem areas of the skin are lubricated with moisturizing agents. In severe cases, corticosteroids may be prescribed for the treatment of hair keratosis.

    In the process of treatment of follicular keratosis it is extremely important to establish proper nutrition. The diet should contain enough vitamins and fats. It is necessary to exclude combing and other skin damage, as this may complicate the course of the disease associated with the infection.

    Treatment of folk medicine methods

    Folk healers can recommend many recipes that help improve skin condition with hair keratosis.

    Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

    Propolis is used to treat keratoses.

    Treatment of propolis keratoses. Good results for follicular keratosis can be obtained using propolis masks. It is necessary to soften this healing substance and apply on a skin a thin layer. Cover with a film and a bandage. If it is possible, then you should wear a compress for five days. Then remove the propolis layer and allow the skin to rest for several days. Then the procedure can be repeated.

    Treatment of keratosis with aloe vera. You need to use a plant for at least five years to prepare the money. You need to select the largest lower leaves. The raw material should be washed, boiled and dried. Then, wrap in packaging paper or gauze and put in a freezer.

    Keep leaves in a freezer for at least 36 hours. Then they need to be removed, cut into thin plates and put on places affected by follicular keratosis. Close the compress with a food foil and fix it with a simple or elastic bandage. Keep the compress all night, in the morning you should rub the goose skin with a weak solution of salicylic alcohol and lubricate with vaseline. The procedure should be carried out every other day.

    Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

    You do not need to clean potatoes to make a compress.

    Potato Treatments. It is possible to get rid of manifestations of follicular keratosis also with the use of such an affordable means as potatoes. To prepare the compress, it is necessary to rub the carefully washed, but not cleaned potatoes and apply the resulting whipped to a double folded gauze. Put the resulting compress into places affected by keratoses. Hold for 1 hour, then make fresh compress. Procedure repeated three times in a row.

    Raw Beet. A similar way to treat hair keratosis is to use raw beets. It is necessary to rub the washed root plant on a grater, then leave the bowl with grated beets on the table, with no cover. Two hours later you can make a compress. When using beets to treat follicular keratosis, compress should be done once, but keep it at least 3-4 hours. It should be remembered that from the beet compression the skin may temporarily color, therefore this method should not be used for the treatment of manifestations of keratosis in the open areas of the body.

    Yeast treatment .From fresh yeast it is necessary to prepare a froth on milk. After the dough is raised, add a little flour to it, so that you can form the cake, and use a dough for compresses to place the goose skin.

    Forecast and prevention of

    The prognosis for follicular keratosis is favorable, the disease does not have a significant effect on the health status. Quite often, follicular keratosis passes independently after the termination of puberty.

    Preventive measures to prevent exacerbation of the disease include:

  • Careful handling of the skin, excluding gross infections. You can not use scrubs, rub the skin with a rigid brush or a washcloth.
  • Full nutrition and vitamins, especially in winter.
  • Use of non-hormonal contraceptives.
  • Strengthening immunity.
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    Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Follicular keratosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

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