Pokemon go GPS Signal not found and other errors

With the popular Pokemon GO game, it has a whole set of bugs and problems associated with poor game debugging( for example, the Pokemon go GPS signal not found ).The patches to the game just begin to appear, and ahead of us is waiting for a long process associated with the search and fixes of

arising in the game of errors. In this article, I'll tell you about the bugs when starting Pokemon Go, and also explain how to solve problems with the launch of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon go GPS Signal not found and other errors

Error Pokemon go GPS Signal not found

Table of contents

  • 1 System requirements Pokemon go
  • 2 Common mistakes in the game
  • 3 Problem 1. GPS signal not found Pokemon go
  • 4 Problem 2. Server does not run
  • 5 task 3. The game has started butobjects on the map no
  • 6 Problem 4. The game started, but the bad sound of
  • 7 Problem 5. The game signals the absence of the internet( no internet connectivety)
  • 8 Problem 6. The camera does not work in the game

System requirements Pokemon go

Since the gameabsolutely new, do not think that playing pokemon go can be absolutely on all smartphonesand tablets. So, the basic Pokemon Go game requirements for your device: the

  • operating system is not less than Android 4.4( for android-smartphones) and iOS0 for the apple;
  • Correct operation of the included GPS;
  • 2 gigabytes of RAM;
  • screen resolution of 1280 by 720 or more;The
  • game does not work with Intel processors;

    Pokemon go GPS Signal not found and other errors

    System Requirements Pokemon go

  • installs a game on a smartphone, not a tablet( with tablets running much worse);The
  • game does not work or works poorly with "routine" operating systems.
  • Common Mistakes in the Game

    Below I will list the common problems with the launch of Pokemon Go in Russia. So.

    Problem 1. GPS signal not found Pokemon go

    Since this game is simply tied to GPS, the absence or failure of a GPS signal can put a cross on its function. Therefore, if you encounter a message about the absence of a GPS signal( GPS)( signal not found and failed to detect location), first, make sure that you have GPS( Wi-Fi enabled) at the same time, and then for Android ownersOS KitKat and Lollipop, I recommend doing the following:

    • set the GPS to high accuracy mode;
    • go to the smartphone settings, select "Software Information" there, then go to "Collection Number";
    • click on it until you see a message that you are a developer;
    • go to the "For Developers" menu and clear the "Fake Locations" checkbox;
    • launch the game and enjoy it.

      Pokemon go GPS Signal not found and other errors

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      Tweezers Adjust the GPS Signal not found

    error. In addition, Google Play Services( if you have an outdated version), Play Store and Google Maps updates, as well as make sure that the settings in "Location "," Mode "is selected high accuracy.

    For those who have the Android Marshmallow OS installed, I suggest downloading the GPS Status &Toolbox( from the Play Market), run it, launch the Google maps app( they should be in the background), and then run the game itself.

    Failed to resolve installation error by link.

    One more solution to the problem with GPS signal not found in Pokemon Go is considered on

    video Problem 2. Server does not start

    If this problem occurs, wait a bit( it is possible that the developer problem) and try to change your IP address( entirelymaybe your current IP is not supported by the game).To do this, download the Hideman VPN program and modify your IP as shown in the video.

    Solving problems with the launch of a game in a separate review.

    Problem 3. The game has started, but the objects on the map are not

    Is it possible that your area is simply not supported by the program? This cause may also result in a GPS signal not found. The creators of Pokemon Go used the bases from the previous hit "complemented reality" - Ingress, so if the users did not "develop" your region on the map, then it is possible that you will not notice anything in the game and you will not see.

    Problem 4. The game has started, but the bad sound is

    Usually, problems with delay or deformation of sound are related to the connected Bluetooth devices. If you eliminate this "transit" of sound, then the problem, as a rule, is solved.

    Problem 5. The game signals the absence of the internet( no internet connectivety)

    Since Pokemon Go requires a constantly connected Internet( and works with game servers), it's just elementary to make sure it is on and running.

    Problem 6. Does not work in the camera in the game

    Why does the camera not work in Pokemon go and how to include it is described in a separate article.

    Described in the Pokemon Go GPS signal is not the problem - the most common when starting a game. Usually most users at this stage are having problems navigating and using GPS, and the above tips help fix this error. At the same time, note that the game still does its trial steps, there will be various errors and bugs that will be eliminated in the next patches of the developer. So just have some patience and everything will be fine.