What is the ostrich in meters the highest in the world: review and photos

The fact that among the animals of the highest in the world is the giraffe, know a lot, but the fact that the record holder among the birds - this is an African ostrich, not everyone knows. That is why we have decided to pay special attention to this issue. So, what's the world's highest ostrich in meters, find out right now.

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  • 1 What height can be achieved?
  • 2 Who is the highest in the world?
    • 2.1 Other Basic Parameters
  • 3 Video "Growing African Ostrich"

How high can be achieved?

African ostrich is not only the largest bird in size and weight, but also the highest in the world. One of the main distinguishing features is the long straight neck. Thanks to her, this African citizen can see the enemy at a very long distance. So, let's return to its growth. Today it is known that the height of the ostrich can be an average of 2.7 meters. Of course, this figure refers to males, females slightly smaller in size, their height rarely exceeds the figure of 2.5 meters.

What is the ostrich in meters the highest in the world: review and photos

If this bird figure is comparable to other animals, then it does not yield even a big horses. On average, the horse's horse's height at the withers is 1.68-1.70 meters. As you see, the feathered representative has gone far, which is not to say about his head. His brain does not exceed the size of the walnut. But the big growth is a merit for long legs and long necks.

Who is the highest in the world?

Of course, even among the record holders are their record holders. What record can be in the ostrich in height? For example, today's largest growth of this feathered animal in the world has been recorded several years ago. One of the African males, who was part of the experimental group on the development and reproduction of the species, reached a growth of 3.1 meters. Today it is the largest indicator.

So, what you say here, ostriches really deserve our attention and respect, and, moreover, they are very interesting. About all of its advantages, as well as features of cultivation, read on our site in the following publications.

What is the ostrich in meters the highest in the world: review and photos

Other Basic Parameters

"Of course, in such a huge bird, probably a lot of weight?" - ask a lot. Yes really. The ostrich is not only the highest in the world among birds, but also the heaviest. The average weight of the male ranges from 65 to 75 kilograms, the female gains about 55-60 kilograms. But there are real giants. "For example, the weight of one African representative was fixed at 131 pounds.

In addition, these feather representatives postpone the largest eggs. But we can also say that in relation to the body of the father, they are small. The length of one egg can range from 15 to 22 centimeters, but its mass is also significant - up to 2 kilograms. Imagine the size of the egg from such a single product.

If compared with eggs from other poultry, it is about 35 chicken. The shell color of the egg is white and yellowish, with the inhabitants of the northern regions of the continent demolishing about 20 pieces, while the inhabitants of the south - up to 60. The female lays eggs in 1-2 days.

What is the ostrich in meters the highest in the world: review and photos

The hatchet that is hatched is pretty big. On the first day of his birth, he may already be about 1.2 kilograms, and in the next three months, a mass is gaining up to 19 kilograms male and 18 - female. Get some more information about these unusual creatures from the video.

Video "Growing African Ostrich"

In this video, as an example of birds grown on one of the Russian farms, you will see how they look like they live and learn the basic parameters of their bodies.