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Skeits for dogs: how to dress, step-by-step photos, rules of selection, useful video

Skeits for dogs: how to dress, step-by-step photos, rules of selection, useful video

A large number of dog breeders, without knowing it themselves, harm the health of their four-legged friends.

And the reason is such a routine dog accessory, like a collar.

  • Necessity of dog products
  • grooming history and structure
  • product selection rules
  • useful video
  • Removal of measures for purchase
  • A wide assortment of dog blankets

Necessity of dog products

Everyone knows the behavior of a characteristic or inadequately trained dog during walking: he always tightens the leash, becomes difficult in management, which leads to difficult and whistling breathing, or even worse - to nausea. From such a walk does not benefit and positive emotions neither the animal nor its owner.

The well-known person in zoopsychology, Anders Hallgren, has long surveyed a large number of dogs from various Swiss clubs and concluded that over 90% of them had pain syndrome due to injuries to the spinal cord and neck. Simultaneously with pain sensations, there were some problems with the behavior of the pupil, such as excessive aggression, timidity and unpredictability. Very often after a jerk, a dog's lining gets damaged larynx, thyroid gland, cartilage and soft dorsal and cervical tissue.

This is especially true of massive chain-shaped and rigorous collars. But even for a soft and wide collar is a worthy, safer replacement, which is recommended by a large number of European coaches - this is a dog helmet.

History of the origin and structure of the

pliers The first time such a plow was used as part of the harness for drag dogs. This accessory has to be made comfortable, functional and harmless, as otherwise the dog would refuse to transport the cargo. Currently, dog sledding has a wider scope of use: there are not only riding accessories, but also sporting, walking, training for strength and endurance, for performing trace functions, and others.

The classic design of the pliers includes two main belts that encircle the dog through the chest and body. They are connected in 4 places - along the spine and between the anterior limbs. Fastening the leash is in the shoulder field. The advantage of the pliers over the collar is the best distribution of the load on the chest and musculoskeletal system. Also, the animal does not compress its neck, it is easier to manage, it feels easy and comfortable.

There are pliers for dogs and some disadvantages, for example, if the dog is improperly brought up, then wearing a helmet on it, all the training imperfections will be visible right away. But even if the pet is difficult to walk without jerks, then with the right choice of pliers, will not be injured his neck.

Rules for choosing a product

It is rather difficult and time consuming to choose a sucker for a pet. This accessory should fit exactly in size, and take into account the breed of the dog, its luck and power. Selection of a sticks and depending on the purpose of its use: for walking on the street, for sports training, driving an unhealthy pet or for a search service. A newly-wound dog breeder must study the rules of choosing this accessory before choosing a strainer, and after buying it to fit the pet, it's best to ask for help from experienced owners who have the skill to use this item in the same breed.

Skeits for dogs: how to dress, step-by-step photos, rules of selection, useful video

As a rule, it is quite easy to pick up the right shoe for dogs of small sizes, and with the purchase of this product for active walking and sports lessons of larger breeds is more difficult. When choosing a dog sticks you must take into account the main rules:

  • The material from which the accessory is made must be durable, easy to clean, soft, resistant to wear, but not to be rough.
  • It is better to buy a product with a few buckles. The process of putting strain on a dog should not cause it any discomfort, so you need a model that the pet will fit freely and there will be no need to raise his paws.
  • Fasteners should not collapse into the skin of the dog so as not to give it unpleasant feelings while driving. The fasteners should be concave in accordance with the lines of the body of the pet, especially if it is large or medium size.
  • The upper belt of the belt should be securely fitted and fit to the size of the dog's back, as it will move or slip if it fails. In width you should not choose very narrow belts, because in this case they will be immersed in the skin of the pet.
  • The strap on the side should not reach the animal's armpits. For dogs of large and medium size, this distance should be at least the width of the palm, and for the miniature - a few centimeters.
  • The product should fit well into the body, but do not squeeze it, so that there are no restrictions on the movements of the pet. At the correct size, it is necessary to freely slide the palm between the body of the animal and the plow. If it is too sagging, then it can be adjusted to the required size to avoid injury.
  • It is not possible for a dog to wear a dog for a long time during walks, as well as at home. If the pupil participates in exhibitions, then you can not completely learn from a collar with a leash. This is due to the fact that in these accessories different principle of distribution of weight of the pet, and accustomed to the belt, he will feel unpleasant feeling, while in the collar.
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    Removing Measures for Buying

    Let's take a look at how to buy and how to wear a dog helmet, and a step-by-step photo from the Internet to help us with this
    . Before purchasing the dog hairpiece, attention should be paid to removing the measures. They are made by a sewing centimeter, while it should be ensured that it is not in the process of sagging. When measured, the dog should be in the same position. To select the desired size of pliers, except for riding, take the following measures:

    • neck circumference where the collar;The
    • envelops the largest area of ​​the chest over the anterior limbs, to which 2 cm is added for free placement;
    • is the size of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail.

    The size of the pliers is chosen according to the special table, the main indicator is the length of the back. In the case when the meters are within the two sizes, you should choose a larger one.

    When selecting riding products, the following measures are determined:

    • is the distance from the shoulder to the chest bone, located between the anterior limbs;
    • from the thoracic bone to the end of the chest, pointing sideways to the base of the tail.

    When choosing this enhancement, not only the quantity but also the weight of the body, as well as the nature of the animal is taken into account. For medium and large physique dogs are selected with sturdy leather straps or braided braids, which have sturdy fasteners and steel carbines. No need to stop on models that have split rings.

    Dogs of small size - calm, tender and soft, so the strength of the pliers can be ignored for them. The main thing for such pupils is the quality of the accessory and its weight. Material for making pliers should be soft and easy to touch. Decorative rocks are suitable for velor and nylon products. For dogs with a shortened face, it is better to refuse the use of the collar, but choose the sole, as they do not disturb breathing in these rocks. They are also suitable for velor items.

    A wide range of dog harnesses

    A dog harness for everyday walks in most cases is made of leather and nylon, which are durable. Products made from leather should not be used by a pet in humid climatic conditions, as they become rigid or covered with mold. By design, this kind of pliers is diverse, but it is better for the convenience of choosing classic models.

    Sponge cakes for puppies are recommended for use after a pupil's 6-10 months, depending on his breed. This will help to avoid twisted elbows during the development of their bodies. The best option is a lightweight design with body body adjustment. It is believed that wearing pliers has a beneficial effect on the development of the chest of a young person.

    Skeits for dogs: how to dress, step-by-step photos, rules of selection, useful video
    Shingle for large breeds. Previously, it was thought that the helmet was an accessory only for small size dogs. In the modern world, you can find different pliers, the design of which is designed in such a way that the pet could not pull the leash. This facilitates his walk, which even a child can handle. But at the same time it is not necessary to wear a daily shule to dogs, prone to aggressive tricks. This product is not recommended for fighting or service breeds.

    Miniature dog walking shoes are the widest variety. If the owner plans to raise his pet for a plow, it is better to choose a model, equipped with handles in the back area.

    Sunglasses for exhibitions are different in decor, and their cut and device are simplified. The design of these products involves more thin belts with a round section and attractive fittings.

    Sports helmets and riding animals are different in design. Usually they are made only on order and it is better to choose accessories made of nylon or saucers.

    Load brushes are used during training and to maintain the shape of the pet, as well as to participate in competitions for the transport of heavy goods. Thanks to them they produce a classic exhibition stand.

    Cargo straps are also used to maintain a good physical condition of the dog. They are equipped with special pockets, in which weighers are fitted. It is advisable to use these devices with care and not allow the animal to jump in them, as it threatens to receive back injuries.

    Tracing shears are usually made from sheeps and fitted with sturdy fittings. To ensure that such dogs do not have difficulty breathing, the product should be free to lie.

    A waistcoat wool is usually used for small size dogs or medium-sized smooth-hairs. She gives additional warming to her pet while walking. The heater is made of furs or syntepon.

    Skeits for dogs: how to dress, step-by-step photos, rules of selection, useful video

    Medical sneakers are intended for walks with partially paralyzed dogs or injured. In appearance, they resemble a vest that occupies two-thirds of the body. The fastener of the accessory is located near the hind legs, which allows the animal to move with an emphasis on the anterior limbs.

    A dog breeder can buy a donkey for his pet in a pet store, sew his own hands or make it to order. Also, such products are sold through the Internet or used by the hands. It is best not to save on dog harnesses and to choose the accessories of reliable manufacturers who have proven the quality of their goods. When choosing a strap that will be used during sports, it is best to consult in advance with experienced cynologists or cynologists.