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Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

Regular spitz grooming includes: combing, bathing and haircuts, which allows maintaining its neat appearance throughout life. Also in this complex of hygienic procedures include: trimming of claws, cleaning of ears and eyes. Let's take a look at how

correctly perform the grooming of medium, small and miniature spits.


  • Beauty begins with a comb
  • The sooner the better
  • principle of operation
  • when you need shampoo
  • brush, bathe, dry them
  • before an important event
  • radically change the image
  • trims fur pets
  • ears and eyes
  • Dog pedicure

Beauty begins withcomb

Due to its "fur coat" and gaze, small spits look quite spectacular. However, without proper care, the dog will lose its attractiveness. To maintain the image of the pet, you will have to regularly engage in his grooming. To make the appearance of spitz ideal, it's enough to periodically perform simple actions. Start with combing wool - a great way to remove dead wool that interfere with the growth of new ones, and do not let them get confused.

To brush the wool spitz fit a brush from a natural soft bristle. A good and a massage brush, which performs two actions at once, combines and stimulates blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition and the growth of new wool. A rude comberator is not suitable for spiders. She scratches their tender skin, which can lead to her inflammation.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

The sooner, the better

Spice the brush from the first day of appearance in your home. A puppy can be put on your knees, an older dog - put on a table. To make her paws do not go, lay the table with a cloth or rubber rug. Do not allow the pet to jump from the knees or the table, otherwise he risking crippling. In addition, by encouraging his independence, you provoke a dog's bad behavior in the future.

If the pupil rests the procedure, set it aside for a couple of hours. To get the dog accustomed gradually, try combing only 5-6 seconds, repeating the action several times during the day. The dog can be distracted by giving her a hardly salvaged delicacy: an edible toy made of offal or a stamping of pressed alive.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

Principle of operation

When the spitz is accustomed to combing, repeat the process no more than two to three times a week. Otherwise, you remove all the undercoat and deprive the dog of her beauty. Dissolve wool neatly, in different directions, trying not to disturb the disciple.

Use special sprays to ease the scrubbing and quality of wool. Do not save on a pet - choose firms that produce high-quality cosmetics. Well-established Italian Iv San Bernard and American Crown Royale. Finish the comb process with the wool to turn the sponge wool in a vertical position.

Pay particular attention to areas with soft wool: armpit, ears, groin, throat, between your fingers. In such places can be formed ducts. If you can not comb them, do not inflict pain on the spitz - use a coil screwdriver.

Daily hair removal will be needed during molting, when dead wool is especially high. To ensure that the wool is not sliced ​​from the frequent passage of the brush, before each procedure, sprinkle it with a spray gun with a solution of five parts of warm water and one part of the dog conditioner. Carefully combing all the wool, flush it with your hands so that the wool does not fall apart and not get confused.

When needed, shampoos

Once a month or two before the show, the spitz should be thoroughly bathing. At other times it is enough to rub the paws and contaminated areas of the dog's body with a damp cloth. In case of severe contamination it is possible to use dry shampoo.

For water procedures, buy a dog shampoo that meets requirements such as wool strengthening, hypoallergenicity, eye protection. Well, if in addition to the whole shampoo will give the wool volume, make it silky, protect from ultraviolet rays and harmful bacteria.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

Do not use human shampoos - their ph index does not match the structure of dog skin. It is recommended for owners of white spitzs to buy shampoo with bleaching effect. There are dry bleaching agents.

Dissolve, bathe, and dry

Before bathing, sprinkle the spatula hair with a spray for combing and comb it with a comb with liquid teeth. Then, to avoid getting water, close your dog's ear with cotton balls. Prepare a pet put in a bath and soak his wool with a shower with an average pressure of warm water. Immerse Spitza in a solution consisting of five parts of water and one shampoo. It's not necessary to wash your head. But if you decide, do it carefully so that the shampoo does not get in the eye.

Wash off all dirty areas, then rinse thoroughly with soap. Fill the wool with a towel and apply a hair conditioner, balsam or moisturizing oil. Then place the dog on the table and dry it with a hair dryer, using a cold mode and a massage brush. Spits are not desirable to dry naturally. At the root of the wool dries too long, which can create a favorable environment for the development of fungi and bacteria.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

It is not necessary to bat a spitz during the period of molting, when the wool becomes soft, confused and going to the duct. Water treatments will bring the dog only discomfort. Lubricate strongly rubbish areas with oil vitamin A and castor oil, mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.

After bathing, one of three haircuts of the German spitz can be made: an exhibition, a model or a traditional one.

Prior to the important event of

When cooking and trimming spitz to the exhibition, follow the following rules:

  • for aqueous procedures, choose a completely washable shampoo and leave no trace air conditioner;
  • undercoat should be lightly trimmed, not trimmed;
  • scissors gently give the dog a form conforming to the standard;
  • with the help of a haircut, try to hide the spiny imperfections, while emphasizing its merits.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

The most important thing in an exhibition hairstyle is that no judge should notice it. If you have no experience, it is better to contact a professional grooming master.

Cardinal image change

Want to completely change the appearance of spitz? Then turn to the grooming salon, where your pupil will make a "bear" or "lion", painted in any color with harmless colors. If you have special wishes, the masters will realize any of your imagination, using professional tools and cosmetics.

However, in an effort to distinguish a dog from the "gray crowd", do not get too excited. First of all, think of the animal, and then about the rules of fashion. Too short wool will not be able to protect Spitz from weathering, and possible violations of the skin structure will easily lead to dermatitis or cancer. In addition, a short-cut dog is an excellent target for bites of mosquitoes, fleas, from which it can start allergy or develop an infectious disease.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

If you do not want to have a fox creature instead of a fluffy dog, do not think to shave her tongue. After all, then the wool virtually ceases to grow. To ensure that the haircut does not damage the spitz's health, it is necessary to leave a minimum of three to four centimeters of wool.

Align the

pet home coat If you're not going to put Spitz in the ring and do not like extreme changes, make it a regular, traditional hairstyle. And for this you do not have to go to the wizard, you can easily handle it yourself.

Armed with stubble ends and a comb with frequent teeth, first remove the extra coat from the ears, giving them a neat look. Long wool inside and at the ends of your ears, as well as between your fingers, remove the tweezers. Then align the "collar", "pants", cut off excess shoulders, sides and lumbar. You can handle the carts by car. It can also be used instead of scissors to trim the wool.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

Treat the area around the anus. Cut the tail the last, starting from the base and ending with the cutting of the extra piece at the top, giving it the required length. To keep spitz comfortable holding a tail on your back, walk around the wool in these places with scissors.

The wand and the eyes of

Do not forget about his ears and eyes while caring for spitz hair. Once or twice a month, remove from the ears the accumulated sulfur dry or soaked in glycerin with cotton swabs. Once a week, rinse your dog's eyes with chamomile infusion, an "Optical" lotion or drops "Lacrimine."

If you notice redness on your ears, peeling or bad smells of selection, and the state of your eyes seems suspicious to you - show the dog to the vet.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

Dog Pedicure

Kigti spitz should be cut up as the breasts grow: puppies - tweezers, adult dog - scissors. It is advisable to do this after bathing when they soften. If the dog is afraid, turn away her caressing conversation and beloved delicacy.

Be careful, cut a little bit so that you do not touch the blood vessel located inside each of the claws. If you still hit it, immediately put on a hemostatic powder or drop hydrogen peroxide. These tools should always be at hand. Cut the claws with a saw to prevent possible cracks.

Grooming Spitz, haircut of German Spitz with photos and videos

And how does your dog belong to grooming? Tell us about it in the comments.

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