Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work


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A variety of smoked dishes are enjoyable by many people. But to buy

ready-made products manufactured industrially, some consumers are afraid of the possible presence of chemicals in smoked foods. Therefore, home-made smoke is becoming increasingly popular. Different kinds of smoked meat allow you to cook the necessary products both in the apartment, on the farmland, and even in the campaign. For this you do not have to worry about making smoked: you can just choose from those that are in free sale.

There are two ways to crumble products: hot and cold. Accordingly, the types of smoking will differ in their characteristics.

Types of smoking and the principle of their work

As mentioned above, smokers are used for cooking dishes by hot and cold smoking.

Smoke for cold smoke

Cold smoking of the product occurs at a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees. In this case, moisture is removed from the prepared dishes gradually, and the total duration of the process reaches three days. Soaked in this way, the product is stored much longer than a hot smoked dish.

Smokehouse for cold smoking is arranged so that the smoke reaching the raw material is already cold. The constituent parts of the device are:

  • smoke chamber, where the product is suspended;
  • smoke generator, or furnace;
  • chimney.

Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work

It looks like a smokehouse for cold smokes

The principle of smoke for cold smoking is as follows:

  • in the chamber compartment wood chips are placed. To give the dish the desired flavor, you can choose chips of different species of wood. As a rule, choose the fruit, but also willow, alder, linden will fit. It is not recommended to use softwood trees when smoking: due to their increased resin content, the product can only be spoiled.
  • creates natural thrust when burning, smoke falls into the chimney. Cooling there, it penetrates into the smoke chamber, where the product smokes directly.

Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work

The main elements of cold smoked smoking:
1. Furnace
2. Chimney

chamber For smoked outdoor chimneys, the chimney is arranged in the form of a trench. It is digested with depth and width on the shaft's shaft. On top of this ditch are covered with a slate or sheet of iron, they put the turf so that the smoke would not go in vain. Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work

Smoke chimney deepens in the trench

Hot smoker smoke

Hot smoker differs from cold by the fact that the process takes place at a temperature of 35 to 150 degrees. Accordingly, the preparation of the product takes place much faster: from several hours to days. Hot smokers prefer this method not only for its speed, but also because in this case the moisture from the product practically does not go, and the dish becomes rather greasy. The shelf life of dishes cooked by the hot smoking method is small.

Smokehouse for hot smoker is arranged a little differently than for cold. If in the first case the smoke chamber is separated from the smoke generator and combines with it a chimney, then when hot smoked everything is done in a single closed space.

In a tank divided horizontally by lattices, chips are burning from the bottom, and from the top are hung products for smoking. Smoke coming out of fuel, covers the raw material, thus smoke occurs. Further, the smoke penetrates outside through the chimney, on the principle of a conventional furnace.

Types of smoking: their description and the principle of work

The fire is bred directly under the bucket

If you do not want to mess with a derivative device, you can buy portable devices for industrial production. In addition, manufactured devices that allow smokes the products in the apartment. They come in two modifications: electric and for heating on gas. From street stationary home-made smokers differ only in that the heater is not a flame, but electricity or gas. In electric heaters installed TEN( thermal electric heater), and gas installed on top of the gas stove.

A useful constructive feature of home-made smoke is a water seal. He represents a gutter that runs along the perimeter of the walls of the apparatus, in the area of ​​the upper edge. Water is recruited there and a lid is inserted. This shutter is designed to remove the smells that appear in the process of smoking. The conclusion of smoke is through the fitting on the lid. It needs to be connected to the hood using a special tube.

In industrial production, smoked described two types - hot and cold smoked are also used. From home portable, they differ only in volumes and design of the hood. Most industrial smoke is electric.

Useful Tips

In conclusion, I would like to give some advice to those who want to make a smoked delicacies themselves:

  • do not start to smoke in bad weather;
  • carefully monitor the temperature in the device;
  • is the best way to start the smoking process in the morning;
  • put in a cigarette the tray where the fat will drop;Do not look at the
  • often in the smoke chamber.

Make smoke yourself - the process is simple and exciting. Bon Appetit!