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How to have several cats in the house - Useful Tips

How To Contain A Few Cats In The House Helpful Tips

How to have several cats in the house

Most often we are used to seeing that people only keep one fluffy pet or pet at home, who gets all the attention and care of caring masters. In addition, whiskered pet destiny is available the most delicious treat and soft

bedchamber, which often becomes a pillow of the owner. ..

But sometimes it happens that in a house or a city apartment there are at once several representative of the kind of cat. This happens for the simple reason that the kind-hearted host took home, gave care and food to those who were not lucky to be born in the warmth and comfort.

How to contain several cats at home at once?
This easy solvable problem we will consider in this article.

For the comfortable accommodation of several pets and their owners in one house, you need:
1. Correctly settle all cats into separate comfortable houses.
2. Organize animal feeding in such a way as to get everyone equal.
3. Provide toys and cuffs in the right amount.
4. Place trays for the most important cases.

Cats, on the one hand, are the strongest claustrophobes( that is, they can not be closed, for example, in the toilet is a flour for them).
On the other hand, in order to feel their independence and safety, they just need a separate house with walls and necessarily a roof( it can be made out of the box).
The number of houses should correspond to the number of cats plus one more. They themselves will settle for him, and the reserve will be useful to the one who turns out to be the most modest of all. He will have a choice.
Naturally, in each house should lie a dense soft bedding.

While feeding, observe who eats a lot and quickly, and someone waits until everyone is eating, and only then he drank the remnants. Such pupils must be fed or fed in a separate place where they could eat calmly.
The fact is that among the animals is always the "law of the jungle": in the first place eat strong. Therefore, it is important to immediately identify the "leaders" and "weak" who need to be fed separately, otherwise they will lose weight and have health problems.
But the main thing is that in the house in different places there were 3-4 large containers with fresh water, which must be changed every day!

How To Contain A Few Cats In The House Helpful Tips Fit the cuffs to the places where the cats have already enjoyed the wallpaper. These products are sold in pet stores and are flat and angular. Buy those that in shape and size will best suit your pet's favorite places in the house.
In addition, it is advisable to have balls, bows and other toys that can not be swallowed and that can not harm your pets.

Trays for natural needs should also be several. It is desirable that they be of two types: with a grid and without. In those without a lattice, the filler is placed. Thus, each cat will have the option of choosing which toilet she likes more and she will not need a place in the wrong place.

Thus, the conditions for the comfortable maintenance of several whiskers in one house - quite simple and easy to accomplish.
In fact, in order to keep many animals, you do not need to have a big house. Enough to have a big heart. And then everything will be fine.