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What to give a dog from diarrhea: you can, human, diarrhea, drugs

What to give a dog from diarrhea: you can, human, diarrhea, drugs

Dog diarrhea can occur as a consequence of poisoning, and also be a symptom of any serious illness.
Not every owner knows what to give the dog a dog, so it's very important to contact a vet.

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It is necessary to know that such a reaction of the digestive tract suggests that the animal's organism has internal problems that should be manifested. Lay and timely treat.

As the

diarrhea manifests itself All the symptoms of the disease are directly related to its neglect and severity. Diarrhea may have the following manifestations:

  • Changing the character of a dog's stool - fecal masses soften and become more rare.
  • Feces become watery, they have an incrustation of blood, there is a sharp smell.
  • The color of feces is changing - they can become brown, green, black or yellow.
  • During defecation, the dog feels pain during bowel movements, it moans or whines.
  • Stools are more frequent, with fewer feces.
  • When problems with the stomach appear in the faeces mucus.
  • A dog begins to worry too much or, on the contrary, becomes sluggish, it always drowses or sighs hard.
  • A dog starts nausea, it can be ripped off.
  • Increases body temperature.
  • In the stomach of the dog, we hear a rumbling.
  • All of these features may occur either on their own or in any combination.

    If at least one of these manifestations has been seen in the animal, then it should be shown to the specialist.

    Blood allocation puppies

    If diarrhea involves the inclusion of blood clots, then it is likely to be a sign of serious pathology. In this case, you must take the dog as soon as possible to the doctor.

    Diseases accompanied by this sign:

  • Poisoning. A dog sometimes picks up different objects or products from the ground. When they enter the stomach, they lead to intense irritation of the intestinal walls, resulting in diarrhea with particles of blood.
  • Parvovirus enteritis. From this pathology, young people usually aged between two and twelve months usually suffer. Most often the disease ends with a fatal outcome if timely failure to provide adequate medical care.
  • Traumatic enterocolitis. Bloody diarrhea can be the result of eating an animal by extraneous bodies that results in injury from the inside of the intestinal walls, as well as the stomach.
  • Adverse reaction to the use of analgesics.
  • What to give a dog from diarrhea: you can, human, diarrhea, drugs

    Acute Disease

    As a rule, pupils are faced with an acute form of diarrhea. It manifests itself suddenly and usually has a short-term character. Acute diarrhea in dogs does not last longer than three weeks, but from this it is not considered less dangerous illness and it needs to be treated in a timely manner.

    Causes of acute diarrhea are the same as those that cause normal stomach upset. Among the symptoms can be called liquid stool masses, sometimes they can be a blood splash.

    In this condition, the dog often urinates, resulting in a large amount of fluid lost, which leads to significant dehydration of the body.

    Transferred to the chronic form of

    If the diarrhea in a dog lasts three or more weeks, it is a question of a chronic process. In this case, feces often show mucus or blood.

    The main reason for the development of such a pathology is the traumatic lesion of the stomach mucosa or the eating of poor quality food. Sometimes chronic diarrhea can cause some diseases that are of parasitic nature, as well as infectious origin.

    In the event of prolonged diarrhea, the weight of the body decreases, appetite becomes worse, fatigue decreases or hair falls, the dog ceases to enjoy life.

    Why there is a problem with

    pupils Normal bowel movements may cause various causes, for example, they include:

    • sharp change of feed;
    • feeding the animal with low-quality food;
    • defeats the dog with different pathogenic bacteria;
    • penetration into the intestines and other parts of the digestive system of the pet of small objects;
    • chronic diseases of the internal organs and systems( renal failure, liver disease, spleen);
    • multiplication in the dog's parasite organism;
    • toxic chemical damage;
    • dysbiosis;
    • development of infectious disease;
    • is an allergic response to some foreign substances or foods;
    • indigestion;
    • damage to stomach casts by foreign objects;
    • lack of gastric juice in normal amounts;
    • deficiency in the organism of the pet's mineral salts and vitamins;
    • disturbs the normal functioning of the intestine, as well as the pancreas;
    • is a cancer of some organs of the digestive system( mainly this disease occurs in older dogs).

    What to give a dog from diarrhea: you can, human, diarrhea, drugs

    Before starting to treat this pathology you need to reliably determine the cause of its occurrence. Only after all the diagnostic procedures can take all necessary measures to save the health, and, possibly, the life of the pupil.

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    What to use to treat diarrhea

    When the first symptoms occur, you need to bring the animal to a veterinary hospital or use a doctor's services at home. The veterinarian will appoint the necessary medication after the cause of the illness is established.

    Medicines for the treatment of

    Frequently the question arises of giving a dog a diuretic of human medicines. This is unacceptable because you can not calculate the dosage.

    List of required funds:

  • Rehydron. This drug is a powder that should be diluted with water before giving to the nurse. In the resulting solution you can put a little sugar, so that the dog could easily drink the drug.
  • Glucose. A solution with this substance is prescribed by the veterinarian if the organism of the animal is strongly dehydrated.
  • Antibacterial drugs - they are recommended to a sick dog when diarrhea was caused by an infectious disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines. If the pet raises the temperature of the body, and in the fecal masses there is an incrapation of blood, then this group of drugs is appointed.
  • Antiparasitic agents. In any situation with diarrhea, doctors recommend that dogs be prevented from worms.
  • All listed medicines should only be prescribed by a veterinarian and only after the animal has been carefully examined by .You can not use any drugs for treating the animal yourself.

    What to give a dog from diarrhea: you can, human, diarrhea, drugs

    Treat at home

    If you can not contact your veterinarian, you can help your dog to defeat the disease by using effective but safe and gentle means.

    What can you give a dog for diarrhea:

  • A rice blade. For its preparation rice cereals are cooked in a small amount of water, and then the rice itself should be cleaned and drink the animal broth received.
  • Plant Plants. A dog can be infused with different herbs. For these purposes, the almonds, blueberries, St. John's Wort or sage are well suited.
  • How to feed a dog during diarrhea

    During an illness, the animal usually feels bad. If the dog refuses to eat, it is impossible to feed her due to the strength. In this case, the pet should drink in large quantities.

    Nutrition rules to be followed during an illness:

    • on the first day of a sick animal is better not fed at all, and if the appetite in the dog still is, then she can give a little boiled rice;
    • for the second day you can connect sour-milk products, so that the digestive process is normal;
    • if the condition of the animal began to improve, then on the third day you can enter the menu of foods with a small amount of fat - boiled eggs, fish, chicken meat.

    During all three days, the puppy can be cooked with rice.

    It is important to always remember that a sick animal needs plentiful drinking. Even the simple water in this case will serve as medicine, as well as good tea sugar, rice broth, infusion of medicinal herbs.

    Effective prevention measures

    As animal prevention measures, animal owners should follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not give the dog a human food. Food consumed by humans can damage the animal. Ideally, if each dog is developed an individual menu. A properly selected diet is a guarantee of the health and cheerful mood of the pet.
  • Can not feed a dog. With excessive stretching, the intestines of the animal lose their functions, which can cause diarrhea and many other illnesses.
  • It is necessary to carry out preventive parasitic treatment of the pupil regularly.
  • A dog must be vaccinated against all diseases.
  • It is necessary to stop the dog to take food from strangers and not allow her to pick up products and various items from the ground.
  • Every owner should remember that he is responsible for the health and well-being of his pet, and even a small malaise of his dog should not be left without attention.