Equipment for pig breeding - a traditional pig farm or a tent hangar?

The competent breeding of pigs involves keeping animals at special pig farms and complexes. Today it is commonly believed that piglets are not beneficial: feed is expensive, quality equipment is not easy to buy. Any business requires a proper organization, and the

is a slaughterhouse including. Read about growing pigs as a business here.


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  • 4 What attractive hangars for keeping pigs

What to think of the starting method in the first place

Equipment for pig breeding is a traditional pig farm or a tent hangar? In order for the pig production process to be a lucrative business, innovative equipment forpigs;although the cost of equipment for livestock farms is felt, the correct conduct of business guarantees the profit and the full payback of specialized equipment for 3-4 years.

At the very beginning of livestock business development it is necessary to think about availability of necessary premises. Begins the construction of pigs, pigs for pigs can be arranged on an empty farm. You need to know the main features that distinguish pigs for pigs from the shed for other livestock.

To keep pigs you need to use a room with a hard floor that has a rough surface. Concrete floor meets the necessary strength requirements, it is easy to clean from manure. When deciding to build a slit floor, future owners of piglets must understand that such a design is not the best option for keeping small animals. Necessary condition - a wooden room for recreation of animals.

Necessary equipment

Equipment for pig breeding is a traditional pig farm or a tent hangar? What equipment for a pig farm is necessary? The room where the piglets will be kept should have a heating system. Do not do without a ventilation system;favorable microclimate - one of the main conditions for the cultivation of healthy animals.

It is known that pig keeping equipment is regularly upgraded. An example is the emergence of new feeding systems. Most farms are better off using dry food. This fact reduces the cost of feed equipment for pig farms. The price of forages for feeding the feed, feed hopper for feed, feeding conveyors and dispensers regulating the distribution is relatively low. Necessary quality water intake equipment.

The correct drinking regime affects the health of piglets and affects the rate of growth of animals.

Equipment for pig breeding is a traditional pig farm or a tent hangar? Do not do on a pig farms without feeders, drinking. Pushed down system is also included in the concept: equipment for pig breeding Prices for these systems can not be compared with the benefit of the device. Through the network of channels and the system of lattice floor it is easy to clean the life of piglets. Adjustable gnawing system eliminates animal disease and is responsible for maintaining the necessary sanitary norms.

To grow livestock for pigs, you need to monitor the health of animals. Timely release from corpses helps to avoid an epidemic in the complex. A cart is used for the transport of pigs' corpses, delivering dead animals to biothermal wells, which are remote from the pig-breeder on a half-kilometer distance.

Equipment for pig breeding is a traditional pig farm or a tent hangar? Tent hangers There are tent hangars in addition to the classic piglets used for keeping piglets. Alternative technology offers to grow large specimens on a special non-replaceable litter. Piglets receive adequate nutrition: high quality dry food, constant access to water stimulate animal growth. The microclimate is regulated by the forces of natural ventilation.

What are the attractive hangars for keeping pigs

Many farmers are attracted by the Japanese technology of animal fattening, because the price of a tent hangar for pigs is low, is quickly reduced.

Construction of hangars looks like a more attractive procedure( compared with the construction of a pig farm) because of the lack of collection of a large amount of pre-construction documentation.

Angar is divided into several zones. In one part there are self-catering and equipped drinkers. In the other part of the hangar is a litter of sawdust, straw( usually it is on the floor).

According to studies, pig production in hangar and traditional systems is similar. Hangar technology requires less material costs, its use makes it possible to optimize the level of investment and increase the indicators of the development of the pig industry.

Equipment for pig breeding is a traditional pig farm or a tent hangar?
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