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Beautiful girlfriend's happy birthday greetings

Beautiful girlfriend Any girl has a sympathy and sincere love for such art as poetry. She is always glad to read good poems or hear them from someone else. Is it worth wondering that if you decide to devote a beautiful birthday greetings to the girl in the form of poems, then the

will not just be surprised - it will come in an indescribable grip on everything that's going on around. And the main thing is that from you in this case it will only be necessary to read a few lines, while everything else we will do for you.

You are currently in one of the many sections of the Vlio welcome site, where collected thematic poems to be presented exclusively for the birthday, and exclusively for the girl. So you will not make a mistake by borrowing from us one of the poems. And when you become acquainted with its content, in your head there will be no doubt about the rationality and success of such a decision.

Well, do you want to give a smile and joy? Want to surround it with your attention and care? Want to make this birthday one of the most memorable ones for her? Then take what we offer, and embody what you want in reality!

Beautiful girlfriend
Today is a party in a chic lady:
Beautiful, you are young, beautiful.
Both appearance and model parameters,
And at the same time - a luxurious soul!

We wish you a happy birthday of
and fulfill all the desired benefits.
And live, as in a fairy tale, like a queen,
And to hold on hold!

You are a girl-dream, a charm.
Like you, everywhere is the green light.
So let the
come true. And there will never be a misfortune in life!

Beautiful girlfriend
I wish the house a huge, bright garden,
To decorate its shiny facade!
And in the house to hide the money, the
warehouse, and whoever came from him was unhurriedly glad!

Mutant Love, Male Excellence,
The Health of Your Mother and Father!
A smile so as not to descend,
Friends stood near the porch,
Great in your palace!

Let the birthday be brave:
And bring joy to you, and light!
Let your face always be young,
Always and how old you were!

Beautiful girlfriend
Happy Birthday! Joy of an avalanche,
Waves of happiness, a hurricane of passions,
Fierce feelings, no routine droplets,
Bright and merry days!

Congratulations! Stay alive,
Good, smiley and gentle,
Be loved, happy, lucky,
Miss Temptation, Madnessezel Lucky Case!

Beautiful girlfriend
Sun, an asterisk, sparkle -
You are beautiful as a picture!
You just adore -
Happy birthday congratulations!

Let accompany Fortune,
Removing the mystery mask,
And you always stay cute,
Like a princess in a fairy tale!

Beautiful girlfriend
Be the most fun and happiest,
Beautiful and gentle and most beautiful
Be the most attentive, the most beloved,
Simple, charming, unique.

And kind, and harsh, weak, and strong,
Let the misfortunes go from the road to impotence.
Let everything you want for yourself to come true.
Love for you, faith, hope, goodness!

Beautiful girlfriend
Be the carnival and carefree,
From a variety of problems, problems are free.
Be the most beautiful and very happy,
Always stay as beautiful.

And smart, and good, and stylish and bright.
Let Gifts And Luck Presents,
To Become Great anytime.
Girl-beauty, with your birthday!

Beautiful girlfriend
Let the stars glow in the eyes,
Happiness, like champagne, sparkle,
Let the tears never shine in them,
And let your heart do not hit the grief.

Let this day, like a nightingale song,
Cross out all the dark days of bad weather.
Let your life be like the dawn of the morning,
Brings every day of love and happiness!

Beautiful girlfriend
I wish you happiness, adventure,
To keep them full of days,
Amazing, fabulous moments,
To remain in memory.

And let in the beautiful harmony
Ends your days and nights,
And let luck will not forget
Do everything you want!

Beautiful girlfriend
Happy birthday, handsome!
Be successful you always.
I wish you all the good,
Joy in everything, good.

I wish you happiness.
Be fun, young.
Let luck smile.
Beat all the beauty with your feet.