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The 5 main causes of aggression in cats against humans

Cats show aggression to humans not just like that. There is always a reason, and quite serious, because the kitsa realizes that the person is the owner, though he does not show it. There may be several reasons for aggression to humans:


If a kitten from the "diaper"( 3-7 weeks) does not tame the human

hands, he may, when matured, be afraid of people and even show aggressive defensive behavior when the owner will holdhand

The 5 main causes of aggression in cats against humans


A kitten who was not lucky to be born on the street, absorbs the fear of a man with mother's milk. Such a pet is hard to teach not to be afraid of a person. Over time, fear will pass, but any tangential movement of the owner to the pet will cause anxiety and, as a consequence, manifestation of aggression.


A mental state of a pet that occurs in the event of a foreseeable or real inability to meet those or other needs. Usually such behavior is manifested, if the quicks for some reason did not receive the expected reward - this behavioral reaction is fully consistent with frustration.

The 5 main causes of aggression in cats against humans

Predatory behavior

Cat is a hunter, and you should not forget about it. If a pet does not have the opportunity to really hunt, and the owner does not pay enough attention to the games( remember that it is desirable to play with a cat at least 1 hour per day).In such cases, the pet will begin to crawl on any moving objects, including the hands and feet of people, entertaining, thus, himself. People, of course, react to such an attack by screaming. The cry in turn stimulates the reaction of the hunter to cats, so predatory behavior and its intensity will only grow.

The 5 main causes of aggression in cats against humans


Some cats show their love and friendship at a distance, and with close contact they begin to show aggression. This is especially noticeable if you limit your pet's freedom. In other cases, aggression is part of the game and is directly related to predatory instincts.

It should be remembered that the cat was and is a predator, and the manifestation of aggression most often indicates that the owner or household had become a prey to which hunting was announced. In this case, it is necessary to play with the cat not by hands, but by special toys( how to do them, read here), laser pointers. It is also desirable to create such conditions that there are no factors that scare the cat( loud sounds, sharp movements, etc.).

If, nevertheless, the goal - to teach your favorite hand - it is necessary to do it gradually and start only when the cat itself is close to the person. In no case, ever, you can not force a pupil to sit on his arms, rest on his knees, etc. Remember, the cat - the animal is arbitrary and such action from the person it will not tolerate, which only worsen the situation!