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Spitz training at home with photo and video

Spitz training at home with photo and video

Correctly organized Spitz training will make it an obedient friend and companion with whom it is easy and fun to communicate. The raised dog does not bark for no reason, fits on the first call, knows its place and name, does not raise food from the ground. Knows the pupils of

can be released from the leash and not be afraid that he will escape for a cat or attack a large dog.

Table of Contents

  • Small and Furious
  • Patience and Game - A Perfect Combination of
  • Games and Hobbies - Yes, Anger and Crying - No
  • First Commands - The Basis of Listening
  • Can not, Meaning You Can not
  • Pores on Fresh Air
  • When Expected

Small andFunny

Some hosts make a big mistake, believing that the German spitz does not need training. Perceiving a decorative dog, like a toy or decoration, they lose precious time, and then wonder why their favorite is not listening to them.

Despite the small size, the spikes have intelligence and cleverness. And if you do not direct the potential of the dog in the right direction, then problems with its behavior can not be avoided. Particularly difficult to take control of the dominance of the German spitz.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

Therefore, from the first day of its appearance in your home you need to do the adjustment of obedience and establish strict subordination - the pet must immediately understand who is the head of the house. Let's figure out how to train Spitz.

Tolerance and Game - A Perfect Combination of

For the first time appeared in the Spitz House immediately show its recreation area and speak the "Place" team. From now on, you have to repeat the command every time you put a zucchini in there or point your hand to the desired direction. Gradually, he will bind the word to the action and will start going to his bedside( house, aviary) when you order.

In this regard, there is a basic sense of training. Not only do you teach the dog to any team, but you also show it clearly. And also, patiently waiting, when she understands what is required of her, and will begin to do it unquestioningly. Each team needs to be worked out until the desired result is achieved, and do not forget to repeat the material passed to fix it. And by conducting training in the form of a game, you and your dog will enjoy the process.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

Games and delicacies - yes, anger and screams - no

Spitz are well-trained, trying to please the owner. If, for any reason, the pupil can not understand for a long time what exactly to do it, do not shout at him or beat. You can not accelerate this process, but just scare the student. In this case, he will refuse to go with you on the contact, or will grow in constant fear. Cowardly, aggressive or disobedient dog - not the characteristics of spits, and the consequences of improper training.

It's best to show the dog a favorite toy for which she may want to do what she needs. Warm encouraging words will also help. For each team performance, encourage Spaniard with delicacies, kind words and gentle puffiness for the foreskin. During the training, the pet should be half-starved, so that for the sake of the tasty do whatever.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

Teach your teams clearly and emotionally. By choosing one word for the team, use it, otherwise the dog will be confused. And always pay attention to her mood. If she does not want to do, workout is better to postpone. The same thing to do if you do not have a mood. By following these simple rules, you will soon notice how your dog is making great strides.

First Team - The Basis of Listening to

Simultaneously with the "Place" team, give the Spitz a nickname. Dog name is the main team through which you establish a connection with it. From what voice you pronounce a nickname, the pet must understand what is waiting for him. Make a name before each team to draw attention.

It's a good thing if Spitz learned to go to your place according to your order and willingly respond to the nickname. It's even better if it starts to fit when you call it. To do this, use the "To me" command. For a dog to quickly understand the meaning of the team, for the first time, combine it with time feeding or favorite game, such as a ball.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

Spitz food is a powerful stimulus, with which you can also teach its teams "Stand", "Sit", "Lay".The "Waiting" team, which gradually produces an endurance at the animal, will not be unnecessary. If you accuse the dog of restraining your desires and impulses, you can cope with its dominance.

Can not, therefore, you can not

Each spitz is required to understand the meaning of "can not" or "fu" commands and instantly execute them. It is these commands that can protect the dog from many troubles: poisoning products from the ground or garbage, a dangerous jump from the couch or falling under the wheels of the car. With a categorical ban on life, use the "Can not" command. The "Fu" command is suitable if the nurse needs to stop the wrong action at the moment.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

All of the above teams need to teach spitz at home, from two to four months. In parallel, teach the dog to relate calmly to the leash and collar. They should not distract from training for walks.

Fresh air time

In order for Spitz to know that it's time to go outside, give the "Walk" command before each walk. For the first lessons in the fresh air, choose deserted places, so that the dog focuses on training, and not distracted by outsiders, especially large dogs. Having got to the street, the pet may get lost and forget everything you taught him at home. Get your patience and go back with basic commands."Place" means any of your anniversary or leash, thrown to the ground.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

When the condition of the dog comes to an end and she will listen to you again, work out new commands: "Nearby", "Aport", "Voice", "Forward".From four to six months it is necessary to teach the pupil not to react to commands of other people and not to take from them feed. Up to ten months of German spitz can be taught by various tricks: jumping over a hoop or a small barrier, walking between the legs of the owner on the team "Snake" or complete fading on the order "Zamri-Wipe".

To keep the dog tired of lessons, take them no more than 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the walk and the same - at the end. To maintain the good mood of the latter, repeat the task with which he copes with "cheers".

Spitz training at home with photo and video

When the spitz is completely under your control, begin to bring it to the dog grounds. Gradually outsiders, city noise and other street stimuli will no longer distract the dog from training. With an educated pupil you can proudly appear in any public place, because he will not bark without reason or rush on people and dogs.

When the

Spitz training at home with photo and video

is expected Expecting an exhibition career for Spitz, you will have to do special training. To not fail in the ring, you need to teach the dog:

  • calmly show strangers bite and teeth;
  • to carry an exhibition stand;
  • to run rice next to you;
  • not to be afraid of other participants, their masters, judges and experts;
  • do not expose them to aggression.

Dog is accustomed to showing bite and teeth, if you will do a daily review of his dental system under the "Show teeth" command. When he begins to treat the procedure calmly, ask relatives and friends to take part in the process. As a result, the pet should allow her to see their mouth for everyone whom you bring to him.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

Begin in two to three months to train spit rack with the "Stand" team. On sale you can find simulators to work out the correct position, which are stands under the paws. They are slightly higher than the floor and make the dog stand still enough time. Using such a simulator, you are always near the pet. If he falls, then without your hedging risks crippling.

Apply to the simulator gradually, starting from a half-minute and bringing up to five to ten minutes. All the time, while Spitz is worth, talk kindly to him and encourage the treat for obedience. When the dog stops nervous and can survive calmly enough time, the simulator can be replaced by a table.

A rush near you reminds you to work out the "Near" team with the difference that you do not have to go spits and run the "Rice" command. Your task is to stop it in time, so that the lynx is not changed by a gallop. Before you start training, watch out for a pet run from the side and choose the rhythm in which his movements look most beautiful.

Spitz training at home with photo and video

With regard to the prevention and control of fear and aggression, to start a good result, start the spitz on the dog grounds and into public places even at a young age. A social dog will feel calm in the society of strangers.

What's your dog's ability to do?

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