Virosalm for pigeons: its review and application

Virosalm for pigeons is an associated inactivated vaccine used to fight Salmonella and Newcastle disease. Let's talk about how to get the most out of vaccination, in our article.


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What is Virosalm?

Virosalm is used by most pigeons to support pigeon immunity. The produced vaccine contains about a billion microbial cells Salmonella typhimurium, as well as an extraembryonic chicken embryo virus infected with the Newcastle Virus.

Virosalm for pigeons: its review and application

Color of suspension - yellow-gray. The vaccine is characterized by a loose precipitate, which is easily broken into a homogeneous suspension. Virosalm is realized in glass bottles, the quantity of which can be 2, 10, 20 or 40 pieces in a package. Each vial is hermetically sealed with a polymer hood and an aluminum cap.

Testimony Virosalm is indicated for pigeons and other ornamental birds as a prevention, rather than treatment, against common diseases such as Newcastle disease and salmonella.

These sores, analyzing the characteristics, are distributed in problematic, private farms.

Virosalm for pigeons: its review and application

Vaccination is required for the following categories:

  • A young child whose age is twenty days old.
  • Blueberries during the general quarantine period. In the absence of preventive work on immunity to the threat of infection. Such birds are placed under a temporary isolator.
  • Birds from the herd of parents a month before the date of the possible egg laying. Such a measure strengthens the immunity of future chicks at the time of birth.
  • Pigeons, who are at the preparatory stage for participation in exhibitions or contests.

When and how is it used?

The introduction of Virosalm is performed intramuscularly in the chest muscle, by two-time administration with a difference of 28-30 days. The dose for birds up to four kilograms is 0.5 ml. For pigeons whose weight exceeds four kilos, enter one milliliter. Before opening the bottle should be shaken.

When using the drug, special attention is paid to the hygiene and quality of the used antiseptic and septic funds. Preference is given to disposable or reusable syringes with thin needles. If the choice falls on multiple syringes, then they must be sterilized within half an hour. The injection area is disinfected with a solution of 70% ethyl alcohol.

Virosalm for pigeons: its review and application

Failure to comply with the established rules of the vaccination procedure leads to a significant reduction in the effectiveness of Virosalm. Such malfunctions hinder the full protection against diseases. When using the drug, keep an eye on the timeframe, avoiding the rejection of the vaccine for doves.

A specialist is required for the treatment of the product. If there is no such opportunity and you can handle it yourself, do not forget about the use of special clothing and personal protective equipment. If the liquid accidentally spill onto the skin or eyes, immediately flush the affected area with plenty of water.

After the procedure, thoroughly wash your hands in warm water using plenty of soap. If Virosalm was mistakenly introduced into the human body - immediately wipe the trace from injection with a solution of iodine or ethyl alcohol. Then contact the hospital.

Virosalm for pigeons: its review and application


The use of Virosalma should be discarded for exhausted and depleted birds in which infectious diseases have been detected. We also recommend refraining from vaccination at a time when the air temperature does not promote comfortable adaptation: below ten degrees of heat and above thirty degrees of heat. The peak of molten pigeon can be attributed to contraindications. If you increase the immunity of the bird with other drugs, mixing them with Virosalm is prohibited.

Video "On the Procedure for the Pigeon Vaccination"

In this video you will be able to listen to a cognitive lecture on the issues of pigeon vaccination.