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Staffordshire Terrier: price, American, photo, history, training

Staffordshire Terrier: price, American, photo, history, training

American Staffordshire Terrier - a dog of incredible strength, courage and beauty.
This is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a dog, not just a pet, a real friend and a defender when buying a dog. The price of the Staffordshire Terrier depends on its pedigree.

  • History: from England with love
  • Standard and disqualifying features of the breed
  • Coloring proud individuals
  • Differences from the American pit bull terrier
  • Temperament and character: lion's heart
  • Useful video on the topic
  • Condition and maintenance
  • Wool
  • Ears
  • Teeth
  • Kigti
  • Feeding
  • Accommodation
  • Training and development: difficult to learn
  • Traction
  • Ascent to the mountain
  • Swimming
  • Interesting facts about the breed
  • Name selection: how the ship will be called

In this articleand besides the basic characteristics of the dog, we will consider the photos and prices for the Staffordshire Terrier.

History: from England with love

In the 19th century, the ancestors of modern American Staffordshire terriers - small doggies from Western Europe - were introduced into the United States. The amstaffs were obtained when crossing game-terriers, Old English bulldogs and fox terriers. The purpose was to remove a dog with improved work and fighting qualities, less demanding, physically hardy.

The result was the American Staffordshire Terrier( "amstaff"), originally considered the decorative branch of the breed "American Pit Bull Terrier".Because of the wide spread in the exterior of these dogs, amstaffy for a long time was not recognized as a separate breed. Only in 1880 they were allocated to the group, calling them sweatshirts.

Having earned the glory of gambling and tireless fighters, these American terriers became obligatory participants in dog tournaments. However, after banning this violent kind of games, amstaffs remained one of the most sought after in the United States. Manufacturers ceased to artificially maintain excessive aggression in puppies, and in our days the breed is recognized as one of the most loyal to humans, dogs are considered good nurses, assistants, and other people.

In America, this breed was originally called the "pit bull", which was named after the name of the American United Club in 1898.Separately allocated and registered amstaffs only in 1936, the International Cynological Federation also allocated American Staffordshire terriers, but later - in 1972. They were included in the third group of registers - "Terriers", along with their relatives boulevards.

Standard and disqualifying features of the

breed The American Staffordshire terriers are queens, with a strong body, strength and vitality. This is especially evident with their powerful chest and developed muscles of the hind limbs. They have short, hard wool, which helps to carry high temperatures to active dogs. It is allowed to steer ears of stafford, although care of them in its usual form does not require much effort.

The following features are distinguished in the breed:

  • head: square skull, between the ears almost flat, pronounced parietal and chewing muscles;
  • nose nose: wide nostrils, black;
  • eyes: dark, widely spaced, deeply planted, eyelids black or pigmented in tone of color;
  • ears: placed on the top of the head, are entirely or completely;
  • tail: in relation to the body - medium length, straight, placed low in the depression of groats.

Staffordshire Terrier: price, American, photo, history, training

The color of prominent individuals

The color palette of amstaffs is very wide, which in the past was an obstacle to their separation from the pit bullister and registration as a separate breed: because the standard had to be clearly articulated.

However, nowadays a large spread of pigmentation of wool is allowed:

  • solid color( any: from cream to black);
  • two-color;
  • spotty;
  • black with arson;
  • tiger( red with dark vertical stripes);
  • shades of red( as well as pale, sandy);
  • gray-blue( from light shade to black and gray).

The disqualifying feature is pure white color. Also, when buying, it is worth paying attention to the percentage of stains and basic color: ostrich and black-burned colors can not exceed 80% of the body surface of the dog.

also includes:

  • cryptorchidism;
  • inland;
  • snack, deformity of the lower jaw;
  • pink nose color;
  • light eyes;
  • deafness;
  • long or curved tail.

Differences from American pit bull terrier

  • Growth: amstaff - from 44 to 48 centimeters, and in pit bulls from 40 to 42;
  • Weight: An adult stafford weighs about 20 kg, sometimes weighs up to 32 kg;pit bull - from 12 to 28 kg;
  • Nose color: it must be strictly black in American stafford;
  • Chest: In a pit bull, narrower, in amstaffa 1.5-2 times wider;
  • Mordea: the amstaff is more pronounced facial muscles, supraventricular arches, as well as more advanced jaws;
  • Legs: at pit balls the legs are shorter.

Staffordshire Terrier: price, American, photo, history, training

Although both breeds have high combat qualities, the more significant appearance of the Staffordshire Terrier is deceptive. For the battles, at first, the pitbuluses were deduced and cooked, their constitution and more aggressive character make them, rather, the killer, the gladiator. Here is the difference between them and the amstaffs: these are in the first place the instinct of self-defense, they are more benevolent and compliant. Therefore, it is not surprising that when collisions of pitbula and stafford winners are more likely to get the first.

Temperament and character: lion's heart

American Staffordshire Terrier is a very active and vigorous breed of dogs. They are interesting, incredibly devoted to the owners, love the company of a person, children. A good watchman is not very trustworthy, intelligent and alert. With competent training and attention will be disciplined, since we depend very much on the opinion and mood of the owner.

A common opinion about stafford, as an aggressive and unmanaged breed. This is absolutely wrong!

Such a stereotype has developed in the public consciousness for two reasons: the

  • is a fighting past;
  • bad training.

By nature, amstaff is good-natured, cheerful and energetic. They need movement and space, so you need to travel more often with them to the city, where they can fully play and show themselves: regular strength training is required for this breed! Staffords like moving games, running, speed, swimming - the perfect friend for the active people. In general, the high requirements for education and training are offset by the loyalty and kindness of this wonderful breed.

Useful Video by Theme

Condition and Maintenance

American Staffordshire Terrier - the breed is unpretentious and does not require special care. However, there are basic rules of hygiene and grooming that need to be respected.


Wool care is minimal, as a dog of short hair, lining. Bathing a dog can be done no more than once a month with special shampoos. It is necessary to monitor the reaction in each individual case: if a dog lotion or skin appears allergic reactions, shampoo should be changed.


Once a week, cleaning is required. Use a stacked damp cloth to clean the walls, and for deep cleaning - cotton swabs with a special veterinary solution.


For the health of teeth and cleaning them from stone, you must give the amstaff of toy-gum solid-state consistency. Also, once a week, bones without meat are allowed. Just do not give bones to the bird!


To cut the claws it is necessary to buy cutters and saw. The optimal length is considered to be the one in which the dog is slightly concerned with claws. The procedure is better or to entrust the veterinarian, or be extremely careful: you can damage the delicate skin on the paws.


The raw beef is taken as the basis for the stafford stern( you should not experiment with fat pork). The daily ration must have at least 30% of this product, as it can only provide the necessary amount of nutrients for the vigorous dog.

The number of food intake varies according to age:

  • up to 3 months - 5-6 times a day;
  • 4-6 months - 4 times a day;
  • from six months - 3 times a day;
  • from 9 months - 2 times a day.

It is also necessary to give cooked beef by-products( liver, kidneys, heart, lungs).However, in raw form they are not permissible thickets 1 time a week.

Every week staffordshire it is necessary to give one portion of raw sea fish and one raw egg. It will also be useful raw vegetables, precooked with vegetable oil. Forbidden beans, spices and potatoes.
Staffordshire Terrier: price, American, photo, history, training
When using a dry feed, it is necessary to measure portions according to the calculation: 1300 kcal per 20 kg of weight. At high physical loads, the amount of feed should be increased by 10-15%


One of the features of this breed is the dislike for large rooms. Therefore, despite the activity of this breed, the optimal housing option will be an apartment or a private home.

Training and development: difficult to learn

American Staffordshire Terrier is well trained, and all because the dog has a developed intelligence and curiosity.

First of all, it is necessary to teach the American Standoff obedience. This is the basis of all further work. The owner must show that he is the owner of the situation, "the main".However, the use of violence and shouts is completely eliminated! The amstaffs have a great memory, and they can not be injured.

The training of this breed requires character and patience, so a successful option will be joint classes with the instructor. However, he does not have to trust the stafford completely: the dog must connect and establish trust only with his master.

American Staffordshire terriers - dogs with enormous potential, very powerful and enduring. You should not allow everything for gravity: this power must be released, cook the breed of the breed to the load. Passivity only damages the amstaff.

The main loads that are useful for amstaff are train, climbing and swimming in warm months.


At a walk, you can give the dog a "Forward" command, forcing a tension lever. Simultaneously with its motion give back traction. Gambling amstaffs boil and hunt continue to pull in their direction.

Ascent to the mountain

Develops back muscles, shoulder girdle and beneficial effects on the heart. Starting a dog training for this exercise is required from small distances, for example, 200 meters, gradually increasing the load.


A puppy needs to be gradually accustomed to water. You can use toys. Let it get used to what they will need to first step into the water with their paws, and then swim. Each time the amstaff will bring a stick or a toy, one should praise him - they are very sensitive to the approval of the owner. It teaches them to unconditionally conquer it.

Interesting facts about the

  • breed The amstaffs were originally referred to as Staffordshire terriers as the ancestors of the Foggy Albion. But the name remained for the British, so AKS renamed them in the American Staffordshire terriers in the second half of the XX century.
  • In America amstaffs were used not only as fighters but also as bodyguards. Dogs have been very successful in this field, since they differed in a more peaceful character than pit bulls, but did not yield to them in terms of intimidation and power.
  • The American Staff has extremely powerful jaws. Their pressure is striking: 22 atmospheres against human 2.
  • Many experts regard relatives of amstaffs - pitbuliterriers as an aggressive, brutal breed. It is for this reason that the content of such dogs was legally prohibited in many European countries. When dog battles were forbidden, pit bulls lost their attractiveness and actually disappeared from the territories of the United States and Europe. This is what led to the rise of the popularity of American Staffordshire terriers. A similar exterior with much less aggressive behavior made him a favorite and another set of "doggirls" on both sides of the ocean.
  • Choosing a name: how the ship will be called

    When choosing a name for the American Staffordshire Terrier, you must follow its appearance and character as a fighter. If this is a puppy boy, then you can stay for something short and unforgettable, which will reflect the swiftness of these dogs and their fearlessness.

    For example:

    • Chuck;
    • Jack;
    • Year;
    • Rom;
    • Ralph;
    • Tyson.

    If it's a puppy girl, then you should not be too fond of a temporary charming and harmless appearance: a year later the puppy will become a beautiful, smart and strong dog. Therefore, one should think about the appropriate name.

    For example:

    • Dyma;
    • Basta;
    • Alva;
    • Amber;
    • Burma;
    • Jess;
    • Jitta;
    • Linda;
    • March.

    American Staffordshire Terrier, the price of which depends on the pedigree, is best to buy in licensed nurseries. Its cost varies from 6 thousand rubles to 31 000 rubles.