An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Surprisingly large, trustworthy, but careful pigeons live in the dense forests of New Guinea. Externally, they are only remotely reminiscent of the usual representatives of the family. The crowned pigeon is more like a turkey than the body, and the beauty and smoothness of the walk - on the peacock. Where did

come from this wonderful breed, and is it breeding under the conditions of the cages? Find out the most interesting information and see the photo of the crowned pigeons with us.


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Overview of the breed

The crown breed is represented by three closely related species species: chestnut horn, veeronous and blue-haired. The most beautiful bangs are fan-bearing crown jewels. They can be seen in the photo below. The biggest among the crowned are blue-haired. Chestnuts, judging by the name, differ from the relatives by the color of feathers.

Pigeons with an unusual feathers on the head can be found only on islands near New Guinea and on its coasts. In a natural habitat, this breed of birds has virtually no enemies. Representatives of the crowned rock have a fairly large weight with insufficient large wings, so each flight is accompanied by the noise of the wings and seems to be difficult. Vincent Pigeon does not live alone, only in groups of 2-10 individuals. Birds of this species live on average 15 years, but can reach the age of 20 years.

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Beautiful bang was the reason why a dove became a prey to poachers. Illegal extermination has led to the almost complete disappearance of the species of the crowned pigeon. In total, in the whole world there are no more than 10 thousand sexually active representatives of the breed.

Origin of

It is not certain how the islands have such an unusual variety of pigeons. However, the study of genetic material showed that the ancestors of all three species of crowned pigeons are drones and deserters. James Stevens in the work of 1819 for the first time was described crowned pigeon. During the nineteenth century crown prints attracted naturalists from all over the world. The kind of austere crown was detailed in 1867 by the German Otto Finch.

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo


External data The crowned pigeon is truly royal. A small head with a long beak, bent at the end down, crowns a magnificent bangs of unusual feathers arranged by a fan. It is noteworthy that, unlike many other birds, these pigeons are worn only in a friable state.

The exterior of all the representatives of the breed is crowned outstanding, remarkable, memorable. They have a large body, the size of which reaches 85 cm in length and 3 kg in mass, high thin legs, bright plumage and unchanging bangs.

Particular attention deserves the coloring of birds. Especially interesting and flirtatious edges of the wings. Several medium-sized feathers are longer than others, and their ends are painted white and black-covered. This pigeon, as it is suitable for crowned persons, goes out into light only in white gloves, whose role is to successfully perform these unusual feathers. Bright color is not constant even within one species. So, among the blue-blue veeronosnyh and blue-haired can be found and bluish-black.

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo


Veeronous is considered one of the most beautiful pigeons from all over the family. Feathers on his bang crocheted with a wedge-shaped beard with a black or white chest on the edge. The lower part of the body is usually brownish-red, close to saturated, dark. Top dazzling blue with notes of gray, blue and black.

Blue-chubby and chestnut subspecies

The color of not less beautiful blue-haired subspecies is somewhat different, but in general the scheme is similar. The lower part of the body is mainly brown-brown, chestnut hues. But the zone of brown, unlike beleronosnyh, reaches to the shoulders. The neck and head are the same as-blue, like a relative with a chic bangs. The bangs of this type are more fluffy and tender, but have no wedge-shaped beards and a large number of paints in the shell.

Representatives of chestnut species are very similar to their relatives, but differ in the poorer bangs and color of feathers. The breast in this bird is chestnut, and the wings with a brownish or reddish tinge. What looks like a brown-brown beige look at the photo below the article.

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo


In the wild, all crowned eats eat exclusively on the ground, choosing fruit, berries, seeds and fresh leaves with a beak. Like pigeons to enjoy small snails, worms, spiders and other invertebrates. Unlike breeds living in our latitudes, crowned individuals do not move the beak leaves and branches on the ground, collecting only that from above.

Birds live mainly in raw lowland forests or in wetlands and partially flooded areas. In these places is a suitable food. In captivity for birds, space cells are arranged in warm rooms. In zoos, the crowned pigeons feed avocados, a special compound for tropical birds and larvae of flour chalks. When breeding in captivity it is necessary to provide this bird with a diverse diet that includes various cereals, larvae and invertebrates.

Reproduction of

The period of marriage games in these birds falls in the middle of autumn. Vincent pigeon becomes mature at the age of 2 years. The male's look looks very elegant and is accompanied by a sound resembling a drum bit. Males are not aggressive, but at the sight of a competitor during a dance, lift one wing and tail, preparing for battle.

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Pigeons of this breed build their nests very high on trees, not less than 6 meters from the ground. On the thick branches at the base of the trunk, they arrange a pad of branches and sticks, on which the nest is made of ferns shoots. The female lays 1-2 eggs and remains in the nest only for the night. Her future father changes her future.

Pies for 3-10 days feed with a special secretory fluid, and then brought into the beak with "adult" food. The first flight of a young dove carries out in 2 months, but still for a month remains under the care of parents. It is possible to achieve the reproduction of crowned pigeons and in captivity, if you create the necessary conditions and build a nest with a large wicker basket. It needs to be covered with leaves and branches.

Photo Gallery

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Photo 1. Asid-blue Veeronous Pigeon

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Photo 2. Blue-haired male with a fluffy fan on the head of

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Photo 3. Smoky handsome man in the forest

An overview of the crowned pigeon breed, their description and photo

Photo 4. Chestnut pigeon walk

Video "Vintage Pigeons in the Singapore Zoo"

this video fan and blue-haired pigeons are slowly free to walk around the territory of the zoo. You can also instantly feel like a visitor to this great place.