Animal Care

Species of the breed "Canadian Sphinx"

If you are dreaming of seeing alien creatures, then you just need to get acquainted with. .. Canadian sphinx breeds. Naked cats( they are "lunar", "cats of pharaohs", "Canadian hairless") and really resemble aliens - big ears, huge open eyes,

muscular, strong body, folds on the head and at the forehead, long fingers on the paws. And if the first impression from the "head" may be controversial, then, having become acquainted with one of such unearthly beings, the attitude towards it will radically change. The Sphinxes have magic charm and, having once taken a warm and gentle animal on your hands, which immediately begins to grumble and bypass your cheeks and peep into your eyes with your intelligent look, you will fall into the state of a crazy enthusiasm and emotion. And then. .. and then you fall in love with the sphinx cat forever and irrevocably.

The history of the origin of the breed

What is the secret of these animals? Could these fantastic cats really be from outer space? In fact, everything is much simpler and has nothing to do with mysticism.

Sphinx cats are the result of natural mutation processes that have been identified and fixed by breeders to breed this breed.

Species "Canadian Sphinx" originally appeared in 1966.It was in this year in Canada, namely in the province of Ontario, an absolutely ordinary cat gave birth to a non-haired kitten. He was so unusual that the breeder Ryad Bava decided to redeem him and both parents in order to begin to bring this breed. During this withdrawal, he was born and naked and "woolly" kittens, and in 1981 the line was interrupted. This was the first serious attempt to bring out the breed of naked cats.

In 1975, in Wadden( Minnesota), a simple shorthair cat gives birth to a fox kitten and a year later - a cat fox. It was these animals that became the forefathers of the elite lines of Canadian sphinxes in America.

The European Canadian breed history began with the discovery of three fox kittens in Toronto in 1980.Two of them, with the names of Panki and Paloma, were taken to Holland. These animals have become the founders of the European bloodline.

Peculiarities of the

breed The sphinxes contain genes that are responsible for their hairlessness and "rubberiness".Unlike two other species( the Don Sphinx and Peterbald), in which a small "hair" is permissible, the Canadian sphynx must be completely bald. A light cannon can only be on the nose, ears, paws and tails - it gives the cat a resemblance to a warm peach.

A man holding a sphynx will surely say that he is hot for his fluffy counterparts, but this is a misleading impression. The body temperature of the "naked" appears to be hot due to the fact that it does not have an air layer, which usually creates fur, and heat is transmitted directly through the skin to the hands.

Increased heat supply of sphinxes requires more nutrition, which is another characteristic of this breed. In other words, sphinxes eat a lot. However, the owners do not scare away at all, because these cats give much more.

One more feature of the Canadian "Gola" is their high intelligence. They are quickly accustomed to a tray or toilet. From the first days, as soon as the sphinx appears at home, it becomes a part of the family - with its habits and favorite places."Canadians" are incredibly love-loving, able to communicate with the owner with unusual sound combinations. Canadian sphinxes are extremely interesting."Canadians" will be interested in everything - how you shave, how you cook dinner, how to do a tap, how to wash the floor and so on.otherYour pet will be around when you sleep, read, bath, watch TV and eat. Canadian sphinxes do not like loneliness very much and suffer without human attention.

Caring for Canadian sphynx

Care of cats of this breed is specific, there are its nuances:


In fox cats, unlike other breeds, the eyelashes are absent, so the eyes need to be cleaned daily with tea, chamomile broth or a special eye care solution that can be purchased from a veterinarian. In healthy sphinx, in the corners of the eye periodically going to clear or slightly corrosive mucus. If the selection is white or purulent, then it may be an infection. In this case, the animal is best shown to the veterinarian.


Canadian sphinxes are owners of the huge ears of and, due to the accelerated heat transfer and metabolism, dark brown spots accumulate in the ear canals, so the cats sphinx ears need to be cleaned once a week. To do this, the ear canker drip special care for the ears, the ear canal is massaged by circular movements, then the ears are cleaned with cotton swabs or sticks. It should be remembered that the sphinxes' ears can not pour water in any way. Because of the features of the structure of their ears, water from there will not be able to pour back. It threatens the appearance of inflammation. You can not suck the sticks too deep into your ears - it can lead to injury and otitis media.


Kigty sphinx grows fairly fast. Even if there is a cigarette case in the house, all claws grow faster than rubbish, so they need to help, namely - to cut off with special tweezers-cogs.


Bathing is a regular and mandatory procedure for Canadian sphinxes. Cats of this breed usually love to swim, especially if they are accustomed to this from childhood. For bathing "naked" you should use a special shampoo for sphinxes( as a rule, they include only natural substances) and children's sponge washers. Water should not be cold or hot, because the cat feels its skin. Essentially, the rules for bathing the sphinx are the same as if you were bathing a baby.


Due to the lack of wool, the skin of cats-sphinxs produces a special secret, in other words, sweats. This is a kind of protective mechanism. Pete, drying out, leaves on the skin a brown tint that can smear everything around. Therefore, the cat, as the skin contaminates, need to be wiped with baby cleaning cloths or damp sponge.