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Burmese cats - character and features of the breed of sacred birm

All cats are beautiful and beautiful, each one deserves a home and loving owners. But not everyone can boast of such an excellent character as the representatives of the Burmese breed possess.

The nature of Burmese

If you need a gentle, obedient, calm cats, with

good manners, loving children - buy a representative of the Burmese breed and do not regret it! These are very sociable and intelligent animals that give abundance their love and affection. Puppies of this breed are absolutely not afraid of guests and new people in the house, they gladly and with great interest meet not only people but also other animals. It is noteworthy that these are not the only representatives of the family of cats that are not tied to a certain place, but to the owner-owner. Moreover, the holy Burma chooses only one owner, but does not cease to love and other family members.

Burmese cats are the character and features of the breed of sacred birm

If you want a cat to love sitting on his knees and mumble, he does not try to get out of hand, the purchase of the Burmese cat is the best. Burmese pupils are moderately active, but this does not prevent them from being playful, cheerful and fun.

Burma is a good person, so if the owner is busy with something, it will behave calmly and quietly, as if there is not a completely cubby pet in the house. When the owner makes it clear that he is free, she will immediately become playful and active.

Representatives of the Burmese breed do not differ in excess of talkativeness, but their calming and lingering lying is like grinding lovers of pigeons. It is very interesting for them to watch, pupils are unpredictable in some situations, but sometimes they are very easy to predict.

Burmese cats are the character and features of the breed of sacred birm

Take a seat at the head of any event or holiday in the home of Burma will help her interest in the person and the desire to communicate with him. These cats do not tolerate loneliness. Judging by many reviews of the owners of this breed can confidently say - Birmys are highly intellectual animals. She can always come up with something interesting and new to herself, find a way to have fun without distracting the owner. And the buttons are on, the locker will open, and the bath or bedroom will make it, everywhere its interesting nose( and already in the box, which is beloved by all cats, especially), will never harm or harm the owner's economy.

Burmese cats are the character and features of the breed of sacred birm

Due to the calmness and balance in the nature of the Birma, there is no revenge. She will never forsake the tray, spoil things, scratch the furniture only as a way to avenge the long casual( or not very) image.

Burmese are great friends, they are faithful and loving animals, so having decided to once sacrifice the Burmese, remember that you will never be able to part with it.