How to multiply the dracena with stem bundles: technique

With proper care and good care, dracena can reach a fairly large size, which is not always pleasing to hosts with a small living space. To ensure that your flower does not grow very huge, keep the crop in time and reproduce this wonderful plant. There are two

ways of reproduction: stem apical and currant. Reproduction of feces by stem cuttings is considered to be the easiest way that does not require special skills and abilities.


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Beginner's Tips

At home, the dragena's propagation process is very simple. The best time for this is the beginning of the spring, when the flower wakes up after a hibernation and begins to grow vigorously. During this period, the process of rooting is faster. If you miss the moment of propagation of the dracoen in the spring, then you can do it at other times of the year, just rooting you will wait much longer. In case if you started the breeding process in the winter, do not forget to artificially highlight and warm the small holder.

How to multiply draceno with stem bundles: technique

Order of action

If you decide to multiply the dracena with stem currant, then choose an elastic, healthy stem and cut it to a few cuttings. Each polish is best done in the length of 10-20 cm Cut them need a well-sharpened blade. Cut it very neatly so that it is even, otherwise it can start rotting.

The place of the cut for the remaining in the "hemp" vase is to sprinkle with shredded charcoal or pour it into molten paraffin, but carefully so that it does not fall on the leaves. Such simple procedures are good for preventing infection. The truncated barrel is advised to wrap sphagnum, but paraffin-treated slice should look like. Put on top of a plastic bag - it will provide a greenhouse effect and prevent the loss of moisture. Once a week, the package needs to be removed and checked for the presence of new kidneys.

How to multiply draceno with stem bundles: technique

Cutting cuttings need only from sheet scars, they are clearly visible on the stem. If there are many leaves on the stalk, then remove the extra, leaving only the top. The jar should be dried for a couple of hours. As long as the stem dries, prepare a container where you will put it. You can take a transparent glass and fill it with water at room temperature. It is necessary to change water as it contaminates. Little trick: to make the water not so dull, throw in a glass of activated charcoal pill.

Most experts advise to root the cuttings not in water, but immediately in the ground. For this purpose a mixture of peat and sand is good. This substrate, before placing it in a holder, washed with a light solution of manganese to destroy small pests and microbes. Before planting, cuttings are advised to dip in any accelerator root formation. This liquid is sold in all flower shops.

Place the finished holder 2-3 cm deep into the ground. Leaflets are advised to bind to the bundle so that moisture does not evaporate so much. Be very careful about the moisture of the soil, it should not dry, but do not fill the soil. It is desirable to spray the leaves 2 times a day with warm water. For better and quick rooting it is advisable to place an appendix in a mini-warmth-room. Make it very easy - just put a transparent package on top of the container with a cut pen.

How to multiply draceno with stem bundles: technique

There are two ways to root the dracena with stem-cuttings: horizontally and vertically. In the first case, place the holder horizontally in a container with a moist soil and squeeze it a bit. This way is good because each of these sections can get some rooted flowers. In the second case, the lower part put the holder in the substrate vertically, at a depth of approximately 3 cm. Top layer of soil is best to sprinkle with sand.

The rooting process takes quite a long period, about 1-2 months. At this time, you need special care of the plant. The air temperature should not be lower than 25 degrees. Light is recommended brightly scattered, but not direct sunlight, otherwise the flower may get burns or it will completely burn. Remove the little dracena away from open windows and even more drafts, it can significantly damage the unshaven flower. After some time the shoots and roots will begin to form on the stem.

How to multiply draceno with stem bundles: technique

Once the plant has rooted, it can safely be transplanted into a constant pot. For a young plant it is desirable to choose a pot of natural material, it can be burnt clay. Such a pot perfectly passes moisture, gives young roots the right air for them. When transferring a young dracaena to a constant pot, do not forget about high-quality drainage, it will save you from many problems. The first feeding time is not necessary dracena.

The emergence of new leaves on a small dracena proves successful rooting and good care.

If you follow these simple rules, then the reproduction process will bring you a minimum of worries, and after a short time you will be able to admire this exotic flower for many years.

"Dracena" video

This roller gives a general description of Dracena's plants, as well as universal tips for care, transplantation and reproduction.