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Avonton for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Do you think that you will agree that homeopathic remedies sometimes just make miracles?

One such magic elixir is called Equinton for cats.


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This homeopathic

drug works well as an immunomodulator. Then you will find out when it's worth giving Evinton.

Instructions for applying

The "Evinthon" formula is a homeopathic trio in which each element plays its part.

Avonton for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

You are probably wondering what the components are?

  • Thuja. Active in dermatitis, skin and mucous membrane tumors;
  • Vincetoxicum. It is included in the attack of viruses, at high temperatures;
  • Echinacea purpurea. Immunostimulator with excellent reputation.

Now, when exactly the drug is prescribed:

  • calcium vire;
  • viral gastroenteritis;
  • infectious rhinotracheitis;
  • correction of immune status in skin diseases, allergic and autoimmune diseases, neoplasms;
  • papillomatosis of the oral mucosa;
  • prophylaxis of post-vaccine complications;
  • Cold-Free Infections.


A homeopathic remedy is available as an injection, in tablet form.

The solution is packed in 10 and 100 ml, which is very convenient. And pills are sold for 50 units in a bank.

Eunton's injection is done subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The remedy happens if you shave it in the scheme of 0.5-2.0 ml from 1 to 3 times a day one / two weeks.

Pills are prescribed two or three times a day for about two weeks with one tablet per reception.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Avinton for cats

Let's sum up - super-high doses of homeopathic components of a preparation do not accumulate in an animal's organism and this is an obvious plus. Another advantage - Equinton can be given in combination with other drugs.

Disadvantages? A bit. Only possible side effects, about which language is still ahead.


  • intolerance to one of the three components of the formula;
  • stroke in the acute phase;
  • Heart Disease.

Side Effects

Possible Side Effect - Allergy. If it starts, the drug is stopped.

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Reviews about Avinton for cats

Stanislav: "Our cat was cold. Never thought that it was possible, but the animal really began to cough, appeared undead. We did not start self-medication and rushed to the doctor. We have been prescribed a course of treatment, which includes Equinton. The thought after treatment at me is ambiguous - it seems, that would have coped well without it! ยป.

Julia: "I myself started giving Cat Avonton a bit to strengthen it and it was wrong on my part. Who knew that the cat had an allergy to Echinacea( and in the part of the "Evinthon" is just Echinacea, and even Thuja and Leopard).The cat began to itch, on the inside of the paws and along the spine there was a rash. Canceled the reception. "

Stasya: "When the cat was pregnant, she picked up demodicosis. Honestly, the head was swirling - how to treat and not to hurt. So it turns out that Avonton can be given to cats during pregnancy and it accelerates recovery. In our case, it happened, the drug coped with demodicosis. "

Information on other drugs:

  • Stop-stress;
  • Milbeamx;
  • Pratel;
  • Profender.


The "Evinthon" is manufactured by Helvete Company, whose office is located in Moscow. There are also representative offices in Kiev and Minsk.

Would you like to know more about the drug? Visit the official website of the manufacturer: http: //www.helvet.ru/catalog/ evinton

In Ukraine, standard packaging of 50 tablets can be purchased at a price of 42 hryvnia, and a bottle of 100 ml for 380 hryvnia.

The cost of similar goods in Russia is 155 rubles and 620 rubles respectively.

Analogues of

There are no Analogues in the composition of Evinthon.

Important! The shelf life of the injectable solution is 3 years, Evinth tablets are 5 years.