2017 Year

New Year's menu 2017. Festive New Year's menu

New Year

The New Year is a charming feast filled with fantastic atmosphere, happiness and expectations of some miracles. New Year's Eve - it's a pleasant hobby, which can include the folding of the festive menu. The New Year 2017 is the Year of the Fire Cube, which means that the New Year's menu 2017 has the

to meet all its requirements and benefits. Dishes should be as bright and tasty as possible.

So what should be the festive menu for the New Year 2017?

Appetizers and salads at the festive table.

It should be noted immediately that salads should not contain eggs, as well as poultry meat. In addition, salads should be filled with vegetable oils or refueling on natural yogurt or yogurt. The cockerel is very fond of cereals, so it can be used for New Year banquet salads with crackers. Salads, which contain fish, are welcomed. It can be both red and ordinary.
New Year
But canned fish is best avoided. For salads to give a vivid look, you can use pomegranate, corn, orange grains to decorate. In addition to salads at the New Year's table must necessarily be many vegetable and fruit sliced. Very Cockpit will have to taste the diversity of greenery. But the pickles on the table is better not to put, as the cock prefers everything in fresh form.

Meat dishes on a festive table.

As mentioned before, it is strictly prohibited to place dishes made from poultry on the table. Meat dishes are best cooked with pork, beef, lamb. In the dishes you can use different varieties of cheese. As a second course, you can also cook red fish.
New Year
This bright dish will appeal to the North. You can also use yellow and red stuffed yellow peppers to prepare. Another option will be dishes made from shrimp. For example, shrimp is stewed in cream or wine.

Garnish on the festive table.

Ideal option, of course, will be stewed vegetables. You can cook them and on the grill. Also, as a garnish you can use macaroni, but different colors, as Cockerel loves everything as bright as he himself.
New Year
To provide bright side daisies, cherry tomatoes and red sauces can be used for decoration.

Desserts at New Year's Eve.

Desserts can be put on the table any, but most importantly, that they did not contain eggs.
New Year
Here you can find creamy ice cream with fruit, cheesecake without eggs, various berry jellies and much more.

Drinks on the festive table.

Few people know that the word "cocktail" in English means "tail cock".And this suggests that on
, the New Year's Eve of 2017 is best to drink exactly cocktails.
New Year
They can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Even with ordinary champagne, you can make great cocktails with the addition of some syrup.

As you can see, even if you adhere to some of the rules of the Cock during the preparation of festive dishes, the New Year's table can be very large. There are many dishes with no eggs and poultry meat. So the Cockpit in 2017 will not be so difficult to guess.